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Premiers of Alberta

Updated on September 9, 2014
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Jeff Johnston is a medieval reenactor and avid history fan. He is also the publisher at Living History Publications.

Alberta - Wild Rose Country

As a follow up to my List of Prime Ministers of Canada article I thought I'd do one for the premiers of the provinces as well, and what better province to start with than my new home province of Alberta. Alberta was named such after two members of the Royal Family of Britain at the time of its forming; Albert, Prince Consort husband of Queen Victoria and for Princess Louise Caroline Alberta the fourth daughter of Victoria.

The images are from the Open Clip Art Library, which released it explicitly into the public domain, using the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

Alexander Cameron Rutherford - Liberal Party

2 September 1905 - 26 May 1910

Alexander Cameron Rutherford Was the first Premier of Alberta. He was appointed the position when it was created then won the first election.

Arthur Sifton - Liberal Party

26 May 1910 - 30 October 1917

Sifton took over as Liberal Leader after Rutherford became embroiled in the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway scandal which accused Rutherford of conflicts of interest in the funding of the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway systems. Arthur Sifton was one of two Canadians to sign the Treaty of Versailles.

It was during Sifton's reign that Alberta enacted prohibition as a result of a 1916 referendum.

Charles Stewart - Liberal Party

30 October 1917 - 13 August 1921

During Stewart's tenure it was becoming increasingly obvious that prohibition was not working. Reports poured in of judges sitting on the bench ruling on cases of liquor law breaches hung over or even actively drunk. Despite this though there was not enough support to repeal the law during Stewarts reign.

Stewart also attempted (and failed) to implement proportional representation.

Herbert Greenfield - United Farmers

13 August 1921 - 23 November 1925

John Edward Brownlee - United Farmers

23 November 1925 -10 July 1934

Richard Gavin Reid - United Farmers

10 July 1934 -3 September 1935

William Aberhart - Social Credit Party

3 September 1935 - 23 May 1943

Ernest Manning - Social Credit Party

31 May 1943 - 12 December 1968

Alberta has a long history of letting their Premiers sit in office for a long time, but this 25 year stint makes even King Ralph look short termed.

Harry Strom - Social Credit Party

12 December 1968 - 10 September 1971

The Era of The Conservatives Begins

Peter Lougheed - Progressive Conservative Association

10 September 1971 - 1 November 1985

Don Getty - Progressive Conservative Association

1 November 1985 - 13 December 1992

"King" Ralph Klein - Progressive Conservative Association

14 December 1992 - 14 December 2006

Due to his long term and his ability to keep power regardless of scandal Ralph Klein became known as King Ralph, the undisputed leader of Alberta

Ed Stelmach - Progressive Conservative Association

14 December 2006 - 7 October 2011

Alison Redford - Progressive Conservative Association

Alison Redford

7 October 2011 - March 23 2014

Redford resigned, most say forced to resign, over a scandal involving the building of a private apartment on the roof of the provincial building that would serve as the Premier's official residence.

Dave Hancock - Progressive Conservative Association

March 23 2014 - Incumbent

Dave Hancock took over the role of Premier from Redford as the new leader of the PC party of Alberta.

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