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one nigeria: a dream come true

Updated on September 25, 2010


Late Mr. Charles Chinyere Enyeribenyem Evurulobi
Late Mr. Charles Chinyere Enyeribenyem Evurulobi
Fr Kenneth Evurulobi
Fr Kenneth Evurulobi
Fr. Ken With  Fr Cyril Nwokoro: The two are from the same Local Community.
Fr. Ken With Fr Cyril Nwokoro: The two are from the same Local Community.


  • Letter of Appreciation to Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State (with a copy of Press Release attached)
  • 3 Hot Reminders to Vatican, to the Church in Nigeria and to all Nigerians.

By Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi

Mohammed Haruna , a back - cover columnist in one of the Nigerian NewspapersTHE NATION, Wed., September 8, 2010 re-examined the significance of two surveys done about the inevitable war between the West and Islam as published by The Economist with titles " In the Name of God" and The Next War, They say" respectively. Significantly, he noted that the second survey was published after 9/11. According to Haruna, Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Church of England said in effect that the a way the West has tried to corner the world's resources and to impose its ways on the rest of the world is to blame for the rise of radical Islam. It is possible, the Archbishop was quoted, to eliminate the one, two or even 1000 terrorists, but if you don't go to the cause of terrorism you will never eradicate the phenomenon. And the causes are political, economic and cultural... Not only the United States but the entire West should make an examination of its conscience of how they oppress the rest of the world. Then Haruna, like the Archbishop, stumbled on the most significant fact that inescapably relate to the two sides of the debate when he introduced Samuel Huntington into the picture. A world of clashing civilizations, writes Huntington, is inevitably a world of double standard: people apply one standard to their kin-countries, and a different standard to others." The entire review by Haruna also reminds one of a novelist's indictment of the Vatican on the death of John Paul lI in 1978 in a novel titled "In God's Name". That novel, I strongly believe, lacks facts and evidences, and seems to hold some unappealing agenda underneath its dirty armpit but then - the truth must be told- it is an indictment of the Vatican conscience. And the soul of a nation is the conscience of her own people. Knowing fully well the power and influence which Freemason wields in both the spiritual, political and economic life of Anglicanism which the Archibshop himself presides over, and from another corner, the callous involvement of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State in African politics especially Nigeria advertising Masonic Agenda perhaps unconsciously and oblivious of the real picture of that agenda, one wonders whether World Leaders, including the Archbishop himself and Cardinal Bertone, do not need to go for counseling and ritual cleansing to be conducted by Huntington himself. I say this because Haruna referred to Huntington as a "Chief Priest".

I am convinced that the undying will of the people is the soul of democracy. And that democracy acquires an additional force and significance far above and beyond politics when that will belongs to a poor and oppressed people. Whether expressed through votes, or through strikes, or through a revolutionary action, the undying will of the people is the underlining, defining and legitimizing factor of the machinery of government. A focused and determined leadership which is surrendered unreservedly to the service of the people's will is the nucleus of every political activity. Nevertheless, I am forced to admit that the people's will can only be validated on the basis of it being a branded product of living consciences, and not of beasts under the cover of human skin. The visible face of the Masonic agenda in Nigeria is the People's Democratic Party, PDP.

Numerically analyzed,

P = 16

D = 4

P = 16

Total 36,

Breaking the figure down the more,

3 + 6 = 9.

In the PDP vocabulary as given above, the code: PDP means:

P = Power

C = Capital

P = Power.

Thus, in a layman's language, this implies that the World Union through PDP owns and must hold power in all the 36 states of the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. And PDP has the mandate of the World Union to deliver Nigeria to the central body at whatever cost, irrespective of the contending issues. The will of the World Union is the meaning of democracy. And government is defined as the government of the union by the union for the union. Anything that provides an obstacle or attempts to sabotage this Project is considered as high treason. Once a member of the World Union, the personality acquires the mystical number 9 (The Personality who has a membership of this world body is IBB). The World Union is made up of only 666 (Six Hundred and Sixty Six members only). It is the highest but the most secretly guarded degree of Freemason. It is the Anti – Christ (For more information visit the articles published by “evurulobi” or “marysrose” in the HUBPAGES Website).

Chief Obasanjo's tenure, especially the 2nd tenure almost turned this agenda upside down. But because he signed the Agreement of which, like many of us priests in Aba, he was oblivious of the original and full content and import, Chief Obasanjo cannot contest that agreement . He simply cannot, except he wants himself and the entire members of his household dead. The Agreement he signed includes a resolve to implement unreservedly and to its fullest the irrevocable demands of the World Union. The cost of betrayal is very much unaffordable even for a person like Obasanjo. Even though bruised by some elements of greed and unforgiveness, Chief Obasanjo's so- called betrayal is not first and foremost the betrayal of Nigerians, it is rather a conscious effort singularly displayed by an old war veteran for a cause he believes in and fought for - a united and prosperous Nigeria. Obasanjo is another Ngige from a distance. But highly discredited by emerging facts and giving the PDP factor, Chief Obasanjo is very much aware that he holds no bargaining power with either PDP or with IBB. Unlike in 2007 when the Northern factor re- enforced the Umaru Musa Yar’dua contrived presidential ambition, Jonathan’s hope of riding on the back of PDP and that of Chief Obasanjo’s on a return mission to Aso Rock is a jolly good journey headed for the rocks.

From the data available to my team, the Third World War was declared against an ignorant humanity on the 06/06/1996 - 90 years after the last registration into the 666 organization (World Union) took place. It is a spiritual war by Satanism but visibly led by Freemason. The U.N., European Community and the U.S. Government as presently constituted, irrespective of whoever sits behind the desk at the Oval Office, is another Hitler in the guise of Freemason executing the Third World War against humanity (including Americans, Jews, Arabs, Asians, Africans and Europeans) by a subversion of the great mandate in the book of Genesis to “subdue and conquer the world”. The most renowned scientists, astute billionaire entrepreneurs and top professionals are the chief protagonists of this war. The most effective weaponry in the hands of Freemason is a VIRUS secretly invented by the “U.S. Federal Virus Program”. The U.S. Government sponsored this program in conscious partnership with Freemason worldwide. Many types of this VIRUS have been manufactured by other affiliate Masonic research bodies. In each case, sincerely committed researchers are made to believe that the object of research was in aid of the national security. But in actual fact, Global Satanism was researching for the most effective weaponry against humanity. Today, not only HIV/AIDS but also Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Infertility, etc, are administered from the hands of Masonic medical personnel to millions of unsuspecting men and women across the globe. This is as it concerns the life and health of an individual. Adopted members (members of all secret satanic cults in affiliation with Freemason) of Freemason are also transformed into the VIRUS B or B+ type for the purpose of infecting a group, an institution, an organization, union, etc for the purpose of gathering intelligence, polluting, subverting, destroying or possessing it.

With John Paul II, Freemason met a stiff opposition in the Vatican but no actual war was wedged in retaliation. The approach was mainly defensive, and not offensive. Benedict XVI’s pontificate is a resolute search in the Church’s archives for an adequate and prompt response to the Masonic menace. Vatican Secret Service used Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone to infiltrate Freemason. But the Masonic Beasts are no fools. Today, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone is a very serious war casualty on the Vatican side. On 6/6/2010, Freemason introduced a renewed media approach to the Third World War specifically targeting the Vatican in preparation for the next Conclave during which it intends to install an Anti- Christ as the Pope. The first target in the renewed media war against the Vatican is the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, William Cardinal Joseph Levada. What else do you think Freemason wants to achieve by re-opening the child abuse suit against the Archdiocese of San Francisco? The African connection to the renewed Masonic media war has been anchored on the Ibrahim Babangida’s presidential ambition in Nigeria. By and large, Babangida’s presidential ambition is an expansionist program sponsored by Freemason in furtherance of the Anti- Christ project in the Vatican. Like Peter Odili, former governor of Rivers State, President Goodluck Jonathan who has indicated his intention to contest the next election in 2011 will simply be instructed by PDP to hand over to IBB irrespective of whether he contested on the PDP platform or not.

The trepidations which have thrown up renewed and strong agitations for Igbo Presidency are well founded. But one is compelled to raise the question whether the Igbos whose major claim to the Presidency is, among other things, rooted deeply in their divine ancestry and being co-beneficiaries of the Abrahamic covenant finding expression in practical Christianity - whether such a people can proudly identify itself entirely with Satanism. That it toyed with it during the Ibrahim Babangida's military regime is obvious as significantly manifest in the aggressive and shameless plundering and criminal distortion of our value system - spiritual, political, economic, traditional. And since then Nigeria has never woken up from a satanically induced coma. Instead her temperature has gone down to the freezing point. And that the Igbos are at the forefront to perpetually enthrone and legalize the highly discredited and incestuous marriage between Satanism and power posits difficult credibility questions against every Igbo man and woman and threatens as well, to illuminate the suspicion that an average Igbo person is a ready and willing tool in the hands of insipid plutocracy. Is it really true that an Igbo person can do anything for money? Otherwise where lies the attraction of a Babangida's Presidency except 419sm, corruption and dictatorship. This is why the Igbos must not be fooled by T.A. Orji's repentance. And it is important to warn my fellow Abians that T.A. Orji's repentance and face-off with Orji Uzor Kalu are all contrived with the intention to excavate, appropriate, block and mop up all the sources and roots of opposition to Mascot's ambition on behalf of Kalu come the 2011 gubernatorial elections in Abia State. For those who have unreservedly sold themselves to this white-wash project of Abia Liberation especially my Ukwa/ Ngwa brethren, I advice you all, of course at the pain of betrayal to learn a lesson from Chima Nwafor. Or, if you have forgotten Chima Nwafor's story, then take a little time off and do some eave-droppings at the backyard of the Deputy Chief of Staff. Poor Akomas! What a trusred friend you have in OUK ! The Ngwa man is the most discredited for terrorism and kidnapping in the whole of the South East. Now again, the Ngwa ethnic group cannot keep even the post of a Deputy Governor because they are simply incurable harlots. Does it mean that the Ukwa/ Ngwa elders have patronized the booming political harlotry trade somewhere in Aba at Nweke Street so much so that no one can call off this bluff.

Given all these, one can satirically assert that the forthcoming 2011 Election is something very much more than a do- or die affair. It is the resumed hostilities between the Independent State of Biafra and the oppressive government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; it is a drama between Odumegwu Ojukwu and Olusegun Obasanjo. Cast in this mold, and just as the biafran attempt at cessation did not present any option at all for Nigeria, it is all the more true today that a presidency that does not hold any irrevocable and realizable promise for Igbo liberation is an unthinkable option for the whole of South East. This is all the more intolerable if a sabotage of this cause is emerging again from a corner of the South South, seduced, held hostage and appropriated by Chief Obasanjo. On the strength of this, I seriously contend for the Aburi Accord. On Aburi I stand. On Aburi we stand.The implementation of the Aburi Accord is what Our Lady has outlined in the Call for National Elders' Forum (Hubpages) and on the pages of the SACRED DEED (published in the Hubpages as An Appeal and A body Of Defense). This, and only this, is one Nigeria. In this case, let's have One Nigeria!

One Nigeria!

What a great idea!!

What a great dream!!!

Mr Goodluck Jonathan, please give us one united, progressive and prosperous Nigeria.

By so doing, you would have greatly made Chief Obasanjo, your trusted benefactor, a happy man. One Nigeria has always been his dream and the dream of our Northern brothers including IBB himself. And Chief Obasanjo and our Northern brothers all honourable men and women.

Or would Jonathan allow his rightful but misguided and misinformed ambition overrule the mighty provisions of providence for the liberation of the 140 million Nigerians, including his kinsmen in the Niger Delta? If so, then in the spirit of Ojukwu’s second but brief encounter with Ken-Saro Wiwa “in the morning of his struggle” shortly before he was executed by Abacha, I say:

Goodluck to Jonathan!


Good Night!!!


  • Letter of Appreciation to Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State.

Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi .

Flat 24, Road 12

Federal Housing Estate

Nwoji, Port Harcourt

Rivers State


September 15, 2010.

His Eminence

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone

Secretary of State

Vatican City


Your Eminence,


I regret!

I repeat: I regret!!

I regret your wounds!!! But definitely I owe nobody any apology whatsoever! Its unfortunate I had to be so hard so as to make it appear real, otherwise the CNN and New York Times Yahoo Boys/Girls would have detonated the Hiroshima and Nagasaki model bombs against the Vatican. Moreover, it was badly needed that I make it from the Warfront back to Vatican alive. I have hard much of the wounds, and any additional wound would definitely put me to the morgue. I thank you and Bishop Ezeonyia to have made up for me. Your wounds will heal. Just put in your Resignation Letter. Take a holiday outside Vatican; perhaps Ghana might do you some good. Whichever way, take a holiday. You need it.

I intend to stay briefly in Cologne, Germany, and then make out time to see the Bahamas and the Caribbean Island. Though it may attract some additional costs, I humbly notify you that I intend to travel with my daughter Miss Amaka Amakihe. May your Excellency put this request across to His Eminence, Joachim Cardinal Meisner on my behalf. I have tentatively fixed the date of my traveling for November 1, 2010. The intended flight is KLM.

On the strength of this, I plead that you instruct Bishop Ezeonyia to, forthwith, release all my entitlements as clearly stated on my letter of March 25, 2008, so as to enable me prepare for my journey. I would like it if the money be paid into Mr Bartholomew Chinonso Urama’s Oceanic Bank Account No 0091001006814 in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

The Movie was fantastic and looked very damned real. If not that I know you people were acting, I could have taken you live for Brutus or Judas, and Bishop Ezeonyia for the Murderous Uncle. But then, with me you actually did have to contend with a stubborn and disobedient priest. I have managed to make a draft of the whole drama – a brief summary, if you like, of the real picture. It’s a horror. That’s the destiny Satanists in the guise of Freemasonry has ordained for the Celibate Priesthood and the Religious Life, and publishes to an ignorant wild, wild world ( because they have violently hijacked and monopolized the real meaning and instruments of Social Communication, Law and Knowledge. Unfortunately, they never bargained on the fact that the Catholic Priesthood is one universal impenetrable family of Divine Love. And that no one can accuse Love, despite the much lamentable but accidental punctuations that may litter its path as a result of human failings. Only Love is beyond suspicion. And God is LOVE. The Sin against Love is the sin against the Holy Spirit. The title of the movie therefore is WWW.COM.

Find enclosed a copy of a PRESS RELEASE by the World Union to her low and high degree members in view of the forthcoming 2011 Elections in Nigeria. Interestingly, the Subject of the Press Conference is “One Nigeria: A Dream Come True!.” The Code is MISS CHINWENDU MAZI. Now the question is – What is the relationship between a dream of this kind by Freemason about Nigeria and the genuine agitation of the entire Nigerian People for a corrupt free and prosperous One Nigerian Society? Compare the contents of this Release with what should truly pass for a United Nigeria as I have put together in the article above which is a product of a painstaking monitoring of the Masonic Project and its logical conclusion if there was, at least, an atom of goodwill in the whole project. In actual fact, this is what they want everybody believe they are working towards to, while they are going exactly in the opposite direction. Yet this subversive action is referred to as One Nigeria. Not only in Nigeria but also across the globe, this kind of subversive action and equivocation govern the very activities of U.N., E.C., U.S.A., and their agencies, except that, in the advanced countries more subtle approaches are devised for this purpose. From all indications, it is very clear that the result of the Election has already been decided. And so why waste #78b? The Election is considered a necessary tool in aid of the empowerment of Union members and the funding of the Union. Of the entire amount, 25% is to be refunded by INEC to PDP as tithe. I have managed at great risk to my life to inform those who are, perhaps unconsciously, trapped in the unfolding inferno. Extracting a reply from them is not an issue in my mandate. Nevertheless, I have put up a claim for #2.5b from Sir Dr. Peter Odili, former governor of Rivers State.

I have sent other accompanying documents to the Apostolic Nuncio in Nigeria, even though they are classified. Further recommendations are also made in the SACRED DEED.

Once again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve while I remain,

Yours Obediently,

Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi.





I reserve the singular opportunity, through this medium, to address the members of the Nigerian Press on the very sensitive issue of a united Nigeria that holds a promise for all at 50 years after Independence. We must celebrate a Jubilee that is Golden. Only this is what it means to win Gold in the next Election where only the Madonna will be gunning for Gold during the competition organized according to FIFA standards. And it is on record that Maradona scores more goals with his hands than with his legs. In this regard I volunteer to make it categorically clear that the following rules must be strictly adhered to by all the members of Our Union Kingdom (OUK) in the Media.

First of all to the Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses: Visit the WEB. As you see THE NEWS, TELL it immediately and visit NEWSWATCH latter, and then SCROLL down for information. Log in to THE SOURCE and automatically become an INSIDER. As you come inside you will meet THE WESTERNER and speak with THE TRIBUNE. Only then can THE GUARDIAN feel THE PULSE of THIS DAY in the NATIONAL LIFE of THE NATION as THE COMPASS follows the beautiful rays of THE SUN to show THE PUNCH the way to THE VANGUARD and THE CHAMPION. Unless things are done this way, THE HARDTRUTH spoken by OUK in the South East on behalf of the Ibos, and defended by Eunice will be reduced to THE NIGER DELTA STANDARDS and murdered by the DELE GIWA in TELL and the people will see THE NEWS of our OBITUARY in THE NEWSWATCH as reported by an INSIDER and confirmed by THE SOURCE. And if you SCROLL down for information, you will receive THE PUNCH from the Zealots in THE SUN.

To the Military and the Police Force: Newswatch cannot TELL The News to the military and the police force because it is not an Insider who alone can confirm The Source of the information even if you have to Scroll down This Day and log in to The National Life of The Nation or whether The Compass follows the rays of The Sun to show The Punch the way to The Vanguard and The Champion. Only show deep and serious commitment to your God given assignments.

To Power Holding Company of Nigeria: The fact that Our Lord Jesus Christ was betrayed, rejected, suffered and died shamefully on the Cross should encourage us to become great soldiers of the Cross who must show themselves ready to die for the sake of the kingdom even if it means declaring a Jihad against unjust aggressors and the entire nation. There is no need to tell any body or look up the news in the media. Miss Chinwendu Mazi will buy you the best perfume, spray it on you and TELL THE SUN to carry it to all the nooks and crannies of THE NATION and make you attract the NEWS STAR award. Do not go to Court against Islam and the Church because they are your collaborators in the struggle for freedom and the entrenchment of Democracy in Nigeria. For your success in the forthcoming election, Islam and the Churches must not be allowed to establish a parallel Power Station. Instruct PHCN to disconnect every person who has not paid his bill and block the Network. All that is needed to calm them down is to develop the Negatives in the digital Camera of the Union, print and publish the pictures of the Saints, the Holy Fathers, the Blessed Virgins and all Muslims infected with the HIV/AIDS Virus and send them in the night through their security to the merciful Lord who hears and answers the prayers of his children with signs, wonders and miracles. Patients with full blown HIV/AIDS should be referred to Specialist Hospitals for Treatment.

Consult the Hon Minister of Health for the updated list of the HIV/AIDS infected victims.


3 Hot Reminders to Vatican, to the Church in Nigeria and to all Nigerians.

1. Irreconcilability between Christian faith and Freemasonry

 On 26 November 1983 the S. Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (S.C.D.F.) published a declaration on Masonic associations (cf. AAS LXXVI [1984], 300). Since the Church began to declare her mind concerning Freemasonry, her negative judgment has been inspired by many reasons, both practical and doctrinal. She judged Freemasonry not merely responsible for subversive activity in her regard, but from the earliest pontifical documents on the subject and in particular in the Encyclical Humanum Genus by Leo XIII (20 April 1884), the Magisterium of the Church has denounced in Freemasonry philosophical ideas and moral conceptions opposed to Catholic doctrine. For Leo XIII, they essentially led back to a rationalistic naturalism, the inspiration of its plans and activities against the Church. In his Letter to the Italian people Custodi (8 December 1892), he wrote: «Let us remember that Christianity and Freemasonry are essentially irreconcilable, so that enrolment in one means separation from the other».

2. The “Attachment” typifies the PDP Document titled “The Unchangeable Victory of PDP” which I have always referred to in many writings and discussions, and for which the people mentioned, especially those used as points of contacts want me, my family and members of Mary’sRose dead for daring to cancel and destroy it.  They took the original document when they abducted me on 9/7/2006 in Port Harcourt , Rivers State .

The difference here is that their conditions and curses based on draconian satanic codes, provisions, laws and statues of Freemason as represented by AMORC (Rosicrucian) Ogboni Fraternity, Eckankart, Grail, Olumba Olumba Obu (O.O.O), etc. and caused to manifest using PDP as an effective instrument, have been destroyed and sent back.  And because Nature abhors vacuum, the codes, provisions, laws and statutes are redefined and put at the service of the Common Good. 

My problem with my Bishop and my diocese lies in the fact that they wanted to hide the bitter truth that some Cardinals, Bishops, Rev.Frs, Rev.Srs, Knights, General Overseers, Prominent Pastors, and highly placed Muslim Clerics are all involved.  That is, they are real and sworn Satanists.   In their estimation, the document should not be for public consumption so that the interests of the Church might be protected. But our Lady of Fatima, the Blessed Virgin Mary insisted that Freemason has messed up and made a complete mockery of the Fatima Message especially the 3rd Message using its strong influence on the Vatican, especially Cardinals who are Satanists in positions of authority at the Vatican.  If the document is sent to the Bishop, and through him, to the CBCN and to Vatican , the story will remain the same.   She said it was a ploy to kill the message and perpetually silence all involved.  The greedy and bloody members of the Knighthood are stakeholders and facilitators of this Agreement. And this underscores the purpose of Kalu’s publicized visit to the Vatican recently. Again, they wanted to dictate the names of people to be appointed as leaders but Our Lady insisted on the ones approved and stood her grounds.  I am only an instrument and a mouthpiece under the obligation of Obedience.  Nothing more! Nothing less!!  What is happening to Pope Benedict XIV is a strong warning that if this Message is not heeded, Pope Benedict XIV will be poisoned so as to create room for a Satanist to emerge as the next Pope. The unfolding episode is meant to bring Benedict XIV to public ridicule and cut him off from public support and sympathy so that his death will not raise any furore/eye brow.  And immediately this message is published, the Acting President Goodluck Jonathan would be killed in an unsuccessful Coup Plot if he did not beef up his Security and keep a watch over the Military.

*  The Dragon Snake Society is divided into three groups, and is responsible for the Women Cults in the ADCCWO (Aba Diocesesan Council of Catholic Women Organisation), Students’ Women Cults, the Prostitution that is going on in the Banking Institution, etc.  The first group pose as innocent and needy believers, friendly customers and zealous church/Islamic community workers/worshippers.  Their function is to gather intelligence. The 2nd group is made up of beautiful/handsome, rich, influential, connected but veiled male/female harlots (these have not much to do with Brothels), lesbians and homosexuals.  They are the combatants (C) or simply “the Girls/the Boys.  Their function is to exploit the information/intelligence gathered by the 1st group, and use it as a weapon of attack on the investigated person. The targeted is suggestively forced or compelled into many filthy and criminal engagements/ activities  without knowing that records are kept in the “Bank”/”Safe” for use at the time of “Burial”.  The 3rd group are those sent to create false vision and hope for the already destroyed victim and to let the person believe that all is well, but in actual fact, they are “Morticians”, “Ambulance Drivers” and “Undertakers” waiting consciously to take the Victim home for”Burial” which can come in the form of Prosecution, Marriage failure, Loss of Job, Diseases, Public Disgrace, Assassinations, etc.  The factor of the Dragon Family explains what is going on in Nigeria , which is just a tip of the iceberg if IBB comes to Power.

The picture here is not meant to undermine a huge number of innocent, trustworthy and faithful friends and devoted Christians/Muslims out there.  It is rather an effort to remind you that, in everything you do, know that there is Responsibility and Freedom.  Therefore,

(1)   You are free and responsible for your decisions, actions and their outcomes.

(2)   Listen to your conscience as informed by the Truth, no matter how bitter and difficult.

Along this line, and also written into this Sacred Deed are the names of the next President, Senators, Representatives, Ministers and Governors for 2011, and if this is not implemented, One Nigeria will cease to exist.  With it comes the total extinction of Christianity in the Northern part of the country, and the replacement of this with terrorism in the name of Islam.

Good luck to Jonathan!

Congratulations to a David!!


                              This Day

                        APRIL 22, 2010


  So Long, De Moore ! And never fail to remain Mummy’s Boy

 Untill we all, Papa, Daa, myself(Fr.),Ben, Kelechi, Dera, Chioma(Orimovuo) and little Edu gather,unfailingly, for that Great Feast with Mama Mary @ Mt Zion(Heb.12:22)     

Contact me or read more on the Facebook

Proudly Our Lady's Stubborn Boy! I remain,Yours Truly,

 Rev.Fr Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi

3.   Dear Sir,

Another "Hoax" From Rev. Fr., Oh! sorry, Madman Kenneth Evurulobi Of The Katoric Daosis Of Abba.

Every ordained minister of Christianity and Islam must do well to check the Roster for Condolence Visit to Ayaradua at the Kingdom House before 12noon, Sunday, 19,2010. This is very important because, even though it is made to look like the person being favoured is Her Excellency 2y, the visit will furnish them with enough facts for their Special Homilies on why it is important that Uncle Mark,and not Her Excellency, is the ONE to take up the mantle of Power if something like an unsuccessful KUU happens, and Good was not Lucky enough to locate Bro Joe alive because of the betrayal he suffered in the hands of his uniformed and envious 9ja kinsmen as led by Roti, Adam, Silver and Gold.Those who blew the KUU whistle, of course, know the price.Their I.D cards,especially that of the high ranking ones in uniform, bear the insignia "Unbelievers".Wow! A beatiful Ghannian experiment.

Uncle Mark and Prof. Dan are the best fitted, in fact God sents,to preside over the Electoral Vigil for The Return of the Master.And any ordained minister of God who fails to deliver a special homily on this, either from the pulpit or from the media stand, would be reported to Vatican or to the CAN or to the Coucil Of Ulama for Heresy or Sex Abuse unbecoming of a man/woman of God, after all, the anti- corruption war has engaged gear - thanks to the advice from our hero Sgt.Ribary.The people from God's own Country helped to draw this Roster but they have managed to establish their R.B(not alibi o!)very well.And it is very unfortunate that "Onyokometer" or the Eagle's Eyes or the powerful rays of the hot afternoon SUN has or have been watching us for quite a long time undetected. Have you ever thought of The Return Of The Master--- someone other than the Merciful Jesus? Your guess is as good as mine. Therefore rise up and fight(St. Jude vs 3)  

 United in the Struggle for freedom,

I am Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi.    



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