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The Poppy Fields of Flanders

Updated on October 31, 2011

Heroes and Villains.

The poppy fields are red,

but they´re not red with poppies.

The poppies are all dead,

The fields are red with blood.

The soldiers are not fighting,

There´s no more strength in them,

Young men with lives before them,

Cut down, No strength, Not men...

The living ones are not alive,

The many....... blown to pieces...

The living stare with vacant eyes,

Friends all gone.,. Friendship ceases.

The women wait at home and work,

They try to do their duty,

not really knowing , ´What´s their duty´?

Through those catastrophic years.

A battlefield can be anywhere

Blood gets mingled with the earth

So , why a poppy field,.?.....Seems ironic...

Field still red, but you can search

And never find a poppy.

Fields are red with young mens´ blood,

They did their duty in the fields

now their blood is like a flood.

In circumstances not seen before,

they bravely held their guns,

Not understanding horrors faced,

and the enemy were someone ´ s sons.

When fields are red with young mens´blood,

Then there´s something wrong with our world.,

Young men should be walking out,

With all of our young girls.

falling in love, the very first time,

cuddling close in a world of their own,

Young men and women whispering love

and planning their very own home.

But the fields are red with young mens´blood,

And girls´do the jobs of men,

One in a factory, one on a farm,

All praying their men will come to no harm.

No harm to men with guns at the ready,

guns they´ve been given with orders,

Not thugs taking guns to steal from another,

No these guns are forced upon them.

So fields are red with the blood of our boys,

Many were still in their teens,

And teenage girls , who ought to be dancing,

Are working and dreamimg their dreams.

For the fields are filled with blood of young men,

Not red with beautiful poppies,

When will we learn the power of love?

If ever , we learn, if ever,,,,,

D Day Landing Craft.
D Day Landing Craft.


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  • Dim Flaxenwick profile imageAUTHOR

    Dim Flaxenwick 

    3 years ago from Great Britain

    Thank you, travmaj, for reading and leaving such a lovely comment.

  • travmaj profile image


    3 years ago from australia

    Well said, I'm with you on this engaging poem and all it represents. Very relevant in this year of commemoration for ww1 and all the horror. I've just written a piece re my own Grand father. Thank you.

  • Dim Flaxenwick profile imageAUTHOR

    Dim Flaxenwick 

    6 years ago from Great Britain

    Hi Micky good to see you.

    Any ´war´poem l write , you know l´m inspired by you.

    Hop you are taking care of yourself.

  • Micky Dee profile image

    Micky Dee 

    6 years ago

    Very beautiful dear Dim.

  • Dim Flaxenwick profile imageAUTHOR

    Dim Flaxenwick 

    6 years ago from Great Britain

    Thank you Redelf for stopping by my page and commenting.

  • RedElf profile image


    6 years ago from Canada

    Such evocative language - strong and powerful. Thanks for this thought-provoking poetic work.

  • Dim Flaxenwick profile imageAUTHOR

    Dim Flaxenwick 

    6 years ago from Great Britain

    My thoughts exactly. There is much we never find out going on behind the closed doors of the corridors of power, but as you say whatever the reasons, too many young men lose their lives.

    Thank you for stopping by . Take care.

  • Alastar Packer profile image

    Alastar Packer 

    6 years ago from North Carolina

    War is Hell and you cannot refine it.~Sherman. Powerful elegy Dim. There were many plots behind the scenes of history in the two World Wars but that doesn't change the fact that millions of young men paid for these evil ministrations with their lives.

  • Dim Flaxenwick profile imageAUTHOR

    Dim Flaxenwick 

    6 years ago from Great Britain

    Thank you, jenubouka,

    l always appreciate your comments.

  • Dim Flaxenwick profile imageAUTHOR

    Dim Flaxenwick 

    6 years ago from Great Britain

    Hi Eiddwen,

    l´m glad you found it touching. Thank you for such a lovely comment.

    l DO ´´get it´that we couldn´t just let someone like Hitler march into and take over Britain, l just wish everyone would have ganged up on Hitler instead , never let him have the power.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Such powerful words and a great reference to nature, such a mind blowing piece Dim. Awesome.

  • Eiddwen profile image


    6 years ago from Wales

    A brilliant hub and as always told so naturally and in your own unique way.

    So powerful and touching.

    I vote up without a doubt.

    Take care and have a great day.



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