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Birth Control Rights

Updated on July 3, 2014

The Problem

So I am seeing all over Facebook and on the news that a Supreme Court ruling has given employers the ability to deny their female workers the new birth control benefits that are supposed to be offered in the Affordable Care Act. The reason that the employers want this ability is so that they can force religion on their workers by denying them what is looked down upon by their beliefs. (Get more info where I did, Planned Parenthood.)

Risks of NOT Covering Birth Control

Birth control pills are not only used to prevent pregnancy, but these days they are also used to regulate a woman’s period and help them with the pains of cramps and blood loss. The way a birth control pill works is that it thins the uterine wall and breaks down the nutrients that would be there in order to keep a fertilized egg healthy. The blood that comes out during a woman’s "Time of Month" happens because the uterine wall begins to contract and shake off the egg, as well as the old nutrients, in order to replenish them with new nutrients and a new egg. If birth control stops the egg from going through and stops the nutrients from forming, there is less pain and less blood. Some women have a period with agonizing cramps and enough blood loss to earn them a trip to the hospital. The cost of a birth control packet can be about $15-$50 each. So for example, let's say it is $50 a packet. That would be $50 for every month a women needs birth control, adding up to about $600 a year, and that means that by denying it, a company would save thousands a year at your expense.

Now, (and again I hope you see this Hobby Lobby people) if the woman gets sick, because she doesn't have birth control, then that means you might be paying even more money to cover their other medical expenses, as well as their medical leave when they're about to go into labor if they do get pregnant... So in the end, is it really worth it?

Personal Experiences

Some women require Birth Control in order to actually GET PREGNANT. Surprised? Well, think about it this way -- the name of it is "Birth Control," not "Birth Stopper" or "Birth Prevention". I personally know someone who went to the doctor's after attempting several times to have a baby with a failing result. The doctor told her that because her period causes too much blood loss and because the time between them is too short, she needed to be on the pill for at least 3 months before she would be regulated again. I am happy to inform my readers that since then she has had a child who has just recently turned 2 years old and is quite healthy. Another person that I know personally is my fiancée and her half sister, whom both were in a great deal of agonizing pain since the time their period would start until the time it would end, and those periods sometimes lasted for several days longer than they were supposed to. Since they both have been prescribed Birth Control, their periods are almost completely painless and only last 2-3 days.

Some facts about an irregular period, some of its symptoms, and some available treatments can be found here.

Additional Health Information

There are also other health benefits to taking Birth Control Pills; some that may actually surprise you. Before I go into those details, however, I would just like to say that none of this is reason to purchase Birth Control, or any other medicine for that matter, without first speaking with your doctor as it is always a good idea to make sure that your body will not reject it in any way. Birth Control has been proven to protect against some of the Life Threatening Cancers out there. The risks of both endometrial and ovarian cancer could decrease by about 40 percent in the first few years, and then the odds decrease even further by more than 70 percent after about 12 years. It also helps to maintain clearer skin, because of the estrogen that is released as a result of taking the pill (some forms of contraceptive will clear up outbreaks in only a couple of months). One more health risk that is prevented by contraceptives is a condition called Endometriosis. Endometriosis causes the tissue that the uterine lining is made of to grow in other pelvic areas, which it can cause severe pain and permanent infertility. Birth Control Pills prevent this growth of tissue from occurring in the long run, so that some day in the future a women would be more able to have a child when she is ready.

More information.

Hobby Lobby

I have been reading some posts from my personal friends on Facebook, one who posted a link to Huffington Post, which explains how one company in particular has already taken full advantage of this exception to the rules. After finding out that part of the ACA stated they had to allow health benefits to cover contraceptive for women employees, the owners of craft store, Hobby Lobby, and a wood manufacturer in PA, known as Conestoga Wood Specialties, argued that the ACA was forcing them to violate their own religious rights. I personally see what they are doing to be hypocritical, because in doing so, they force their religion on their workers, which violates their individual right to freedom of religion. Now, for the really odd part... The company still wishes to provide Viagra pills and pumps for men to be able to stiffen up a bit better, and their excuse for this is that it promotes procreation and that it is not being done for sexist or hypocritical reasons. However! (and I sincerely hope that someone from Hobby Lobby sees this) I want to know why it is they do not seem to care at all if a man has a vasectomy... that stops him from having kids, doesn't it? And, as one man commented on the Huffington Post, if the tables were turned and they were trying to make the men do without their vasectomies, then it wouldn't have even been considered.


Our Rights

One of my greatest passions where politics is concerned is the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Religion. I don’t know what religion you are, but if someone tried taking away your right to practice that religion, then how would you feel about it? Isn’t it hypocritical of Hobby Lobby to not allow their employees to have their freedom of religion? Is it because they think their religion is more important than any of ours? Well, another thing we have the freedom to do is protest, express your anger and displeasure with what is being done, take back your rights, and don’t let the government walk all over you.

Your Rights?

Do you feel as though rights are being violated?

See results

What Can Be Done

Hey, here’s an idea! Since its part of Satanism to sacrifice human animals and humans, let’s legalize that! But only for the Satanists of course… would that be acceptable? I doubt it, but someone goes asking to deprive someone of their legal rights for the sake of making babies, that gets approved? Well, how about this… lets force Hobby lobby to give all of their workers equal benefits, and let’s not make any exceptions for anyone! If you would like to do something to make a difference and speak up for your rights, please go to my friend's Facebook group “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. She is very nice and only wants to make a change for the better, and she is willing to fight for your rights, and shouldn't you be too? Maybe we can get a good protest going and take a walk through Washington!

You can also comment and follow this posting, where I will keep you up to date if we get anything going. Who knows, we might very well change history!

Do you agree with my points? Please tell me!

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    • Warren Curtis profile image

      Warren Curtis Daniels Jr 3 years ago from Buffalo, New York

      Good points!