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Tory Lies could mean the end of democracy

Updated on August 8, 2016

Today many people routinely dismiss statements by politicians with whom they disagree but do not give the same necessary distrust to politicians with whom they agree. As a result the vernacular politics of the UK threatens to degenerate into tribalism; we do not yet have politically sectarian songs at political rallies or, as in the 19th century, elections being used, like football, as an excuse for a decent fight in order to break up the monotony of the relentless working week imposed by 19th century corporate capitalism and get rid of anger against the bosses the law had made untouchable. It is only a matter of time given the Tories’ stated policies of removing workers’ rights as stated by several Tory luminaries including our supreme leader the Unelected One. But how did we get here?

One reason for hatred of politicians
One reason for hatred of politicians

Corrosive political cynicism

Way back in ancient times (1992) Jack Straw, who at that time could convincingly fake being a socialist, said:

In any democracy the public should have a healthy scepticism about the claims and practices of politicians. But there can come a point where the cynicism goes so deep that it corrodes the foundations of our political system, leading to a wholesale lack of confidence in the system, and to a detachment between the government, and what is perceived to be the governing class - in which I include MPs of all parties. I believe that we are dangerously close to that position today [1]

Oborne said, with reference to the lies of New Labour, that even some 13 years later those remarks were relevant. It took the political genius of David Cameron, the Scottish Independence referendum, the 2015 General Election and the 2016 EU referendum to tip the UK over the edge.

The MPs Expenses scandal, Blair’s decision to cancel a police investigation into alleged corruption in selling arms to Saudi Arabia and the attempts to obstruct investigations into alleged electoral malpractice that could eliminate the Tory commons Majority have only made matters worse. Going further back we have the Scott-Matrix affair where it seems Tory politicians were willing to invoke National Security in order to send an innocent man to jail so that the government of the day could avoid embarrassment and most recently the Chilton Report which officially conformed what has long been known that Tony Blair was saying one thing to the US president, another to Parliament and something else to the public.The mainstream media, especially the BBC have, of course done their best to present a public image of the ruling elite, especially the Tories, as wise benevolent dictators, the labour party as a bunch of terror supporting extremists and promote SNP BaaahhD at every chance.

The UK is at a dangerous crossroads where a populist demagogue could replace such democracy as exists with the equivalent of a people”s republic.

Are MPs really sacrificing money ”serving” the country

Politicians today are, with a few exceptions, regarded as money grubbing villains whose intelligence is limited to feathering their own nest. Again this oversimplifies, as many leading politicians will claim they could have made more money outside politics and sacrificed a lot ”serving” the country.

If you set up a Game of Monopoly where one player has an overwhelming advantage they soon come to think that they are great players, just as successful politicians to whom power has attracted money think they could have made more outside politics. The income distribution of the various professions, mainly lawyers, in Parliament show the falsity of this claim, since the majority of professionals in these areas earn less than even a Back Bench MP. (Lawyers may be a bad example since their fees are fixed by the Bar Council - a bunch of ... Lawyers, though the fees a lawyers office charges my be astronomically higher than the money the lawyers take home) Another malign effect of power is a reduction in empathy shown by the Unelected Prime Minister emphatically saying they were happy to trigger a nuclear war with no qualifications about doing so reluctantly or as a last alternative. Of course this may have merely been a sop to those in her party to whom a nuclear war is a jolly jape, an excise to send Scottish youngsters to get killed and above all a business opportunity.

If most MPs could make more outside politics, we must conclude that politicians are more interested in power than money, and power, without a great deal of self insight and self control, corrupts and corrupts the brain. Ideas that seem great and popular while in opposition suddenly seem unworkable from the seat of power, if they look like removing the bit of paper that prevents the seat of power wobbling, and telling lies becomes a tool for the promotion of the greater good, not only to promote Right policies but to permit the Right people to stay in power.

Politiciansliie because people want them to lie
Politiciansliie because people want them to lie

Meanwhile back in the UK

It was pleasing to read that the UK parliament is having to move to a new temporary location in South Britain while their headquarters are being renovated - a location in which alcohol is banned. This raises the possibility of some West- minster MPs having the alien experience being sober while doing their job and some may have the even more alien experience experience of actually THINK- ING while doing their job. This also raises the remote possibility of a rise in the quality of governance from South Britain. Readers should not however hold their breath. A sober parliament is probably contrary to the laws of nature.

Labour remains irrelevant, being genetically programmed for infighting and

driven by a subliminal belief the Tories are genetically suited (6000 bespoke suits usually) for power while Labour, as representatives of the Working Class, know their place. Labour Leadership candidate Owen Smith has said he would rather the Tories were in power than work with the SNP to deny them power echoing, the Ed Milliband statement that lost Labour the last election.

Two families from the old British Empire, now the Commonwealth, will probably be deported despite massive public protest. As always the motives of the Home Office and the politicians directing it are unclear. It is possible that the Home Office is, like Civil Servants everywhere, picking on easy targets, like the 21 year old Thai who had minor problems with the police at the age of 14 be- cause of family problems, or the Brain family. Since it took ten years to get rid of an Islamic cleric preaching hatred agains the West, Britain in particular process may have been smoke and mirrors intended to demonise Muslims as part of Theresa May’s long campaign against Human Rights, a movement started by Enoch Powell on a different planet. The latest cost cutting exercise by the Home office is to urge the Brain family to leave voluntarily, which translates as ”Stop embarrassing the Tories”. Maybe they are afraid the Brains will be dragged to a plane while displaying placards saying ”We are being deported because we are white”. Interestingly groups line Britain First and the EDL are keeping out of this one leading to the suspicion that they are being funded and directed by the Tory Party

Theresa the Unelected refused to block David Cameron’s resignation Honours list: a total devaluation of the honours system and a great relief to the nonentities he selected. The BBC and the other mainstream media ignored the little detail that the list included substantial donors to The Unelected One’s campaign for leadership of the Tory party. Just as it is simplistic to say politicians lie it would be hard to say how much of this was a reward to the donors, how much simply professional courtesy between sharks, and how much a desire not to set a precedent that would prevent her own resignation honours list being honoured. It is perhaps safest to say all three of these considerations were important.

The real economy is going down fast, as is the pound, though it is hard to at- tribute this only to Brexit: the pound for instance has been falling against non western currencies for at least a decade and it is not clear whether Brexit has

accelerated the process. Brexiteers are focussing on possible long term benefits of Brexit while trying to ignore the long term benefits of possible Scottish Independence. Those who want independence should observe this process carefully in order to see how the problems after independence should be handled or at least spot mistakes to be avoided.

The experts Michael Gove told us were fed up of are warning of a bad Brexit recession but who cares. They are only experts. Some pundits, claiming to be experts, are saying the fall in the pound is due to Project Fear, the Remain campaign’s project fear of course not that of the Leave Campaign.

Of course all Tory and Labour MPs are experts in Politics. And we have definitely had enough of them.

Replace Dave with Theresa. Rinse and repeat
Replace Dave with Theresa. Rinse and repeat

Tory war on the poor, disabled and workers and human rights

The Tories are quietly pursuing their war against the disabled by eliminating mobility cars and other aids to a normal life. Unlike Germany in the 1930s murder vans are not being sent round to collect the disabled for involuntary euthanasia: that would mean fewer vans to carry posters telling immigrants to go home and the money to run crematoria has to come from SOMEWHERE, so starvation and curtailing mobility will have to suffice. The 350 million a week that Brexiteers claimed would be saved by leaving is being used to scrap training grants for nurses and midwives. This is both manipulating the political climate for NHS privatisation and making hospitals a little less safer: just like America.

We are now seeing the picture of the New Tory Century emerging. A reversion to Labour laws of the 1700s and 1800s, removal of Workers Rights, including Paid holidays, the erosion and eventual abolition of retirement pensions and as Theresa the Unelected has long wanted, the abolition of human rights, at least for those who are not horribly rich. Brexit is only a tool to further this agenda. It is also making the case for Scottish Independence. Hopefully this will come

before it is too late. At least it looks like we will be moving towards our own independent currency. what it will be called is still an open question,

Further reading

[1] The Rise of Political Lying, Peter Oborne, Simon and Schuster 2005


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