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Success and the difference it brings

Updated on March 31, 2012
That's what success truly is!
That's what success truly is!
even the baby is happy!
even the baby is happy!

Success is the most precious desire in life. It brings happiness and joy in ones’ life. What can be more beautiful than getting what one wishes for? It appears that all his hard work and undying efforts have paid off.

It boosts up moral confidence and gives an initiative to strive harder for your goal. My teacher once narrated his life experience to me. He told me that when he was in school he used to get the highest marks in his class. This used to give him such internal hype that he used to study twice the limit he did before. It was all natural for him. The mind responds automatically if you are achieving everything. In this way the desire to achieve 1st position again becomes imminent. One can say that the whole body refreshes up in an instant and then you are ready to rock again.

It gives added trust in people around you. They starts trusting you, that whatever you do next will be fruitful too. This is seen in every field. For example take Pakistan’s cricket, whenever Shoaib Akhtar used to bowl the whole crowd starts roaring that something will happen in his over. This is the belief the people had in him. Why? Because he was the most successful bowler and had turned many matches in Pakistan’s favour. Similarly, when a person reaches the rating of 90 in hubpages then there is no looking back as the money that he is receiving is also enormous. On each article the efforts are enormous to uplift it greater than 90 not anything lesser than it, the more money you the better. This is what success it.

Though for some people success can drive the people away from their family and friends. There are many examples that we can see around us especially in the media field. One of this Sadia Imam(a leading TV actress), she thinks that she cannot share her troubles with her family as they are very poor and wouldn’t be able to even understand her problems. She should have a look that they are her parents and they know everything about their children no matter how successful they become.

In the end I will say that success makes the person to believe that the world belongs to him. It induces an electrical feeling inside him that is far greater than any treasure on this universe.


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