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Rothschild, Rockefeller and Soros probably behind Panama Papers leaks (by Ryan Mohanlal)

Updated on May 28, 2016

Panama Papers scandal

Panama Papers leaks

Writer: Ryan Mohanlal (Consultant) @Ryan Mohanlal Ltd - British Virgin Islands

Do we know the truth about the Panama Papers scandal? Why are many important questions unanswered? Are the global media presenting pre-selected items? After the major financial Luxembourg, Swiss, Cablegate, Offshore leaks, the last weeks the world closely followed the Panama Papers case. Who is involved, associated, main activities, avoided taxes and the publication of the offshore list itself. The secundaire questions who controls the leaks, which government or agency operate in shadows are unanswered. Also the timing of the leak is raining interrogation points.

Whispers about illumination and conspiracies about the participation from agencies as the FBI and CIA come up. Are Edward Snowden and Julian Assange contributing documents? The coup and rivals between the Rothschild, Rockefeller and Soros family clan is growing up! The compilation from the investigation group ICIJ gives marks as they are funded and established by the US Center of Public Integrity. The documents are shared by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). There are signs and marks that the OCCRP is an extension part of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It's no masked information that the United States are the biggest tax haven in the world, and still want to be this in the future. I myself operate in the US and Caribbean area with Ryan Mohanlal Ltd and provide Safety Auditing and Offshore Corporate services even to US-residents as non US-residents!

What about the scandal itself? In fact Mossack Fonseca helped clients all over the world establish offshore companies with anonymity and asset-protecting. More than 1 million enterprises (including Ryan Mohanlal Ltd) have been incorporated since 1984. There were 450,000 active ones at the end of last year, according to the Financial Services Commission. So in the end this information and the disclosure of it raises the question why the leak is coming out now.

In reaction with members of WikiLeaks, Anonymous and Finance Agency consultant Ryan Mohanlal is explaining that any enterprise, holding, corporation or entity which is registered in the BVI - Panama - Cayman Islands has his own reasons. "Evident in this set-up is that the needs of offshoring are individually". The legitimate points to incorporate without any doubts are depending on the core-business. Certainly if we speak about foreign assets or taxonomy reasons. The most clients of our Consultancy division have the sources to operate in several Offshore jurisdictions on a legitimate manner.

Just as Mossack Fonseca Ryan Mohanlal support and advice clients shoulder-to-shoulder in the Safety Auditing and incorporation registration process. In any case the due diligence sheets are confirmed based on the legal laws. Like the mayor Consultancy & Auditing players as KPMG, PwC, EY and Deloitte Mossack Fonseca tried to benefits their customers. Ryan Mohanlal also refers that the Panama Papers leaks are differently then others as the Luxembourg or Swiss leaks.

In the next periods I will follow-up from nearby several research and sources, this in arrangement with my consultancy partners and network associates.

Ryan Mohanlal (Consultant) "To reach your goals, just follow your targets"

Panama Papers Offshore Leaks

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© 2016 Ryan Mohanlal


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