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some mornings this is how I wake, with too much to dream screams in my head

Updated on January 6, 2015

so we have this social platform where everything can be shared

with others

we live in a country where corruption has once again run rampant but continue to express pride because those with the most to lose if we question it tell us we must be proud or we don't belong

(get angry, say it mean, sometimes just getting along is another way of keeping your head down)

but instead of instigating change we share pictures of cuddlies

yet satire and sarcasm keep creeping in

the stain around the edge of the white

riddling all we express

it can't be stopped

the only question is

how long will we continue to be sheep

(cheap for thrills, product, and life)

sheered for profit

(do you ever wonder why only visionaries who produce profit are lauded in these days as heroes?)

used to be the age of the lottery

still is

“you might be the lucky one

to join the exalted


the corrupt

look around

pay the cheapest, then wonder why

neighbors are losing their homes

work two jobs

live off money you don’t have

(credit to those who speculate)

To train more sheep

“this is the way you do it

you might get lucky

become one of the exalted few”


let’s redefine what’s right

our rights

human rights

our forefather’s spoke other words

in a different world

than those we’re told today

and we’ve seen this place before

where we fought

for new rights

to many give peace a chance

means acquiescence

(lived that life)

heads in the sand

sometimes it means war

(lucky enough to have a father to teach me to stand up and fight)

name your own enemy

aim for what’s right

whispers of our ancestors


in our ears

heed their words

listen to what they say


is not what’s left in our pockets when we play another’s game




or our children will pay

one hand fills with water

the other fills with dust

clasp hands to create

or let fall to one trust

the earth speaks

louder than we can hear

trade is our coin

for all that is real

(doesn’t make it so)

changes when you see the police as an army

no longer a force to fear

parades of violence



there’s nothing racial about it

simply class warfare

one side against another

political confusion obfuscates

speaks lies for what you see

where the line is drawn

not in the dirt where you’re told

but in the air

effervescent upon the wind

look inside

heal the corruption

seal or purge the cancer



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