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To Love or Not To Love

Updated on February 1, 2016

"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." _Morrie Schwartz

War. Violence. Guns. Bloodshed. Innocent lives lost. Hate spiraling out of control in our world and in our everyday lives. Do we know why we hate? Do we know why we fight?

Why must we wait for a natural disaster before we show love to our fellow neighbors, coworkers and complete strangers? If the disaster had never occurred, would we even have shared a simple conversation with a neighbor who has lost everything? We we hug them, reach out to them or ask if there is anything we could do for them? What example we are showing our children, the future leaders of our world?

Why are we engaged in violence in and with other countries? Why send off our young men and women to battle who leave behind families and loved ones on their own and whose return is uncertain? We claim we are fighting for "our freedom" or "our country" but what are we fighting for, really? Is it greed? Is it hate?

Why do so many young people right here on American soil feel they have to resort to gangs, drugs and violence? Is it because they lack the love of someone who is important to them? What causes them to run into the dangerous fires of the streets?

We can learn from the very young: the infants and toddlers who don't know what hate is. They are so open to love. They smile at strangers. They are so free and giving. The hate enters their world when they are taught it in their homes. It is when the adults fail at creating an attitude of love that these young children learn the darker side of humanity. Parents forbidding their children from playing with other children who are of a different race or socioeconomic status. Adults talking badly about someone at the dinner table as confused children listen and ingest the hate. Children lose their innocence when they become miniature "haters" of the adults in their lives. Their homes are the incubators for what they will take with them into the world.

Children don't want to hate. They want to love and play with everyone. We grownups with our grownup ideas are destroying the innocence of childhood! What the world has become is our own fault! The beauty of love struggles to grow in the darkest corners and alleys of our dirty hateful minds and hearts. How can this be solved? Can we ever change what we have created? Where do we go from here? Is there any hope for a brighter world? Is love truly the answer?


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