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The Millennial Revolution - Picking Up Where Sanders Left Off

Updated on March 3, 2016
The Millennial Revolution
The Millennial Revolution


This was a tough loss for Bernie Sanders and his supporters, however, after sifting through the rubble of last night's election results I discovered a political roadmap for the future. I typically shy away from politics because many politicians are just selling new washing machines that break within a year. I will, however, give my full faith and backing to a person that recognizes our system is broken and who isn't afraid to stand up and speak out against "the machine".

The analysis of last night's Massachusetts Presidential Primary election results displayed a glaring socioeconomic divide at its worst. The landscape was split between the rich and the poor. The middle-class is gone my friends, and the sooner we realize this, the better off we will be. There was a wide range of individuals who supported this campaign, however, the greatest supporting demographic came from those under 35 years of age. (My generation) The reason our generation supports Bernie is not because he is a democratic socialist, but rather because we recognize that if there isn’t an immediate change, there will be nothing left to the system by the time we reach our twilight. Social Security and Medicare will be bankrupt, and we will be hung out to dry.

It is a fact that our generation is struggling. We are drowning in student loan debt, we are over-burdened with childcare costs, and we are not provided adequate access to medical coverage. If there isn’t a resounding change with the way this country is being run, I am not just afraid of what it might look like when we are old, but also of the mess we will be handing over to our children to clean up. This election has been a wakeup call, and we are about to see a cataclysmic change in the political landscape as my generation becomes wiser, more involved, and less afraid to standup to the machine. THE REVOLUTION IS NOT OVER. THE REVOLUTION IS JUST BEGINNING!

In Solidarity,
Derek-Robert Cherven (USMC)
Massachusetts Veterans for Bernie
State Director


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