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Gamergirl's Political Ranting

Updated on February 29, 2020

We the People, Tea Parties and Illegal Immigrant Outrage, with a sprinkle of Home Grower Anger

To the reader - These following paragraphs, entries, etcetera, are my opinion, formed after many years of living in areas highly affected by illegal immigration, as well as foreign exchanges, and based on the friendship of the folk I know who have immigrated here legally over the years. I will present to you - the readers - a factual report of the processes upon which one obtains citizenship, immediately following my extensive research and discussion with INS employees.

Over the course of the last few years I have heard from numerous sources about this or that new Tea Party event, revolt, protest of one sort or another. It’s gotten me thinking, some part of me wants to do as all the videos and hype say, mailing a tea bag to my state and federal “representatives.” But most of all it makes me think about life, and all the things I hear and learn just by being sociable and open to hearing the complaints and monologues of others.

Stories you hear all too often include entire families of illegal immigrants living within a too-small house, stacking into bedrooms five or six people deep, all the men of the house working under one social security number, the women working toward pregnancy to become anchor mothers, through their children becoming legal citizens, and only then marrying their companions to ensure legal citizenship for their now spouses, even though it has been years since all parties came to the country. Sound crazy? I've seen it happen in my neighborhood, nigh powerless to stop it.

Do I think something is wrong with our political system? Absofreakinlutely. By no means do I wish ill or true harm on another human being, illegal immigrant or not, especially given how easy the process of becoming a legal citizen is if one truly applies themselves to due process, but where do we draw the line? Do we allow our own laws to be spit back in our faces, ignored and turned over in pursuit of happiness at all costs? Or do we take charge, take a stand, and uphold the law, the standard and the faith that all things are possible when pursued honestly and with hard work, within the rules, within the guidelines put forth in the best interests of any and all who approach our borders?

As to the link you’ll see at the bottom of this rant, I believe that the translations and interpretations of the writer are the product of sensationalism. As I read it, and having worked in the food industry for a few years myself, I see the regulations outlined (and summarily twisted word by word by the author of the article) as being quite fair, simply stating those certain things that are allowed and disallowed. I laughed when I read the little quip about search and seizure in reply to the section stating that growers should not inhibit proper inspection of their facility and product. Would you want to buy vegetables from groceries that were infested with pests and rodents, or wherein the produce was dirty, mishandled or chemically treated improperly? I wouldn't, and to the fourth link I say PAH!

As to the complaints the writer of the link's article has, once you begin to sell your homegrown items you in effect have become a commercial enterprise. This brings you to a point wherein you must adhere to safety measures to ensure the product you peddle is safe for all parties involved, and by not doing so, you take full responsibility for such transgressions. If you cannot take said responsibility, then you should not venture forth into these types of markets in the first place. A license is indeed a small price to pay to adhere to the law. Grow as you wish, distribute as you wish, but go about it with open eyes and full adherence to that which enables you to do business freely, without unreasonable interruption or legal involvement.

TLDR: Sheesh, and shenanigans. Biased information is biased. Let people be happy. Follow the rules. Don’t be harmful to yourself or others.


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