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Occupy Wall Street Protestors Get What They Want. What Do They Want?

Updated on December 2, 2014

What Are Your Demands?

New York is a pretty exciting place to be when you are born in raised in small town, Indiana and what is considered "Middle-town America". Living as a New Yorker for only eight years I have experienced some personal historic moments. President Obama sitting at the traffic light as I waited to cross, or the World Trade Center Memorial being reconstructed before my eyes and even celebrity sightings, yet those are personal things.

Occupy Wall Street began on September 17th, I wanted to run down there and jump right in the action. This feeling was not personal, this was bigger than me, this was a movement for humanity. It continues as an innovative movement and since it's beginning it has inspired mock protests from Chicago to Denver to Houston and yes it goes further into international territories like London. Finally someone was going to stand up to those Washington war criminals, those greedy bankers and bickering politicians. I began making my cardboard sign immediately, getting ideas from my blogs from people who could not make it to NYC. I planned to march right alongside the thousands of others who represented the famous 99%. I knew this was it. I knew this was a cause I could go out and support, and I did. I arrived on the 28th day to distribute snacks to the protestors who had camped out the night before in the rain. Even though there we many donations, I still felt compelled to give something. My sign screamed the words, "A Beautiful Rebellious Sight to See, Humanity Demanding to be Free". The recent execution of Troy Davis, a black man who was falsely accused of murdering a white police officer twenty years ago in Georgia, was fresh in the public's eye. The financial meltdown, the housing crisis, the national debt and Wall Street / Automobile Industry bailouts, all on the minds of all who gathered. Where are the people's Bailout?, I screamed. They would understand the analogy of taking advantage of hard working Americans, robbing us of our simple freedoms and rights. Deep down something inside told me that this would be more difficult than any of us could imagine. The road would be long and with the up coming elections, it was bond to get worse before it turned in our favor permanently.

Yet, the excitement of freedom and the tension of Big Brother is watching made the air thick and airless. It felt like smog had just came down and stood in front of us, it wasn't moving and neither were we. Until when? With a threat to be evicted from Liberty Park, OWS had just scored a victory to postpone the "cleanup" that was scheduled for 7am that morning. Mayor Bloomberg decided late to "indefinitely" allow us to remain. This was a great relief and it became a celebration for "remaining in the square". Soon the burning question revisited me. "What is it that we want?" . This time by someone curious, not part of the protest but wanted to ask the question. He approached me and ask, "why are you here?". Another young fellow from who traveled all the way from Pennsylvania asked who was in charge, and expressed that he wanted to do something BIG. I agreed and discussed what "they should do". I gave a few words of encouragement but was disturbed that I could not direct him to the person he was looking for.


No clear leader, who held no bull horn, addressing the assembly only from the people's mic. I soon became a human echo for thousands who stood behind me. Yes I was vocal, I shouted out repeating the words of the speaker. this method of communication also gave me the power to speak and be heard through everyone there. It was powerful. I can only imagine when it gains more solid direction and it will be very important to have a speaker who can articulate and voice clear instructions. I was vocal with the people's mic, and jamming with the drummers who all played their own tune. Occasionally they meshed a soulful beat in unison and with my voice piercing through it was a beautiful feeling to be among others who were revolutionaries. The energy marveled some construction workers who veered into the park's entrance at Liberty and Cedar streets. Even near by police officers who watched protestors from the curbs were in a seemingly calm mood. I climbed a top a bench and stood there holding my sign. Many photographers immediately surrounded me and began to snap pictures of my sign. My black hat with a silver sparkling peace sign was a symbolic touch. I was proud to be a part of this movement even if I did not know who was in charge, to me I was in charge. I began to answer questions about why OWS exists, a little elderly lady asked what is OWS all about? I told her. Another gentleman approximately 26 years, looked to be an attorney or white collar approached and asked why i was there, I told him. That's when it hit me. It's really genius to give others power by using ones own power. No demands just an expression, a model, a metaphor for, no individuals. no ego's, no capitalism, no exploiting. This was a rare statement about the state of the union and about the facts and the undeniable fact that we are all ONE. OWS began with one person who came to NY with forty bucks and a backpack, and no fare home. Soon one turned into thousands and I was among them, believing I was making a difference for the future. All of us who had a common problem of the blatant injustices being bestowed upon us, were representing the millions whose voices could not be heard. The voices of those who are oppressed and downtrodden, making life up as they went along, and yet so was the Occupy Wall Street Frenzy .


I saw nor heard any clear action as to what exactly would make everyone shut up and go home happy. Others were just there to support and had no clue as to why the real revolution was beginning. When Gil Scott-Herrin said "the revolution would not be televised", he was absolutely correct because in the beginning days of this movement, there was no media in sight. It was as if Big Brother himself broke all the cameras and microphones to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and all other major reporters of the news. Yet now OWS had the front page news, youtube, facebook and twitter all were trending 'occupy wall street'. Is this what they wanted? Media? In a society where reality television has become the number one watched form of entertainment, these "99%" wanted Media coverage. Where You-tube could make people overnight stars for the most minute things? No way! I could not believe these protestors were there only marching for media coverage. Many voiced there disappointment that the media were blacking them out. I wonder now with the new found media sensation can the movement survive the stories that emerge from these efforts. Will media coverage be better or worse for this important movement? My next question is, what can we do ensure that those responsible for our financial crisis and economic depression, will be held accountable and who will ensure that this does not happen again? No one knows. Everyone was there to voice the injustices made by bankers and politicians and unfair housing rates, unemployment, taxes etc, but no one was there saying, what are we going to do to make them change. I agree assembling and opening dialogue is the first step. Yet after the marching and chanting what happens?

I have proposed a few demands of my own and I ask that the occupiers please consider them.

1) A justice department investigation: Hedge Fund Managers and CEOs.Who have benefited from and contributed to the financial crisis.


3) Ban Ultra ring wing tea partiers hypnotic controling and manipulating the GOP lawmakers to the point of gridlock in Washington IE, National Debt and Jobs Bill= MAKE PRESSURE for CONGRESS ACT ON JOBS BILL

My three demands are much different from the other 99% yet these demands will begin the process of having the dialogue necessary to make lawmakers and our nations leaders open their eyes and hearts to the unjust behavior that has been occurring within our system for the past five to ten years.

I look forward to seeing how this all plays out over the next few months and I plan on continuing my support for this movement. It has sparked a movement inside me and I am sure if a regular ole Joe such as myself feels this way, there are so many others who can also feel this powerful energy sweeping across the land. This movement is not associated with the tea party like the media is portraying. Who cares if the Tea Partiers "go after" OWS occupiers, that is their problem. OWS will not get into the politics with those "fake" politicians. OWS is a people's movement unlike the Tea Party. Tea Party wants Americans to fin for themselves, they can care less if the economy recovers, they like it just the way it is, no regulation. They won't admit it. At least OWS is about helping others, giving others a voice, and there own power. They do not disable our beliefs, they have inspired a true belief in the people (99%) and a spiritual belief in humanity. It does rejuvenate, It is good for the human soul. If you have not went down to Liberty Plaza, OH LET FREEDOM RING! WAKE-UP AMERICA!

I am optimistic that the 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement will ultimately find real solutions, it may be too early in the stages to pinpoint where it is going right now to effectively lay these details out. I hope they get started soon before NYPD gets really FED up and begin to act more violently than they have. During my participation, Occupy Wall Street had no police visually being violent nor abusive. Protestors seemed calm and collected with a mission of determination and relentlessness. I don't think they are going anywhere soon. I am a firm believer of the first amendment, but you must have something to say with a solution or some will only come to listen but no one will act.

Death Bets

Bankers and Politicians Making Death Bets for Americans. ~ NO DEAL!
Bankers and Politicians Making Death Bets for Americans. ~ NO DEAL!


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    • poeticmentor profile imageAUTHOR

      Asahda Shavaja Poet of the New Age 

      7 months ago from New York City

      Some ya'll voted for Trump huh? Coming across this article 8 years later..profound.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I feel that people are never aware until it diltrecy afffects them! What do you know about OWS protestors besides what you see them doing on the street, just like us, these people have a story, many of them hold different titles in life. They are not just about camping out in dirty 300 dollar jeans, or updating statues from their new iphones. Those same assumptions is what gets us into trouble in the first place OSW Protestors have valid grievances and are doing what they can to being heard, not only with hopes to raise awarness but also changes. its more than sleeping over at a park and banging on pots. These people have been beaten, arrested and who knows whatelse, so when you say are they willing to be as extreme to lose their lives for the cause and change are you??? These people are putting themselves out there, using personal time from work to be able to go and protest, because they feel anything is better than nothing. Instead of people just pointing out whats wrong in the world and sitting back and letting it collapse in front of their faces. Its all well and good if you are not affected by the problems of society until they come knocking on your door. We need to stand together, state our issues amd demand to be heard, What is so wrong with protesting? its something that has been done for years, how can you just critize with no regard. Whats worst knowing something is wrong and doing NOTHING about it. or Knowing that a change needs to come about and doing what you can to help it along no matter how minimal?? its more than the corporate world, tuition hikes, its the fact that our right to freedom of speech is in danger and that alone deserves a camp out not only on wall street but on all streets!! there is much going on, and being spoon fed to us little by little and we are like children eating the shit up, spitting it out, but still eating the majority of it. Protesting is the beginning, the OWS protestors never said that was the end, nor have they been allowed to state their educated reasoning behind the protest. We all assume, this is going nowhere, that its a waste of time. Well that same mentatlity will have us americans just existing not living in this world. Im sorry I say let them protest. I too plan to take a day off to go be with them, get to know them, and protest with them if only for the right to be heard! There are supporters of the OWS, just have to educate yourselves on who, what, and why.

    • progressivist profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your experience with the Occupy movement. I know that their message seems disorganized, because this is a symptom of a paradigm shift in consciousness. The Occupiers want systemic change, and they are pointing out the symptoms of a broken system. It's not their job to fix it. The people who did wrong know who they are, and know what needs to be done to fix it. The point of the Occupy protests is to put pressure on them to do so.

    • GA Anderson profile image

      ga anderson 

      8 years ago from Maryland

      @poeticmentor - it is a truly great thing to have passion for something. many of us have lost it with age and the wearing of life's burdens. Some unfortunates have never felt it in the first place.

      I believe that's what you experienced, and I'm sure you were excited, but... OWS wasted it's opportunity to make a change when it allowed itself to remain an incoherent mob,

      For example, you spoke of feeling empowered just through repeating the sloganeering of a speaker - but what were you repeating? What did the slogans mean to you?

      You know what that type of behavior looked like to middle America - no message, no organization, no purpose beyond blind repetition, it looked like a mob. Just a mob. Something to endure or deal with - either way, the image was formed and the damage done, never to be undone.

      It seems OWS supporters think this is a unique occasion, a chance to support the "people", well without organization and directed purpose they are just part of a mob - not part of a solution.

      As for the best-guess at what they want? Judging by their rhetoric and class warfare demands - maybe a history lesson from the French revolution might be in order.


    • politicalzealot profile image


      8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      What happens in the next 48 hours is crucial to the OWS movements success. They will either be galvanized by their eviction from Zuccotti Park or they will whither away and become a distant memory.

    • poeticmentor profile imageAUTHOR

      Asahda Shavaja Poet of the New Age 

      9 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Debby, i will keep updating this historical movement. Blessings

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 

      9 years ago

      I'm incredibly proud of the brave and courageous people who have ventured out from their hiding place, from behind meek voices, from covering their eyes or making believe that the government is not playing shady deals or manipulating the media to promote propaganda. Thank you for speaking out and taking action. Blessings, Debby

    • poeticmentor profile imageAUTHOR

      Asahda Shavaja Poet of the New Age 

      9 years ago from New York City

      If I recall correctly, the protest movements in the 60's and 70's started out the same way. Later, most focused on the war in Viet Nam, but a lot of it was much like these young people: "something is wrong and we want it to change". I was these people's age once, we didn't trust "the system" any more than these young folks do, and for the same reason. It was run by the big corporations, known then as "the military-industrial complex", and its main goal was preservation of the system as it was, because it was working for them, not for the people. Funny how some things never change, isn't it?

    • poeticmentor profile imageAUTHOR

      Asahda Shavaja Poet of the New Age 

      9 years ago from New York City

      Thank you for commenting even though I do not agree with your logic. For the record ..truth is,the protestors were peaceful and not an "unruly mob". They have legitimate arguments and concerns for this country. obviously the voting process is corrupt too. at least this is my thinking, along with many others who have tried it and Obama can't win for losing. He's damned if he does, damned if he don't. He is not the ultimate power there is a congress that he has to answer to and last time I checked they were doing everything to undermine his authority. Again this movement is necessary even if they ask for nothing. It's a statement for the 400 people who own 99% of the wealth in this country, to play fair! Nothing wrong with PEACEFUL protesting, that's what our ancestors did and those who founded this country. It does not close doors, I believe it opens them. It stops the Republican v. Democrat rhetoric that perpetually separates this country further.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      9 years ago from America

      No one knew what they wanted because no one knew the truth behind the mobs rhetoric! Banks were forced by the same president screaming "fat cat bankers" to give loans to millions who did not qualify for loans. (its called the fair housing act) They didn't care because the government (democrats) promised them guarantees behind closed doors! We hear daily from the left about these greedy and sloppy bankers but where are "they" exactly? How many millionaire bankers do you really know? ...probably not one... America needs truth, not unruly mobs! We have law and a voting process to change the way things are done! Face it! America made a mistake putting liberal democrats in office. Time to revert BACK to common sense, less regulation, less taxation without representation and get rid of class warfare! In closing, when will the left of this country realize that once they punish the rich with regulation and taxation they have closed the door for themselves to ever gain riches in one of the greatest countries in the world for recognized for achievement?


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