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Royal flushes – signs of embarrassment or just something that needs to be done?

Updated on July 13, 2014
Seriously; five bob seems too much value to put on a crown these days.
Seriously; five bob seems too much value to put on a crown these days.

Anyone who knows me will probably know that I am not a royalist. My distaste for this anachronistic system of privilege is not restricted to just the British Royal family either.

I see royalty as a construct that is simply another way of enslaving lots of people (mentally). No royal family on this earth is different from any other family save for the fact that it is loaded with cash and possessions and worshipped like a graven idol (idle, more like it) by largely naive people who grew up on fairy stories and still cling to the image they have of royalty from those.

How did these people come to be ‘appointed’ to their current positions? Was it via some kind of ‘divine’ order or were these people actually born better than the rest of us? I’d venture to say that it was by neither of these methods. In fact I would suggest that most achieved their ‘exalted’ position via the spilling of blood and the application of force. I’d love to see evidence that this was not so, but I doubt very much that any could be produced.

That being the case we have a group of people who think they are better than everyone else and whose beliefs along that line are bolstered by a load of sycophants hell-bent on feathering their own nests as a result of their devoted and cringing flattery.

Furthermore these various royal families all have a doctrine that for the most part forbids them to marry ‘commoners’. Sure every so often one of them slips out and grabs a non-royal for their spouse, but given they have been mostly following this dictum for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years, it does not take a genius to realise that they are swimming in a pretty damned shallow gene pool.

That alone should be a big enough wake-up call for most people that so-called royalty are unlikely to be the most perfectly formed human beings. The sound of those banjos should be absolutely deafening, and anyone who has spent any length of time in some of New Zealand’s smaller and more, shall we say, cosy communities will be well aware of what sorts of results such close family ties can produce!

So given this scenario, it is hardly surprising that we come across some very bizarre behaviour from some of the members of these families. However, understanding that they might be genetically disposed to such anti-social acts does not mean that we should let them off with a discharge without conviction when they go too far.

In fact once you take into account that these are just ordinary people (albeit with a fancy title and a fairy tale heritage) I can’t see any reason why they should be treated any better than any of the other foetal alcohol syndrome or in-bred scum that come before our courts on a daily basis.

To let a scuzzy little toe-rag off charges that would have definitely resulted in a criminal record for anyone else his age simply because he has ‘royal blood’ is a stain on our nation that shows we definitely support the idea of one law for the anointed ones and another for all the rest of us. This is even more stupid when you remember that anointment would have been with the blood of other mere mortals.

We are told this little shit couldn’t have a criminal conviction because it might have prevented him from one day taking the throne. I doubt it; he seems to just help himself to whatever he wants anyway if this latest incident is anything to go by! And in any case what sort of numpty would actually want a person such as this as their leader, titular or otherwise?

If we are to overlook a drunk driver who was loaded with more than twice the adult limit of alcohol while actually not even being an adult, then we are saying it is okay to go out and risk the lives of others as long as you are part of some sort of royal family, and despite your privileged situation it’s okay to steal the belongings of someone less privileged than yourself just because you can.

I realise some parallels might be drawn over my last comment with the situation where governments rob us blind, but I would contend that at least with them there is a veneer of fairness with voters making a choice and legislation in place to enable these acts.

In this case there is no law that says this person has to be let off; it happened because he faced a stupid cow of a judge who (as a friend recently pointed out) even has PC as her initials and who has already let a kiddie fiddler have name suppression. That was the comedian who violated his own kid in the marital bed which I think is a very bad joke on all of us; and this same hand-wringer also gave home detention to another scumbag called Darren Murphy Fidow who attacked an 82 year old lady in her own home while on parole or bail.

Hopefully the CPS will appeal this latest manifestly inadequate outcome as they did over Fidow's attack on the old lady and this little slug will be dealt with in an appropriate way which includes a criminal conviction and some kind of meaningful penalty to go with it.

Meanwhile the best we can hope for regarding Philippa Cunningham is that she gets shunted away to some obscure tribunal where her ‘judgments’ will be largely irrelevant since it would appear the only way she could be sacked would be if she was to shoot the Attorney-General.


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