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Planned Murderhood With Much Assistance From President Obama and The Murdercrats....

Updated on July 29, 2015

Planned Murderhood With Much Assistance From President Obama and The Murdercrats....

Before President Obama embarked on his trip to Kenya, he apparently presided over a meeting of Abortion supporters and proceeded to tell them that they are doing God's work for the former ongoing murder of unborn babies. The moral perversion and utter wickedness of this President do not surprise me anymore for this is a man who painted the White House the colors of the rainbow to celebrate national sodomy, and his, in essence, blessing of a gathering of baby butchers solidified how demonic this man is. Furthermore, President Obama's invocation of God in this setting is akin to Adolf Hitler reciting verses from the Torah before he gassed our Jewish brothers and sisters during the World War 11. I pray earnestly for President Obama and I am deadly afraid for him because, at every turn, he seems to mock the Living God and he does not blush, but seems to do his mockery with such ease and panache....

Of all of human kind's behaviors, there is none as vile and as wicked as the murder of babies in the womb, and. at last check, we, as Americans, have murdered some 55 million babies since we have made a law saying that we can do so in 1973 (Roe v. Wade). Perhaps, the tides are turning on this despicable behavior of killing babies via Abortion because the undercover tapings, which allegedly showed officials from Planned Parenthood (Oxymoron) discussing nonchalantly the selling of baby parts, like any commodity. What is disturbing and grating about these alleged undercover tapings is how relaxed the representative of 'Planned Murderhood' were in speaking about the baby that were murdered; in one of the tapings, we see a doctor sipping red wine and eating, while discussing how not to murder babies so that the latter's vital organs are harvested for sale. Now, tell me if such a woman is any different morally than the late Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden, the latter dead bad guys, who, ironically, because of religious reasons, would not engage in such murders.

You would think that there would be a clamoring from the Democrats, the Media, or those who love to spew specious nonsense about torturing terrorists - but listen: not a peep. We are told that the Justice department is in the early stages of investigating those who taped the murderers of unborn babies and alleged seller of Aborted baby parts... aptly showing where we are morally as a country and where we are sadly going. Imagine that there were undercover tapes showing the murders of cute, cuddly puppies/dogs - think Michael Vick from a few years ago - the world would be outraged... instead, we are still celebrating Bruce Jenner's demonic change from being a man to a so called woman and forgive me for my secular blaspheme - pun intended - for the fact that I will never refer to Bruce as Caitlin!

I wrote a long time ago in this very forum that I could not take President Obama or the First Lady serious when they are showing empathy for some shooting at a school because they are avid supporters of Abortion - ladies and gents, once again, simply input "Abortion" into Google's Images portal and honestly tell me what you saw is not the epitome of evil. Those of us who believe in Abortion have nothing morally over ISIS or the world's renowned murderers. The Aborted baby images are not seen in the public's sphere because those who support such heinous murders know that the said public at large would summarily turned against them. This is how you know that those of us who support Abortion can commit murder, especially if it is done in secret. Incidentally, those of you who will read this blog, I want you to objectively look at the undercover tapes of those ladies representing Planned Parenthood and picture the images of the fetuses and tell me that you are not disgusted, because, if you are not - then you are void of a conscience.

To the Christians who support President Obama - shame on us to have voted for this man, much less a second time; and shame on us to voice our opinions on the social media sites about 'the trivial,' but are sonic-boom quiet when President Obama does evil from the seat of power. I ask you my fellow Christians - and those at my very own Calvary Cathedral of Praise - it is recorded that the poet warrior, King David murdered Uriah... did King David did the murder himself... then how come we are not morally holding President Obama, and, moreover, the national and local Democratic Party operatives for the murders of 55 million babies and counting?! I know why because many of those murdered babies we are responsible for due to the fact that we voted for these Murdercrats and even have had them on our pulpits in our Christ Jesus houses of worship. It is not a matter of if... it is when the judgment is coming and I pray the Lord to have mercy on us, notwithstanding our moral culpability for voting for President Obama and other Democrats knowing what he and they stood for.


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