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the question, would you vote for Oprah is she run for president in 2012?

Updated on March 11, 2011


I came across a question on hubs that asked, if people would vote for Oprah, if she runs for presidency of the United States. Most of the answers objected to the choice of Oprah as a presidential candidate, with reasons. The most reasons were her experience and level of political acumen, which were questioned.

Some people thought it is better for her to remain in the entertainment business. I thought the same as the two categorizes mentioned, not because I, completely, doubt her ability to lead but because I think is she good and wonderful in her current business so I thought it better she focus on it.  However, I am certain that some people would support and vote for her, if she runs for presidency. There is nothing wrong if she runs and happens to be the best qualified, in terms of supporters/ votes and good leadership plan and vision.

This will depend on her opponents and how they people pass their judgment. In this era of greater equity, freedom, fairness, and non-gender discrimination in virtually all aspects of life including politics, she has an opportunity, if she runs, to create another history which can be coupled to the already created history of Obama’s presidency.

That reminds me of an answer to the question that said, she supported Obama, who is not experienced, and that shows what her political initiatives would look like and the worst being that she is even less experienced than Obama.

The answer above confirms that it would be wrong for anyone to accept such answers without a personal fact, expect those that are anti- Obama presidency or policies.  The same group of people possibly did not support or voted for Obama so they would not see any thing well in his leadership, even if he does well.

This is because good leadership is not known by the number of enemies one made as a leader or the number of wars one started as a leader but a good leader should be able to look into all other available options for sustaining peace and unity among his people and between her country and other countries.  Enmity or war would be the last option, if it is what must be done to move forward and resolve a conflict. Although people may differ in how they consider experience and good policies in politics, one primary thing is that a policy can be good but wrongly applied or a policy can be completely wrong.

It is in the area of policy making in leadership that experience, may be said to, have a greater role to play.  However, it is only a few leader, if any, that can be said to had got all their policies right in all areas, which means leaders can make better policies in some areas but not in others. Secondly, not everyone accepts a policy as people have different ideas on how to solve problems.

Therefore, the choice of Oprah running as the president of the united states in 2012 and getting the votes of the people would depend on her opponent and if the people agree to her mission statement for the Nation and how her intend to actualize her plans.

We all know no presidency is a show business where she would have to interview her guest, not to talk of leading a great nation like United States of America.  She must have this in mind before coming out for the office and be ready to handle things.

Let us remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger was an entertainer before he became a Governor and he can, some day, go for the presidency. This means that Oprah can do the same, so the question should be, “should Oprah start from lower political office before aiming for the presidency, which is the highest office in any nation?”


I do not believe in impossibility as regards to what we can achieve so she can decide to run and then fail or succeed, to be the first female president of the United States of America. It is her choice to make in the land of liberty, which has shown example to other lands.



 N.K David
Author of the book,
“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus”

(A must read for humanity)
Published by author house and available on online stores worldwide


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    • davidkaluge profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      you are right about Arnold but who knows things can change. well the people, just like, you have the final say,.

    • davidkaluge profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      you are right about Arnold but who knows things can change. well the people, just like, you have the final say,.

    • tony0724 profile image


      7 years ago from san diego calif

      Arnold is not an American citizen therefore ineligible to be a candidate for President. Oprah has already sold the people magazine crowd the worst President that I can ever remember. And that could be a major reason her ratings are in the tank. So would I vote for Oprah? Hell no !


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