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Should All Firearms be Banned?

Updated on January 7, 2013

Gun control - Should guns be banned all together? Well, of course not. Why? Well, first of all, our constitution gives us Americans the right to own firearms. You would think it would end there, but of course it doesn’t.

The U.S. Government is a Spin Machine
You see, the U.S. governmental spin machine along with the media would like you to believe that guns are the cause for crime, but as you have probably heard, it’s people that kill, and it is! Don’t believe me? Let me give you some factual information.

Proof that Banning Firearms Does NOT Work
In 1987, Michael Ryan went on a mass shooting spree in Hungerford, England, killing 16 people and wounding another 14 people before killing himself, keep in mind one of the fatalities was his own mother. Since the gun control laws were so stringent, and the public was unarmed as were police, Ryan continued roaming the streets firing at will for EIGHT HOURS after the rampage began before ANYONE could find a firearm!

The Michael Ryan story is just ONE of many horror stories associated with gun control in England. Okay, on to Australia.

Gun Control Failure in Australia
In 1996, after the Dunblane Massacre in which Martin Bryant killed 35 people and wounded 21 others using two semiautomatic rifles, the Australian government imposed the National Firearms Agreement. This agreement included a forceful buy-back of firearms and banned all semiautomatic rifles as well as semiautomatic and pump-action shotguns. In this buy-back/ban, more than 631,000 firearms were destroyed.

Going forward from here, if you wanted a firearm in Australia, you had to apply and had to have a “good” reason. For example, protecting your crops from animals and for hunting; PAUSE! Is self preservation not a “good” reason?

Well, anyway, the positive impact of the National Firearms Agreement was small at best as found by a study conducted by Peter Reuter and Jenny Mouzos in 2003. Basically, they found that firearms homicides declined by 3.2%. However, homicides by handguns went up sharply; and only ONE out of 117 gun homicides between 1996 and 1997 were from the use of a registered gun. All I can say is, Australia, thank you for the experiment!

Where Would You Feel Safer…
Think about this. Where would you feel safer, out at the mall where people with licenses can legally conceal and carry firearms (in some states), or in a prison where firearms and weapons all together are banned? I think you know the answer to this one. In prison, inmates kill each other daily with “shanks” made from tooth brushes and with bars of soap packed into pillow cases. But can you ban soap?...tooth brushes? No! If you do, these criminals will STILL find a way to kill each other.

A Simple Test to Help You Realize the Importance of Firearms for Law-Abiding Citizens
Okay, forget your current stance on firearms for a moment. Let’s create a real-life scenario and go from there. You are at home with your children getting ready for bed, an intruder enters your home would you A) choose to have a firearm or B) pass on having a firearm?

Why is the Government after Our Firearms Anyway?
The real issue or question to ask might be, WHY is the government trying to slowly ban firearms through gradualism? Regardless of what you may think, they are, just do the research. Is there a bigger agenda maybe? I think so.

Germany Created Situations to Seize Control
Take a look at history. When governments have wanted to take control, they create situations in which they can seize control or spin the facts. After all, let’s face it; the government is the greatest spin machine ever! And it feeds the media perfectly packaged information that they then send out to the masses. In other words, there is a huge disconnect between what we hear happened, and what actually happened, or what we hear the goal is, and what the goal actually is. It’s usually not until years later that we usually get the truth.

Want examples, remember Hitler and the arson at the Reichstag, this allowed the Nazi’s to take control, but of course the smoke and mirrors didn’t all stop there. He also faked a Polish invasion to provide the world with a reason to invade Poland.

All of this leads us back to, gradualism; which is defined as slow, incremental steps used by governments to get from point A to point D. So, always think a few steps ahead, ask yourself, where is this REALLY headed?

Do you agree with banning all firearms?

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    • ryano123 profile image

      Elvis Jackson 5 years ago from All around the world!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading! I will check out your hub and follow you. I'm a newbie!

      Yes, what's going on in this country is scary...and the sheep just fall for it all!

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California

      I agree with your hub.

      In addition, all this hype on gun control is a red herring.

      Gun control isn't going to significantly reduce violent crimes.

      That is why I wrote a hub on what I believe is the root cause of violent crimes, the gangs.