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"THIS IS A TEST" A Test Of My Breaking Point System!

Updated on September 18, 2015

The Emergency Breaking Point System !



"THIS IS A TEST" This Is Only a Test of My Breaking Point System !

Lately it has come to our attention as we watch and listen to those horrific stories regarding people taking our kindness for weakness. These stories should not be a shock to us, as each and every one of us has come face to face with the difficulties of having to go through such an event. To those of you who give their livelihood at customer interaction, you are keenly aware of this daunting task. For the life of me, I cannot fully understand why people wish to take you there as we call it in the business. No matter how hard you try to please them, nothing will satisfy them except the irrational ability to push your button. Is there like a clinic out there that specifically teaches you how to push all the right buttons that a person has, or does the person who seeks total inspiration at this practice, watch themselves in the mirror, awaiting your reaction. Where do they find these people? The choices of today by people who are suddenly fed up with all the dog crap you have been dishing out. Should not be one of total and utter amazement, because one time or another we have all been there and done that. I am sure you can find a story deep down inside of you, where you have went out of your way to deliberately piss somebody off, just because maybe you could do it. Sometimes things happen for a reason, as the light of injustice, expose’s our bleak behavior, which is lit up for all to see. We must do better, and we will do better, by adding just a little bit more kindness into the hearts and minds of those you meet throughout the day. Add a little bit of salt and sugar at what the other person might be going through during these troubling times. We view others on display in the news, whose journey from kindness came crashing and tumbling down on us after they gave their GOODWILL at the office and to others around them. Take a look at some of the characters posted on the latest news bulletin.

Kindhearted Man

They say he was a Kindhearted and Giving Man
They say he was a Kindhearted and Giving Man

For Your Kindness- We Shall Relieve You Of !

Because you have been so kind and weak, we shall honor and relieve you of all your worldly possession's to include your car, your home and any other valuables you deem worthy of me taking from you. This has been and shall be the thinking of those whose only intentions are to kick you down further when you’re so kind and generous. So because of this -

TUSTIN - - Police begun their standoff with a man accused of ramming a repo man with a U-Haul truck finally ended eleven hours after it began.

The ordeal began around 2:45 a.m. Wednesday along the 17700 block of Norwood Park Place in an unincorporated part of Tustin and ended when the man surrendered to police at 1:30 p.m.

The shirtless kindhearted suspect , who had recently lost his job and received an eviction notice, came out of his home early Wednesday morning as a tow truck driver was attempting to repossess his private vehicle, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

The man then rammed a rented U-haul vehicle into the tow truck and barricaded himself inside the home, Amormino said.

The tow truck driver was not injured.

Deputies set up a perimeter and evacuated nearby residents as they attempted to coax the man out of his home

Flight Attendant's Breaking Point System"Activated And He 'Flips Out' Deploys Emergency Chute

We have all heard the news - - Flight Attendant's Breaking Point System “Activated and He 'Flips Out' Deploys Emergency Chute

And because you have reached my


The Flight Attendant Shall Immediately 'Flip Out' On You

NEW YORK -- A Jet Blue flight attendant was arrested Monday after he exploded in anger aboard a JFK bound flight, yelled profanities over the jet's intercom, then deployed and slid down the emergency chute, according to officials.

The incident happened as the flight from Pittsburgh arrived in New York. According to passengers, fight attendant Steven Slater and a passenger got into a verbal altercation.

As stunned passengers watched and listened, Slater dropped the F-bomb over the intercom, reportedly saying, "To the passenger who called me a m---f--er, f--- you."

He added, "I've been in the business 28 years. I've had it. That's it."

Investigators say after activating the emergency exit and sliding down to the tarmac, Slater returned to pick up his bag and rode the AirTrain to his car parked the JetBlue lot.

Slater stripped off his company tie and flung it off the train as bemused passengers watched at the Terminal Five stop.

And You Too Can - -

Become Instantaneously Famous After You Flip out When Someone Has Reached

Your Breaking Point System !!
Credit@channel 5 news


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