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Why We Will Remain Peasants Until We Do Something

Updated on May 18, 2016

I’ve been watching more documentaries and researching a lot more recently. With the thoughts and facts they pull up it forces me to conclude that actually I do not feel sorry for the people, like you or even myself.

Why? Simply because you, YES YOU (oooh breaking the fourth wall, how meta) don’t do anything to stop or change things. You vote for your party, regardless of quality, and allow the media to tell you what is going on, maybe have a little mumble and moan then move on. Governments and companies are using you and robbing you blind and we all sit down and take it.

Here's what you could have won...


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Iceland.

Following the banking crisis of 2008 they jailed their top bankers who messed up and brought in tougher regulations, more equality and power for the people. What did the UK and US do? They bailed out the banks with YOUR money and it was on a no questions asked basis. So the banks took the taxpayer’s money and didn’t have to tell anyone where that money was going. No one was punished except the public.

HSBC is looking at giving 2.2 billion in bonuses at the same time they’re knee deep in more controversy surrounding their role in helping super rich customers evade tax in Switzerland. Lloyds is giving out 375 million in bonuses, Citigroup gave out 5.3 billion USD, Bank of America handed out 3.3 billion USD and the list goes on. Billions of pounds of your money has gone to a few individuals in bonuses. The absolute audacity! Money that could have gone to your children, public services, the elderly who fought in wars, gone to a few fat cats for losing your money in the world’s biggest casino.

The only way they could have made it more of an insult is if you went home, caught them nailing your wife then they ask you for some money for a taxi home. They are spitting in your mouth and you are drinking it all up.

The funny thing is that it makes me this furious and I’m not even one of those directly affected. I have no loans (well, university loans but that’s an angry rant for another time), credit cards or mortgages to pay…yet…but people, especially in America, lost their homes and even today live in shelters or on the streets whilst a few people still bag millions or billions.

Greed is a hideous thing. How many airplanes, cars, yachts and holiday homes do you really need?

The top 1% with all the wealth and power will remain there because, whilst angry, the other 99% won’t do a damn thing because of their own greed, because they hope that one day they will join the elite.
What has happened to the world? I mean seriously, I’m 25 and I’m already this cynical, this downtrodden and I don’t suffer the financial misery compared to most, probably because I left for a land of hope in Asia.

I don’t understand why all the people wronged don’t just get together in the same place, like outside the White House or No.10, and stay there until real change is made.
Don’t go to work, don’t give in and just stay there without incident.
Governments and banks should be scared of the people because our numbers are far greater. They ARE scared of this, documents and emails from banks and companies have been released showing us this.

What would they do if we all decided not to work, pay their fees that they set and changed the terms of? What if we all just said no?

One community in America got sick and tired of having people evicted from their neighborhood that they helped those ousted back in and when the banks and police came they didn’t let them evict them for a second time. That’s one community. What if we all got together and decided that those who lost the money in the first place should pay, those in government should be removed and those who actually need help are the ones who are bailed out.

Perhaps not in my life time, but some time in the future, the house of cards will come tumbling down.

It’s weird to think that useful professions are nowhere near the most paid. A man sits in an office, buys and sells with other people’s money and spends millions and billions of pieces of paper connected to companies and he is ridiculously rich. What is going on?
Look at yourselves. How can you live in such a society? I can’t stomach living in those countries in knocks me sick.

If you take anything from this article then let it be this, at least try and educate yourselves. Do a little research or watch a few documentaries, a recent Michael Moore one perhaps, or the Inside Job. They don’t just say things but show footage and documents and interviews with those involved and it just leaves you questioning how this happened and why the people accepted it.

If there’s one thing I love about the UK and British people it’s our sense of humor and irony, like the fact that we still call it Great when there’s nothing that Great about it in terms of power and wealth.
Enjoy the Queen, sitting in her million pound hat on her golden chair promising AGAIN for a British Bill Of Rights whilst talking about space ports, broadband and transportation, when poverty and unemployment is everywhere and the NHS, emergency services and all areas of education, from primary to university, are being destroyed.
Have a nice cup of tea, bit of toast and forget about just how messed up your country is. There’s a good chap or chapette.


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