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The Brutal Reality of Finding a Job

Updated on August 6, 2015

Too blind to see the truth

In this day and age of technology and digital competition, it can be easy to be distracted from any truths that are right in front us. What's happening behind the curtain is a web of unfortunate circumstances. Unemployment. Right as of this moment, the people of America are doing considerably better than at the start of the recession. And statistics show that even now employment is on the rise, and real estate is profitable again although for how long is unforeseeable.

Just this past year I've known people my age who are unemployed and cannot find a job. And I know you ask how is that possible when there are jobs out there? And you would be correct. There are jobs out there. I myself will be unemployed by the end of this week and have been struggling to obtain an interview for a job the past two months. Now that isn't as nearly as long as my friends but since I wasn't aware I would be out of a job it's long enough. These we can't even be certain what the employer wants. What we do know is they want someone experienced. But how does one become experienced when they haven't been given the chance to gain it. Finding the right person with the right qualifications is the goal in their eyes. But what about being "overqualified"? Yes this is a term I'm hearing more and more lately. A term that hasn't been used in some years in the workforce, at least not so often as it is today.

When one is "overqualified" they can fall into a number of categories. They would be too "expensive" to have on the team, or just to make you feel better " you'd feel out of place". Now lets say we go with the first because if we're going to be real, that is the answer. This is why; if you have all this knowledge behind you and you know that you do why would they take on someone who doesn't need to start at minimum wage and someone they can train they way they want things done. Because you see to them you already set in your ways and worth more than they want to pay. How does one become overqualified? Well you're training, past jobs, and even the way you answer those assessments when applying for a new job. Yes, that is correct. What happens when you answer questions is you will be put into a percentage based on your answers. And based on that is whether you are unqualified, not fit, or overqualified.

So how can we compete in this day and age were no one can win? Keep trying and have an impressive resume and cover letter. Don't underestimate the power of either. I just finished taking my Interpersonal Communication class and we learned quite a lot. Keep your resume trim but with all the important information your employer needs to know. Don't put down that you won a golf tournament when you were sixteen and certainly don't lie. You're cover letter should be represent you as a candidate and as a person. I can say from experience these things work and if you know the company and know what they're looking for, use it your advantage and you can expect a call soon. But you need to stay positive. Just as I am trying to do in my strenuous search for a job. Happy Hunting.

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