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Oversharing - is it a Bad Thing? What Is Your Opinion?

Updated on January 6, 2018
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Tracey has been writing online for over 10 years. She also is a graphical artist for social media sites. She loves writing about home life!

Oversharing is the new catch word for TMI - Too Much Information

With the advent of the internet and the anonymity that it brings, people have begun making more and more intimate parts of their life public. Social networks like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter give people a forum to say whatever they have on their minds at any given time. Unfortunately, it has led to many people feeling the need to detail every part of their lives on these networks.....even the intimate details like how often they have sex and even the color of their poo!

In the past when people had the habit of telling people such things, it was met with: TMI ! or Too Much Information !! This was a means of letting the person know that they were over stepping the line in the details they were sharing. Unfortunately, on the internet there seem to be people who just encourage this type of oversharing and the people doing it are just encouraged to get bolder and more intimate in their details....much to the dismay of many of their electronic friend who see these messages on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.

Do you think that this phenomena is a bad thing ? Do you think that many people go way over the line in good taste and privacy when sharing on the internet ? We want your opinions below, please share them.

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Oversharing and Business

Everything You Have Ever Said is Still Out There Somewhere

The things you put out on social networks, blogs, forums and the like, can really come back to bite you, when you are looking for a job, or up for a promotion. Your employer or employer to be wants to be sure that you will not be an embarrassment to the company by putting inappropriate things about yourself (or others) in public view. If you think that the things you put on your Facebook page or the things that you tweet just disappear into a black hole, you better think again. Most everything anyone has ever written on the internet is still out there, somewhere. Did you know that Twitter is now recorded for posterity in the Library of Congress? Would you like your employer to be able to read every single thing you ever wrote on Twitter? No, you cannot prevent it, you put it out there for the public to read.

Believe me, it is better to show some restraint now, than regret it later. Keep this in mind, whenever you hit that SEND key.

Oversharing Regarding Your Career

Share Your Experience

Have you ever gotten in trouble at work for something you have written on the internet ?

See results

Should You Lose Your Job Because of the Internet ?

Do you think it should be illegal to lose your job over what you do on the internet?

Oversharing Can Invite Burglars - Coming Home to an Empty House is No Fun

Check out the video below. How many times have you seen this on your Facebook or Twitter page? Tweeting advanced notice that you are going to be away on vacation and for how long, is just like putting a neon sign on your front lawn that says "Rob Me!" You may think that only your friends see what you write, but think again. With Facebook's strange rules and people re-tweeting you, you have no idea who is going to end up seeing your plans. Be smart and NEVER give out details like when you are leaving, or how long you will be gone. It is better if you just avoid talking about going away completely.

Do You Share Vacation Plans ?

Do you broadcast your vacation or other plans on Facebook, Twitter and other social media ?

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Oversharing Viciously about Ex-Spouses, Ex-Bosses and Ex-Friends

NEVER a Good Idea

Repeatedly spewing nasty comments about other people (no matter how much they are deserved) in a public venue like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Forums ends up making you look worse than the person you are trashing. This is especially true, if it goes on for a long period of time. You end up looking a vindictive nut job that cannot let go of the past.

Never participate in public arguments of a personal nature with ex-lovers or friends, or family. Airing your dirty laundry for all to see will make you look bad and you might find your friends list to be much shorter, very quickly.

Have You Ever.......

Have you ever vented your anger at someone on Facebook or other social media ?

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The books below have differing

views on oversharing, some for,

some against. Reading both gives

you the information you need to

make your own decision.

Oversharing: Presentations of Self in the Internet Age - by Ben Agger

This is a very interesting book that examines the phenomena of oversharing due to the internet and the impact that it has on people, society, business and self image. Very Insightful.

Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live - by Jeff Jarvis of the Blog

The author has a very unusual point of view; he feels that sharing everything on the internet is beneficial and is only the beginning of a revolution of self expression that will change the entire world. Well researched and written in an easy going chatty style, this book is one that you do not want to miss as the world redefines the meaning of "public" and "private."

I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did: Social Networks and the Death of Privacy - by Lori Andrews

The author is considered an expert on the decline of privacy and social networks. This book is well researched and offers many horror stories of the destruction of personal privacy through the abuse of social networks, dating networks, and shopping networks by the people in charge of them. We are being tracked and information gathered and put on the internet, for anyone that wants to run a search on us.

This book outlines the dangers and provides the best advice possible on how to protect yourself from this invasion of privacy.

Do You Overshare? - Share with Us!

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  • MikeRobbers LM profile image

    MikeRobbers LM 5 years ago

    Definitely sharing intimate details of your life on social media isn't a good thing .. We post tons of intimate details about our lives that we normally wouldn't share with anyone. We think that as long as we make sure our privacy settings are set correctly that we are safe and snug within our circle of friends.

    The problem is that we never know who's really looking at our information.

  • CruiseReady profile image

    CruiseReady 5 years ago from East Central Florida

    @MaggiePowell: Teens' concept of privacy does seem non existant ... until you DARE to enter THEIR room, then, it suddenly becomes overdeveloped.

  • profile image

    MaggiePowell 5 years ago

    I've noticed that teens (mine and their friends) have no concept of privacy... the concept that certain things shouldn't be shared seems to baffle them. And it's more than internet... cell phones are a funky problem.... folks seem to think they are in a magic bubble when they are on their phones in public... the most personal things have been talked about in line at the post office.

  • justmelucy profile image

    justmelucy 5 years ago

    This lens sure made me think. Thanks for sharing it. I suppose I do over share. Here on Squidoo, I have shared some personal situations that involve other people but I don't name names. But now I wonder if it's a good idea.

  • Scarlettohairy profile image

    Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

    I try not to! Once it's online, it's there for good no matter how much you think you can delete it.

  • profile image

    nicolane 5 years ago

    I change a few details from my real life to online - that way an online stalker hasn't got the real me offline.