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Pro Choice, Pro Life, Pro Logic

Updated on April 13, 2024

The Controversy..

Sheer logic attests that Planned Parenthood family planning services are crucial if we are to maintain a healthy, as well as moral and compassionate society. The general public, as well as financially repressed women need and deserve the health and birth control services provided by these facilities. However, since American taxpayers fund those services to the extent of well over $500 million annually, they contend that their opinions should be recognized.

In addition to many other health services, Planned Parenthood performs approximately 300,000 to 400,000 abortions annually. Reports of actual numbers are varied, but all appear within 250,000 to 600,000 range. Many taxpayers consider those numbers to be staggering at the very least, if not even obscene. Hence, the ongoing ‘Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life’ abortion controversy.

The Conclusive Factor

Like most of our laws, the legalization of abortion was a practical ordinance. It did not label, or classify abortion as moral, or immoral. Science is also practical, in that opinions, morality, and character judgment hold no precedence in its’ calculated and systematic equations. Scientific evidence confirms that abortion is the of removal and disposal of a human embryo/fetus. The procedure takes place during the early weeks or months of life within the womb. Therefore, if ‘life’ were not a conclusive factor, abortion would not be considered a controversial choice.

First Controversy, Now Scandal!

Public protest against Planned Parenthood escalated due to allegations of the sale of dismembered human appendages/remains, which are acquired during abortion procedures performed at Planned Parenthood facilities. Apparently, video and audio recordings, which allegedly substantiate these accusations, have been submitted to authorities.

The public deserves and should demand answers to the numerous questions that emerged due to that scandal. For example, one would wonder if patients were offered choices, or even informed about plans for selling the human remains excreted from their bodies. Were patients made aware of the intended alleged sales? Could it be that those allegations were proven as shocking to patients, as well as the public? If that is the case, wouldn't logic suggest a breach of faith, trust, or even contract between Planned Parenthood and its patients? In such a case, wouldn’t it seem that patients, as well as the public, should demand answers to those questions, among countless others? Additionally, if patients were informed, were given a choice, and chose to provide approval of the sale of the human fetal remains, should they be held accountable along with Planned Parenthood?

Get Smart!

Why Not Try Logic?

Facts are based on knowledge and reality. Logic is based on rationale and wisdom. Both fact and logic indicate that birth control should be the preferred choice for all women, regardless of age or income. Considering the development, advancement, and availability of birth control methods throughout the last one hundred years, (and aside from extenuating and unfortunate circumstances), unwanted pregnancy could, and perhaps should be designated inexcusable in the 21st century.


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