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The U.S. Secret Virus Program

Updated on December 31, 2010

Boyd Graves and The U.S. Secret Virus Program

Eleven years ago, Boyd Graves a lawyer and 1975 graduate of the US Naval Academy discovered he was HIV AIDS positive. Rather than lay down and accept it as a death sentence, he resolved to learn all he could about the disease in hopes of seeking a cure. What Graves discovered shocked and enraged him. Based upon information he discovered in the public domain and through the Freedom of Information Act, he concluded the US Government was involved in a super secret Special Virus Cancer Program he feels is the cause of the dreaded disease HIV/AIDS.

In 1999, Graves discovered the secret 1971 Special Virus Cancer Flow Chart which spells out the incremental development of a laboratory produced virus designed to attack and undermine the immune systems of people of African descent. Graves has sought support from various government agencies, namely, the General Accounting Office, former Ohio Congressman Trafficant, AIDS organizations and finally the courts.

On October 24, Graves will go into federal Court in San Diego California in a suit he filed in an attempt to get the US Government to 'fess up to its role in the creation of HIV AIDS.

While many have attempted to discredit and dismissed Graves' assertions, few have been able to refute the existence of the Flow Chart he discovered in 1999. The very existence of these government documents provide credence to the suspicions of many African Americans that the US Government was indeed behind the creation if HIV/AIDS.

For Graves, it has been a lonely, uphill, and often desperate battle. Not only has he had to endure charges of being a paranoid "conspiracy kook" by those who don't believe the US Government is capable of such reprehensible behavior.

(They are either ignorant of or in denial about blankets laced with smallpox given to Native Americans by the US government or infamous programs like the Tuskegee Experiment where hundreds of infected African American males in Alabama were denied treatment so the US government could chronicle the long term effects of untreated syphilis.)

Graves' charges also rankle many in the academic, pharmaceutical, and public health communities who have built reputations, careers and fortunes on the orthodoxy that AIDS originated in Africa the result of human interaction with infected primates. "Indeed the truth is the HIV/AIDS enzyme is the result of a designer virus program of the United States of America and it is conclusive proof," corrected Graves, who has experienced the biases, ostracism, rejection, and government harassment due to being infected by AIDS and because he dared to expose the government's involvement in the creation of HIV/AIDS.

Nevertheless he tirelessly lectures, gives radio interviews, and speaks at conferences trying to alert the public about the government's diabolical program of population control. "We've been at this now for eleven years following my diagnosis of HIV in 1992," Graves revealed. "I didn't stick my head in the sand and as a result of that now eleven years later we have some of the official documents, even the experiments and contracts of a secret federal virus program entitled 'The US Special Virus Program'. These aren't my documents, they are the government's."

Graves is obsessed with getting the word out and sees himself as a modern day David battling the formidable Goliath of the US government. "I'm involved in a modern venue of David and Goliath because there is no more bigger giant than the United States Government. The truth provides strength. I find comfort in the truth and it gives me the drive and initiative to get up each and every day to continue our efforts to expose the truth because over time the truth has always risen to the top and its going to happen here."

Graves put the flow chart on his website and over 26,000 people have downloaded it. "We've got two dozen scientists and medical doctors who have reviewed this material and to a person, they all agree this federal program is at the heart of the genesis of HIV and AIDS."

Graves has a special interest in the program for he was diagnosed HIV positive. In doing his research he came upon a patented cure for AIDS which he took and now says he is symptom free.

"The United States patented the cure for AIDS in 1997 and that patent number is 5676977 and I tell people to go to and type in U S Patent and that number and the information will come up. I tell people to go to the main library and look into the world catalogue data base and put in 'Special Virus Cancer Program' and you will find at least three four or five of those progress reports of the development of HIV are in the main library. Some of these reports are in the public domain."

Graves knows of what he speaks because he took the cure himself in 2001. "Twenty-two months ago I took the US patented cure for AIDS. It is a one time injection, I call it an infusion because it takes about twenty minutes. It's a large plunger kind of thing but that is all I've had and physically I am fine and symptom free."

Graves is eager to get the US Government in court. Earlier suits he filed were dismissed but on October 24th at 11 AM he will have his day in court to plead his case before the US Federal Court in San Diego California in his attempt to force the government to reveal the sordid details about its role in the creation of HIV/AIDS. Graves also hopes to force the government to reveal the patented cure.

Graves is a law school graduate but has not taken the bar exam in any state. Nevertheless, he will represent himself as a plaintiff seeking information on his behalf and others. "A suit can be brought by any individual. Here in this case though, we believe we have done it appropriately by being and individual who has been infected by HIV and AIDS as the lead plaintiff myself in this case going forward."

Graves is confident he will prevail in court but is disappointed in the apathy within the African‑American community about the spread of this ravenous disease. writen by Junious Ricardo Stanton

This is serious business I first learned of Boyd from my friend, She worked for him for several years. While many wont believe Boyd, I an a veteran of the US Army, I saw alot in the Army, so Boyds claims dont suprise me.

AIDS is man-made - Interview with Dr. Boyd Graves

AIDS began in America in 1978 in the homosexual communities of New York and San Francisco, immediately following a government-sponsored program of Hepatitis B Vaccinations. This is all completely documented.

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Bayer Exposed ( HIV Contaminated Vaccine )

Boyd Graves Video

U. S. Secret Virus Program

The American (Euro) scientists who created AIDS believe the anthropology textbooks that indigenous groups of people who inhabit all parts of the global world are Caucasian. The scientists, therefore, felt safe to develop a disease that would wipe out all people with Negroid Ancestry. Little did the scientists know that only 8 percent of the global world is Caucasian--WHITE! Many of the indigenous people (now classified as White) are dying of AIDS because of their "Brown" skin. In effect, Caucasians have become victims of their own propaganda!!!!

Black people have a gene called CCR5 Delta 32+. (I mean Brown people too.) On the opposite end of the spectrum is CCR5 Delta 32-. The CCR5 Delta 32- is a mutation of the original CCR5 Delta 32+. The only people who have the Delta 32- gene are White people--Nordic Europeans.

The 32- allele has to be inherited from both parents to be immune from the test tube created HIV and AIDS. The mutation does not have the required receptacles needed to "hold on" the HIV and AIDS Disease. The gene gives credence to the disease being racially designed to eliminate "people of color."

About 10 percent of Europeans carry the CCR5 Delta 32- mutation. The incidence is only 2 percent in central Asia, and the mutation is completely absent among East Asians, Africans, and American Indians. THAT SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING.

The HIV/AIDS enzyme is the product of many steps in the laboratory according to all scientific criteria in every independent ‘de novo’ review that has been conducted to date. The science history shows an ‘Aryan obsession’ with development of ethnic biological weapons targeting people of Negroid descent. At present it is unclear exactly when the genociders learned there was an exploitable difference in the blood of the Negroid Race.

Shortly after the United States Congress appropriated money (for offensive biological weapons) to the CIA and US military in 1957, Negroid children on the Continent of Africa became afflicted with a “new” cancer (Burkitt’s Lymphoma). In 2002 something or some new disease was killing African children that utilized the CCR5 delta 32 positive gene--indigenous to all people of color. It became clear there was a clear master plan to debilitate, incapacitate, eradicate and eliminate the Black populations of the world.

Role of the CCR5 delta 32 allele in resistance to HIV-1 infection in West Africa

The National Library of Medicine determined the frequency of the mutant CCR5 delta 32 allele in high-risk HIV-seronegative Africans as compared with the general African population, and assessed its in vitro protective efficacy against HIV-1 infection. In the homozygous form, the CCR5 delta 32-allele confers resistance to macrophage-tropic (M-tropic) strains of HIV-1. Assuming that genetic characteristics favoring HIV resistance would prevail in a high-risk HIV-seronegative population, they examined the CCR5 genotypes of female commercial sex workers (CSWs) from Dakar, Senegal, who have remained uninfected for an elongated period.

The following Methods were used: The CCR5 genetic profile of study participants was determined by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of genomic DNA followed by sequencing. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were infected with different strains of HIV-1 and monitored by p24 enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

The Results Follow: They confirmed the presence of two CCR5wt/delta 32 genotypes among 139 individuals (1.44%). PBMCs from these 2 heterozygous individuals were also found to be less susceptible to in vitro infection by an M-tropic HIV-1 primary isolate. The following were conclusions: Evidence was found of an increased prevalence of the CCR5wt/delta 32 genotype in a high-risk HIV-seronegative cohort in West Africa. Furthermore, reduced susceptibility to HIV-1 infection among heterozygous individuals supports a role for 32-bp CCR5 deletion in HIV-1 resistance.

Comment from the Stormfront White Nationalist Community:

In the mid 1990's, an exciting new example of intense selection against one of the homozygotes for a trait came to light. This stemmed from the discovery that some people do not get AIDS even if they are repeatedly exposed to the virus ( HIV ) that is responsible for this usually fatal disease. The people who are immune have inherited two copies of a rare mutant gene known as CCR5-delta 32 --they are homozygous. Those who are heterozygous apparently have a partial immunity or at least a delay in the onset of AID's. Approximately 10% of Europeans now have the CCR5-delta 32 gene variant, but it is extremely rare or absent in other populations of the world. There is a surprising connection in this story. The CCR5-delta 32 gene also provides immunity to a deadly disease of bacterial origin, bubonic plague. People who are homozygous for the OCR5-delta 32 gene variant are completely immune, while heterozygotes have partial immunity. It is very likely that this life-saving allele occurs as a random mutation and that it was selected for by the devastating black plague epidemics that swept over Europe beginning in the 14th century. During the first wave of plague, between 1347 and 1350, one fourth to one third of all Europeans died from this disease. Natural selection favored those who by chance had inherited the CCR5-delta 32 gene variant. Repeated waves of plague over the next three centuries resulted in an increase in the frequency of CCR5-delta 32 in the European population.

The Proof for the Development of AIDS

U.S. Public Law 91-213 signed March 16, 1970, by Richard Nixon states: "In the United States’ effort to 'stabilize the population of Sub-Saharan Africa' and thus, increase the national security of future United States, Nixon proclaims there would be 'explosive events' (relative to John D. Rockefeller, III’s oversight on the problem of African overpopulation). To date nary a single U.S. official will address the ‘peculiar’ public law that authorizes the United States to kill its own citizens and others in the name of the national security of future (White) Americas. If the United States is above board, then the President should take immediate corrective action to fully disclose this secret (Manhattan-style) program.

J. Craig Venter, Jr., holds the patent to the gene called the "African American HIV/AIDS Entryway." This is the same gene that early U.S. science used on African children in the late 50’s (CCR5 Delta 32 positive).

Article by M. Stewart.

Robert Gallo: The Man That Created AIDS



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  • tiffany delite profile image

    Tiffany Delite 

    7 years ago from Wichita, KS

    wow...thank you so much for this hub. this is information that i don't believe i have ever heard before. i will definitely have to do some more research and peruse through some of the information you have provided. thanks again...blessings!

  • TheLoanConsultant profile image


    9 years ago from Orange County

    Wow, you wrote this article 4 years ago? I just found out about this my self and was outraged. I was appalled at how people bought into the monkey theory so easily but yet find it hard to believe that it originated in our own backyard. Great hub!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Boyd is wrong . the article states AIDS began in 1978 thru the hep vac program . Aids was taught in 1965 in my 8th grade biology class . i remember this very clearly . it was already known about well before 1978. my oncologist volunteered to me that the hep vac causing AIDS was investigated and it didn't prove out . the notion is totally bunk . Graves has no idea what the flow chart is . besides this, Aids kills more than blk folks . whites and asians are dying too. I'd say Dr Graves has an agenda with his accusations .Don't believe this article . / alsjr

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    I dont doubt mr graves.but i tin is 4 sure,americans will loose their world power to china/north korea.

  • Bard of Ely profile image

    Steve Andrews 

    11 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

    I already know about much of this but this is a brilliant and well researched hub and you have got a new fan!

  • MagicStarER profile image


    11 years ago from Western Kentucky

    This is a really great and informative article. I was already familiar with Mr. Graves and his position on HIV/AIDS, but I learned much more from this article. You have done a fine job of explaining about the CCR5 Delta 32 gene. (My criteria for an outstanding article? I learn from it!) You get an A+ from me!

  • Staci-Barbo7 profile image


    11 years ago from North Carolina

    If the theory represents the reality of this nation's involvement in the creation / development of the AIDS virus, I can only say that I am horrified.  To willfully afflict another race, ethnic group, religious or national group with a deadly disease out of a desire to annihilate them is simply unthinkable.  It calls to mind the overt propaganda and covert killing machine of the Third Reich against the Jewish population of Western Europe in the 1930's and 40's.  

    The America I love ought have no part in such a scheme.

  • Julie-Ann Amos profile image

    Julie-Ann Amos 

    12 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

    Awesome hub.

  • profile image


    12 years ago

    It hurts a lot, to see a goverment which is tormenting people like that.I lost my father,my mother for hiv aids,my husband passed away only a month ago for hiv aids.We are still dying nobody seems to care.What surprises me is that why are they doing that while they themselves will not live forever?I thank God i Know that all this will come to unend someday.

  • profile image

    sandra rinck 

    12 years ago

    f**k! It really doesn't surprise me.

  • Research Analyst profile image

    Research Analyst 

    13 years ago

    Great hub, AIDS is a issue that needs to talked about more and so many people are afraid to.

  • coolbreeze profile imageAUTHOR

    Rik Rodriguez 

    13 years ago from Hawaii

    Abhinaya I didnt want to make this hub but people need to know about Boyd.

    I dont uderstand it all but I do know that the US government is pretty much evil. If there is such a thing ;-(

  • profile image


    13 years ago

    Cool breeze you have quite a lot of information here on gene called CCR5 Delta 32+.I am still pondering over the homozygous and heterozygous factors.

  • coolbreeze profile imageAUTHOR

    Rik Rodriguez 

    13 years ago from Hawaii

    kpfingaz Thank you for posting the link, its very interesting

  • funride profile image

    Ricardo Nunes 

    13 years ago from Portugal

    Unfortunately this information doesn't suprise me at all! Even though I still prefere the monkeys theory.

    Great hub coolbreeze!

  • kpfingaz profile image


    13 years ago from ~~~

    Just last night I was reading some very interesting information about AIDS being a virus made in the lab. This makes a good read. Check it out.

  • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

    Patty Inglish MS 

    13 years ago from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation

    I would not be surprised after the Tuskegee experiments gave blacks syphilis and the western states nuclear tests gave military men cancer in ~ 1950s -60s.


  • coolbreeze profile imageAUTHOR

    Rik Rodriguez 

    13 years ago from Hawaii

    I am not sure why she stoped working for him, We were talking one day about how I thought AIDS was hooked to Vaccines and was being used as population control. She asked if I heard of Dr. Graves. WOW Boyd really open my eyes. Sad really

  • Veronica profile image


    13 years ago from NY


    Why did your friend stop working for Graves? The fact that you have that inside first-hand connection makes this such a strong article.



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