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Recycled Awards

Updated on February 13, 2015

Awards from 100% Recycled Glass & More!

Weisenbach Recycled Products creates a full line of unique and beautiful glass awards that are made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass.

We gather the glass from our employees and from local bars and restaurants in Columbus, Ohio. We collect the empty bottles, clean them, crush them and melt them down so our glass artist can make them into one-of-a-kind works of art.

Handcrafted & Proudly Made in the USA.

ReAward Icons
ReAward Icons

Introducing Our New ReAward® Icon

Give your recognition program a unique look with the ReAward® Icon Series. These exclusive, all-custom trophies are crafted from your choice of recycled / reclaimed material.

Your custom icon has a set-off shape mounted to a self-standing recycled steel frame, along with a handsome laser-engraved plate. No two pieces will ever be quite the same, because they are designed exclusively for you.

Choose your shape, made from your choice of recycled glass composite, recycled cast iron, or recycled circuit board. We offer standard shapes (Ohio, Texas, Recycle Symbol) as well as custom shapes.

Award size is approximately 11" H x 8" W x 3-1/2" D

Exclusively from Weisenbach Recycled Products. Call us today to create your custom ReAward® Icon!


ReAwards are made from 100% recycled glass
ReAwards are made from 100% recycled glass | Source

Round ReAward® Glass Discs

100% Recycled Glass - Made in the USA

The most popular of our recycled glass awards and each hand-made exclusively for Weisenbach Recycled Products, the ReAward® Round Award is made in the USA from 100% recycled bottle glass.

These lovely, hand-crafted round awards are available in your choice of three colors, green, blue or clear, and are also available in three sizes, small (5-6"), medium (7-8") and large (9-10").

Every award is custom etched by hand at our art studio in Columbus, Ohio. Our artists can add your logo, design and text of your choosing. Beautiful color-fill can also be added to the etch (gold, silver, copper, blue, black or red color-fill available).

Each piece comes with an easel for quick and easy display of these gorgeous, eco-conscience awards.

Please visit to see the full line of recycled glass awards.


Jewel ReAwards® Make a Lasting Impression

A Gem of an Award

These recycled glass awards will be deeply appreciated and be proudly displayed, leaving a lasting impression.

A gorgeous, light-catching glass award that is hand-crafted by our local artist from 100% post-consumer recycled glass collected from Columbus, Ohio bars & restaurants.

This gem of an award has a wide, heavy base that allows it to stand alone. It's available in 2 different sizes, small (5" tall) and large (7" tall). Both sizes are about 1" thick.

Call us at 800-778-5420 to order yours. You'll love working with our friendly sales staff and they will make sure your award it is just right for you.

See our full line of recycled glass at

Jack Hanna with Trophy Cup
Jack Hanna with Trophy Cup

Recycled Glass Trophies

100% Post-Consumer Recycled Glass

Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, displays the "Jungle Jack Conservation Cup". This was the first trophy cup created from 100% post-consumer bottle glass. The Conservation Cup is an annual golf tournament that takes place at Safari Golf Club in Columbus Ohio, with proceeds from the event benefiting the Conservation Endowment Fund. The names of the tournament winners are engraved on a wooden base that the trophy cup is displayed on.

Weisenbach Recycled Products is now offering these hand-crafted trophies for sale to the general public! The hand-crafted trophy cups are available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large) and in 2 different colors (green or blue). Order yours with custom sand-blast etching to promote your big event. The trophy cup that Jack Hanna is holding in the photograph features our optional gold color-fill.

Trophy cups are just the beginning. Our website is your online catalog of recycled and environmentally preferable products featuring:

* promotional products made from recycled plastic recycled paper and recycled tire rubber

* a full line of awards made from recycled glass

* certificate frames made from obsolete circuit boards, reclaimed barn wood OR wood pallets

* printing with soy inks on recycled & FSC certified paper.

* an amazing variety of custom-printed pens and pencils made from recycled materials.

* recycled paperboard hand fans

Visit to see it all!

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    • RecycledProducts profile image

      RecycledProducts 2 years ago

      Thanks @TedSmith575. Indeed, our trophies and awards are all hand made and can be customized with etching or trophy plates, depending on the type of award that you choose. We can even do custom shapes with the Icon awards. Please give us a call at 800-778-5420 if you have more questions.

    • TedSmith575 profile image

      TedSmith575 3 years ago

      I really like how there are awards made from 100% recycled glass! I didn't know that that was possible. Are these trophies, custom made? I would love to get my young soccer team, that I coach, trophies like this.

    • RecycledProducts profile image

      RecycledProducts 5 years ago

      @signexpert: Thank you very much!

    • signexpert profile image

      Hubpages Sucks 5 years ago from Alaksa

      This is an original it.

    • ziggyzane profile image

      ziggyzane 5 years ago

      Cool ideal.

    • RecycledProducts profile image

      RecycledProducts 5 years ago

      @SgtCecil: Thanks Sgt. Cecil!

    • SgtCecil profile image

      Cecil Kenmill 5 years ago from Osaka, Japan

      Awesome lenses! Keep up the great work!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

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    • profile image

      PromoPens 6 years ago

      They look really good, I like the idea of making them into one-of-a-kind works of art as awards.

    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 6 years ago

      So excellent! This is exciting. Congratulations on featuring this great idea

    • RecycledProducts profile image

      RecycledProducts 6 years ago

      @gemwow: Thank you! It is a lot of hard work. We've been working at it since 1989. Our small, dedicated staff of 16 people are committed to doing the job right. The keys to our success have been honesty...doing what we say we are going to do and sticking by it, and flexibility...changing with the times and the willingness of our staff to wear a lot of different hats.

      We're glad you've liked us!

    • profile image

      gemwow 6 years ago

      This is pretty interesting and thanks for sharing. I just wonder how you really could make such wonderful products from recycle things and penetrate the market? Hope to hear more soon. Cheers!