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Tony Blair for President?

Updated on January 28, 2010

Tony Blair runs for European Presidency

I've been hearing on the news alot about former UK prime minister Tony Blair running for president of Europe. At first I didn't pay alot of attention and then it dawned on me, "Tony Blair President of Europe!", bad idea. Then I thought of a few good reasons why he shouldn't.

All the reasons he shouldn't become EU president

Reason number one

Iraq war. Why did he send British troops to Iraq? Where are the weapons of mass destruction? The invasion of Iraq was never approved by UN and it boggles me why they (Blair and Bush) arent being tried as war criminals. 

Reason number two

Remember that "cash for honours" scandal? Peerages are titles of nobility in Britain and can be passed down on a hereditary basis. Titles include Duke, Baron etc. Blair would sell these to rich business men in order to fund the Labour party. Guess what, he got away with that too!

Reason number three 

Rubbish reforms. Blair reformed almost everything he could get his hands on. He wasted money on the NHS, ended up blaming the employees. The education system now sucks with the highest  rate of under performing students. Do I need to go on?

Reason number four

Illegal immigrants. It has been at its all time high. The system has been loosened up to allow more immigrants to have citizenship leaving the government to deal with various issues including fraud, equality rights and social isolation.

What will Blair do for Europe?

At the moment many European countries have a problem with north African refugees seeking asylum at their borders. The UK currently have a problem with the refugees in France being smuggled through the ports. Mostly by sneaking into the back of lorries. If he couldn't control it then what makes him think he can control that now?

Should I even get into the current recession crisis? He could've helped by regulating loans in the UK, can he fix what he helped start?

What are your views on this touchy subject. I'm no politician and I can't see any clear reason to make Tony Blair President of the EU.

Take the poll and gimme your comments.

Take the poll!

Would Blair make a good EU President?

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    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

      I had to read it and yes this pair, well there is much to that I'm sure we may never know. Blair needs to go back to well..any place besides politics. Hopefully he and Bush are playing a quiet AND LESS HARMLESS game of hunt something, maybe they will sharp shoot like a certain VP, oopps did I say that. Great and Informative Hub! Peace :)

    • KevCC profile image

      KevCC 8 years ago

      No way! I once read about three people on opposing sides of a disagreement all left a meeting with Tony Bliar (not a typo) convinced he was on their side. Snake oil salesman.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      I agree with you. He is bad candidate with many reason like you said above.