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Returning bottles "Can" Make a Difference!

Updated on May 5, 2015

Who wants to help Make-A-Wish come true?

Several years ago my cousin had a friend in high school that was not expected to make it to graduation. At that time the Make-A-Wish foundation stepped in and to quote a Fraze "granted her wish."

Her wish was to meet the musical group U2. At the time they were in a different country. The Make-A-Wish foundation told her that she and a friend could pack their bags and fly over to that country and meet them. She took my cousin with her. With this said they both flew out and spent some time in another country meeting and enjoying time with U2.

It turned out that she did not make it to graduation and the commencement was in her memory.

So where am I going with this you wonder? And why did I associate it with bottles and cans...

I am glad you asked.

Some states will have a bottle return policy of a nickle per can.

The important question is...


Image -

look at this can and think, where will this go? - What will it become?


Look what someone made. - This was taken at the bottle return location around the corner.

Its Plane What People Will Do With Cans
Its Plane What People Will Do With Cans

Someone tossed this away... - Droped along the road side.

Tossed Away
Tossed Away

Or will you return it? - Taken at a local Wal-Mart

Taken With Permission
Taken With Permission

At work people thought I was strange."OK stranger than usual" - I would spend my lunch time and break times walking the floor and picking cans and bottles out o

Trash Picker
Trash Picker

After one week I would have enough to do a small shoping trip. - There was an average of $20.00 per week.

What I Got with $20.00
What I Got with $20.00

In time that "Can" really add up.

Cash In Hand
Cash In Hand

After all that here is the reason for this page.

I found that after a while that there were organizations that my company was doing fund raisers for . The nice thing is that any money that was raised would be matched by them. I approached management and asked if we could get some bins set up with signs for people to return the bottles and cans to. I agreed to be the one to do the returns and to turn the money in at the end of the month.

Three great thins that have happened this year.

1) From just the bottle return we are already over $500.00 and that is before the matching.

2) There is a bottle return location near me that will count them and had over the cash.

3) They have a coupon in one of the local papers that if you bring it in you will get $.06 per returnable.

This will turn one nickel into $.12 for each can that is returned.

With this being said... Before being matched, these are the numbers:


January - $84.02

February - $53.52

March - $67.35

April - $125.75

May - $206.50

June - $154.59

July: $112.41

August - $110.46

September - $82.20

October - $58.63

November - $64.16

December - $126.96

Total for 2012 - $1,246.55

Total after being matched - $2,493.10


January - $190.28

February - $181.87

March - $192.92

April - $117.91

Total for 2013 - $682.98

Total after being matched - $1,365.96

Grand Total - $3,859.06

I do realize that not every nickle "Can" be matched but in the words of my grandfather, "Every little bit helps."

The image shown with this section was gotten from - The Make-A-Wish web site several years ago.

Can Tops
Can Tops

Just when you thought it was over..

Its time to pop your top.

Our local hospital has a fund raiser where they will collect the tabs for their own fund rasing campaign.

This is just something els to make that lonely nickle go a little bit farther.

Now that you have viewed this page, tell me, "Can" you help Make-A-Wish come true?

Help Grant A Wish
Help Grant A Wish

Where do your returnables go? - I realize not every state has this as an option.

Where do your cans go?

See results

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