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How to Pick a Political Candidate

Updated on January 14, 2016

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Standards for a Politician

How do you pick a political candidate, whether they are running for the President of the United States, Governor of your State, or the local Sherrif? I can't believe in this day and age, there isn't a grading system that provides information about how well a politician serves the people.

There is no grading scale, no stats to say whether someone is doing the right things for the country. And the problem I have with the whole thing is I don't trust anything I hear or read because it's all "spin". Rush Limbaugh spins, Hannity Combs spins, ABC evening news spins, NBC spins, CNBC spins, Katie Couric spins, Fox of course spins, they all spin, so who's telling the truth. Probably everyone, but their telling the part of the truth you want to hear.

So what do you do? You need facts and figures people can't spin, you need a plan when voting, and below I have put together some thoughts on how this plan might work.

How do you know I'm not spinning? You don't, since websites spin too. But, I will tell you I have voted for George Bush three times, Ross Perot, Barrack O'Bama and I can't tell you why I picked one over the other. Definitely not because one is Republican or Democrat. I vote more on the ideals of a candidate.

Rule 1 - Are you managing the debt?

This is one of the first questions I ask when I look at a candidate. Are you managing my money, and one aspect I can measure is are you taking on debt? And I can measure this everywhere, at the National level, state level, county, city, school district, forest preserve, you name it, the question I have for my politician, are you managing my money?

If the debt has increased while you have been in office, then the answer is NO, your not managing your spending. Anyone who has spent way too much on credit cards knows that you can't do that for long without paying for it somewhere down the line.

The US is in trouble and so are a lot of states, counties, cities, and school districts. In my opinion, its time for a change, for someone who is going to DO something and not just talk about it.

Rule 2 - Are you a lemming?

I want politicians that are not afraid to speak about what is right versus what is wrong, and when I see party line votes, well, I have to believe that you are a lemming. I didn't vote for you to follow the herd, I voted for you to represent me, and that means doing what's best for the country. Yes, you'll probably vote with your leaders quite often, but there had better be occasions when you don't.

Rule 3 - Don't spend my money on yourselves

I understand that you have expenses. However, when I see excessive spending on yourselves, then I have to wonder if your the right candidate for me. For example, if you vote yourself a different pension plan than what you offer the rest of the country, then how do I trust you? The government can't have its own pension plan when everyone else has Social Security. And while I'm on this subject, you better use the health care plans your setting up for the US. Having a different plan doesn't give me much trust in what you are doing. And the one that irks me the most are these government pensions. Government pensions should be abolished, instead, they should go to a 401k type of system which can then be rolled into an IRA once they leave office. They should contribute the money themselves and invest it themselves as well. I'm fed up with government officials getting a lifetime benefit after being in office for 1 year or 3 years or 5 years.

Rule 4 - Run Good Commercials about Yourself

In the 2010 Illinois Governor's race, the Quinn campaign has a political ad where they attack the Republican candidate because as they say in the commercial, he doesn't pay any federal taxes on his 78,000 a year state representative salary. There are many deductions which would allow someone making 78,000 a year to not pay federal taxes. The three big ones, Mortgage Interest, Real Estate Taxes, and the Child Credit. These three alone usually wipe out any federal taxes owed without using an accountant.

In 2014, Quinn is at it again, stating Rauner doesn't pay any taxes on the money he makes. My advice to Quinn is to change the laws so that he does, but you can't blame the guy for doing something the law says he can do.

The point is, if the Quinn campaign is using deceiving tricks to try and win my vote, then they are probably deceiving me with everything else they are saying, and I just won't vote for someone like that. I don't want a car salesman to be my governor, I want someone who will tell me what they stand for.

What criteria do you use to vote?

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