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Telnyashka Russian Sailor Shirts

Updated on June 19, 2013

Fashionable, comfy, and meaningful

Russian Telnyashka is a symbol of a great military pride and self-confidence for those who wear it. It is a part of the uniform for Russian Naval Infantry - Marines, Russian Airborne Troops - VDV, Special Forces - Spetsnaz, and also for sailors of Military Navy Fleet of Russia - VMF.

The word "Telnyashka" derived from the Russian word "Telo", which means "Body", since it is worn directly on the body without an undershirt.

Telnyashka come in a variety of colors and thickness.

The Colors of Telnyashka

The official color and shade of the stylish stripes are:

Black (depth) - submariners

Dark blue (sea) - Navy and Naval Infantry

Light blue (sky) - VDV paratroopers, GRU Spetsnaz (posing as VDV)

Light green (forests) - Border Troops

Red - OMON and Internal Troops of the MVD

However, you can find pink sailor shirts and other colored striped sailor shirts as well...

Key Dates

Aug. 19, 1874 - The Russian Navy Telnyashka was officially implemented as one of the key attributes of the naval uniform.

In 1912 the stripes got a makeover and became equal widths of 1.1cm (It used to be 1.1cm blue stripes and 4.4cm white stripes).

a cute Telnyashka variation

This dress is made from the real deal... and can be made any length you want!

Telnyashka = "Soul of the sea"


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