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The Warzone Inside Mexico: Veracruz State

Updated on December 23, 2011

Along the serene coast of the Gulf Coast inside Mexico's lush Veracruz State, there is serious cancer eroding this tourist destination: the Zeta and Sinaloa drug cartels. The was between these to cartels for drug related money has murdered 323 people so far, up from 52 last year. If you are local resident, or tourist and you run to the Police for help, you might reconsider. Locally, the police there are so corrupt their nickname is, "polizeta". The situation for this corruption is so severe that the city of Veracruz has "fired" all of its 900 municipal and 100 others. In their place are Mexico's Naval Marines. Yet, the killings continued without a blink as another 16 were killed in drug related battles. The tourist industry has also taken a major hit on this beautiful city.

Veracruz State, like all the other Mexican states, suffer from rampant police corruption because most policemen earn $450 a month and have only a middle school education. The officers even have to bribe their superiors many times for a patrol car. When they get the car, they use it to extort more money from traffic violations.

Veracruz, is a key Mexican port and the State's largest city. Its next largest city, Xalapa, suffered the same fate and its police force were all fired also due to drug cartel influences. These mass firings were mandated under a new Mexican law stating that all policemen must pass a lie-detector test. The mass firings will really only stoke the issue of unemployment and many of the officers fired will now be hired by the drug cartels.



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    • poetvix profile image

      poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

      It's a truly sad state of affairs when the drug cartels can get all the cops fired. The longer this goes on the more powerful and entrenched they will become. In many ways they are an army and this is a war over much more than just control of drug money. They are taking over an entire country town by town. Their lust for power and control won't stop at any boundary on any map. America will have to get in this if Mexico can't end it. It’s already encroaching into TX border towns.