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How Well Do You Know What's Natural to Keep Your Family as Safe as Possible?

Updated on April 12, 2015

Is Your Family Living as Naturally and Safely as Possible?

Think you already know enough to live a healthier life for you and for your family?

Maybe you do, but it can be scary to try to figure out these things all alone. So, do your homework. Join some reputable environmentally-minded groups and read how others are learning and improving their lives little-by-little by going green. As you learn more, you will get to be more confident and then can get more out of the group experience. Ask questions and be willing to try new ways. You will make mistakes, but you will get better.

Make your own food and household goods when you can so that you know what went in them. If you cannot, don't worry just use handmade products by someone else when you are able.

Just for fun, take some time to read the pages below to see what you already know and what you still need to research a little bit more.

Diana's Products are as Natural as Possible and Handmade

Diana's products came about to have good, safe, pure products for family and friends that we used for every day and to give as special gifts.
Soon, folks wanted more than I could afford to give away for nothing as ingredients; supplies and the massive amount of time that it takes to grow herbs and flowers organically and then to make something from them was just too much to be given away so a small business was born.
Some of what I make is:
Handmade bath salt "Teas" for a wonderful bath get-away-from-it-all, body balms and there are other All Natural home spa products.

I also make eye masks/pillows, neck pillows, travel pillows, little dream/sleep pillows, sachets... all sewn by hand - featuring herbs and flowers grown in my own organic garden.

More products have been added to my online store, including some vintage books, linens and kitchen items... plus a few pieces of vintage jewelry and even some pet items.

Take a look there to see some of what I have made, or stop out at our gift shop (address/days/hours are below) if you're local.

I may be able to help you with a special request if given enough notice. Please keep in mind that handmade takes time and that I have a limited amount of my herbs/flowers and that there is only so much in my vintage fabric stash.

I now have a little store in Hubbard, Ohio

Diana's Gift Shop

6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road

Wed & Sun noon to 5

Thurs, Fri, and Sat 10 - 5

Some Tips About How To Want to Live a More Natural Life

Here is more reading (written by me) that will help to direct you along this path.
We all need to be able to relax, but it can be done naturally too:
(The above is one page of natural living tips, several more are given here - see below. There are even more than these, but it would be too much to list them all here. So, to see the others, when you are reading one of them, just go to my profile page and you will see more of them there like "How To Be A Good Neighbor"; "Green Crafts"; "How To Have An Old-Fashioned, Yet Green Wedding"; "Being Natural"; "You Can Be Green"; "Tired, Stinky Feet" and more.)

There are quite a few other good writers here so take a look around at the other authors to find more, helpful pages about living a more natural life.

Here is another one that I wrote that features some healthy and delicious recipes to feed your family naturally. Many of these naturally yummy recipes came about because of what is grown in my organic gardens:

Reasons to Make Natural Products

Many of us in our family have sensitive skin and other sensitivities... so I make quite a bit of what we use.
I grow as many of my own herbs and flowers that I use (for food and for bath & body use) as is possible - organically, of course !
Some things like organic vanilla... I do have to buy as it does not grow here.

I then did a bunch of research to see what things were wonderful for our skin issues and played around with various formulas to get it just right for us.

Other folks liked what I made and wanted some to try and then kept coming back for more - and thus my little business was born.

You can read more about the whys and how... of some of my methods in my other webpages by clicking on/looking at my profile to see my other pages.

The manufacturing and using of the fake stuff can not only hurt our skin, but it can hurt our planet as well. The scary ingredients get into our air and our water - not to mention that we breathe in too much dreadful pollutants as well.
Please think about what you are using and what happens when it is unleashed onto the planet.

So, Do You Know What the Word Natural Means ?

When you see the word "natural" on a food or a product label or in a TV commercial... - do you really know how to tell what's true ?

Did you know that most of what is sold at farmers' markets is NOT organic as so many seeds these days are GMO and the produce was grown conventionally with chemical fertilizers and chemical pest control... ?
Some of the growers are organic though so ask how they do things and you will get an idea of which are which.

Does "natural" equal organic ?

Does "natural" equal healthy ?

Many things are allowed to be called "natural" by law, but they are FAR from what most folks would consider NATURAL if they knew the whole truth.

Some companies purposefully make this a tough thing to know which is a shame.

What are they hiding ?

Why can't they just be honest ?


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