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Kary Mullis - Maverick Genius

Updated on February 24, 2015

Nobel laureate Kary Mullis is a renegade who is not easily dismissed

He defends his having used hallucinogens to open the doors of perception, he argues the connection between HIV and AIDS is ONLY theoretical, he'd rather be surfing than working, but Kary Mullis is the man who figured out that if you could successfully "unzip" a strand of DNA under controlled conditions in the presence of the necessary amino acids, each half of the strand would automatically combine with these amino acids and rebuild complete strands of DNA!

We owe our ability to replicate DNA in the laboratory to Kary Mullis.

His book "Dancing Naked In The Mind Field" is a must read for anyone interested in how a contemporary scientific "seer" thinks. And it's surprisingly funny.

Great Kary Mullis stuff on Amazon...

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