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The Mandela Effect on Society

Updated on August 4, 2016

There are so many strange things going on in society now. How many of you have heard of the Mandela Effect? I recently learned of the Mandela Effect. YouTube is so full of videos that are showing this. How do many of you remember the assassination of JFK? How many people were in the car with JFK? How many of your remember only 4 people in the car? You watch the video of the assassination of JFK now and it is so different. The videos on YouTube show that there is 6 in the car now. They even speculate that Jackie Kennedy killed JFK! I don't remember it that way.

How many remember the video of Star Wars? Who remembers if CPo is gold or has a silver leg? What it said. "Luke, I am your father." or was It "No, I am your father." Those have changed from what we watched. They have changed the script and it is implied that we that believe we saw it one way are wrong. They have changed so many shows scripts. How many remember the movie Forrest Gump? What does he say about a box of chocolates? What about the theme song to Mr Rogers Neighborhood. What was the name of the song? A Song that Doesn't End or something different? Did you "Interview the Vampire?" How about Sally Fields is now Sally Field.

They are changing songs like We are the Champions. Just listen and hear how it has been changed.

How many remember Fruit Loops and now see how it is spelled when you go to the grocery store. How many of you have used Reddi-Whip? Not anymore. How about we that have a cat used to buy Tidy Cat Kitty Litter. No more it is Tidy Cats. I beg of you to look at things that have always been one thing and now it is something else. Look at the Coca-Cola can or bottle next time and see what is wrong with it. There is so many products that have changed. Think of the Ford emblem and was the F just an F or did it look different. What about the VW emblem? Take a look at the Volvo emblem? Look at a kit-kat candy bar?

There are now Bibles that have Trump, Pence, estate, money, and other changes in them. This is in the KJV. Who remembers the Bible saying the Lion and the Lamb? Not any more. It is now the Wolf and the Lamb.

What about the movie quote, "Build It and They Will Come" has now been changed to "Build it and He will Come." What about Jiffy Peanut Butter is no longer Jiffy.

How many people remember "Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall" It is no longer that.

How many people have heard of Nibiru? This is being studied by Bible scholars. So is the change in the Bible verses. The world is changing so fast. Think of how this must be affecting our elderly and what are children are being taught in schools.


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