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Sandra Fluke

Updated on August 23, 2012

Woman's Rights Activist Or Obama's Lackey?

Forget all the slut comments, let’s talk and focus on why we keep hearing about Sandra Fluke.

Who Is She?

She was a 23 year old random Georgetown law student that got drug into the media by Rush Limbaugh, for testifying on behalf of the new victim class right?

Wrong. She wasn't even 23 years old; she is actually 30 years old. Prior to her attending Georgetown she was an active women’s right advocate. She was the former president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice. She had reviewed the school’s insurance policy prior to accepting admittance to the school. She joined the school with the predetermined drive to battle the school’s policy. Then surprise, surprise she appears on Capitol Hill to testify. Now we have the pleasure of seeing her on the news again. Why you may ask? Because this was all just a big ploy to take the attention off of Obama’s assault on religious freedom.

Interestingly enough, just as a side note, Fluke opened a Twitter account not long after Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut”. Guess who the first 5 people were that she followed… Give up? She followed Rachael Maddow, Ed Schultz, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and Michael Moore. Now for those of you who didn’t know or forgot, Ed Schultz was the one that called Laura Ingraham a “slut” and also said that Sarah Palin set off a “bimbo alert”. Do you find it a little odd that a woman who is for women’s rights and was so appalled for being called that would follow another person who degrades women as well? Here was her reaction to Rush, “Initially you’re stunned but then, very quickly, you’re outraged because this is historically the kind of language that is used to silence women”.

Here are some things you need to ask yourself before you say that she is just standing up for women’s rights:

1. Why haven’t they asked her about her being the former president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice?

2. Why haven’t they questioned her claim about the cost for contraception she quoted before Congress?

3. Why haven’t they asked why she was brought before Congress in the first place?

Let’s take a look at some of the issues that Fluke is pushing down our throats.

1. She believes that it is discrimination deserving of legal action if “gender reassignment” surgeries are not covered by employer provided health insurance.

2. She wants mandated coverage of contraceptives provided through health insurance.

3. Family-based employment benefits for civil unions, domestic partnerships or co-habitation.

So, as you can see, Sandra Fluke is not what she is being sold as. Instead she is a liberal activist pushing some rather radical ideas. Keep that in mind as the media holds her up in the spotlight.


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    • daskittlez69 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from midwest

      Thanks for stopping by Cogerson. It is amazing how the media portrays different people in their stories. A little bit of research can crack right through their b.s. though.

    • Cogerson profile image


      6 years ago from Virginia

      Excellent hub on Sandra Fluke.....I just learned many things from your hub.....this was a story that I was only vaguely aware of ....but now you have been able to fill in the blanks. Thanks for sharing....I can see why this is one of your featured hubs on your profile page. Voted up and awesome.


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