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Dear Verizon, if you want me to pay the final bill, you have to send it first

Updated on August 3, 2010

December 22, 2008

RE: acct # 00XXXXXX6428

Verizon Communications

140 West Street, New York, NY 10007

To Whom It May Concern:

If you want me to pay the final bill you have to send it first.

I have been your customer since 1999. I paid on time every single one of the 100 plus bills you sent me during our agreement. After my move last summer, your customer service technicians were unable to establish a connection in my new area leaving me without service for over a month. I had lost business while waiting for the connection, which inevitably could not be provided for me. This is why I am no longer your customer. I finished our relationship in July 2008.

I had spent hours on the phone with your staff trying to make sure that our relationship has been terminated properly. Well, mostly with your automated call handling system asking me idiotic questions over and over again, but who really cares? Finally Ms. Customer Service Rep. assured me that everything had been taken care of.

A couple months had passed and I started to forget that once I was once in a relationship with you. However, in late September 2008 I received a letter from North Shore collection agency stating I did not pay my final bill and now they want to collect $73.37 on your behalf for a bill I never received.

Of course the bill could have been lost in the mail etc. but then somebody could have tried to contact me before sending it to collection to make sure I received the bill. You have my current street and email address but no one made any effort to contact me! You just sent it to collection. Well, I showed my good will to resolve the issue and called your company once again.

I had to spend several more hours on the phone with your automated system and several staff members that had no idea what I was talking about whatsoever until finally I got hold of Miss Williams. I asked her if she had any kind of personal identification other than just her name and she explained to me that she does not and this is your company policy.

Miss Williams was kind enough to understand my case and find my file. She confirmed the unpaid balance and she assured me that I would receive the bill in question in the mail within a couple of weeks. She did not give me any details on the phone however, and I am still waiting for that bill to arrive.

On October 27, 2008 I received an email from you in my inbox informing me that I owe you $73.37 and have to pay it by November 19, 2008. It also said that this bill was available online for my convenience and I could pay it online. However, when I tried to follow the link provided it required me to request a PIN first that would be sent to me by ground mail, for my own protection of course!

I requested a PIN that very day. I saved and printed the confirmation screen for this very occasion. Now it's the middle of December 2008, a month and a half has passed and I am still waiting for that PIN to arrive...

I may pay that bill or I may dispute it but I have to see it first. I will not pay you my money just because you demand it. I wasted several hours in my attempts to resolve this situation. I am not going to waste a minute more. Send me the bill and we will take it from there.



Mikhail Alexandrov

cc: North Shore Agency, Inc., PO Box 8922, Westbury, NY 11590


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    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from DC Area

      Yeah Terri, this is much worse. Poor thing. Good luck sorting it out! :)

    • Terri Meredith profile image

      Terri Meredith 

      7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I've got you all beat! I had surgery and was at my daughter's recuperating for 3 months. Before my surgery, I overpaid my bill so I wouldn't have to worry about it while I was away. When I returned home, I discovered my service had been cut off. Why???? Because I had a credit, of course. I was shut off for non-payment but still had a credit. I had to pay another couple of hundred dollars to get my service back, and then had an even higher credit amount. latest bill is charging me 4 times the monthly amount, which will pretty much take care of the credit on my account. Automated phone hell for a full week now with no resolve. Can't get into my email, can't use any of the phone features I'm paying 4x's the regular amount for. Can't get it resolved because no way to get a live person. To say Verizon sucks is such an understatement.

    • Sunnyglitter profile image


      7 years ago from Cyberspace

      I had problems with Verizon bills as well after I switched cell phone companies.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      how stupid is verizon??? I also left verizon after being their customer for almost 15 years. I received the final bill and it says I can pay the bill on but guess what, the site dont work. STUPID VERIZON.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from DC Area

      I feel for you LC, I really do. I have neither knowledge of your situation nor time to write a letter for you, though. Why don;t you take my letter as a template and change it to fit your situation? Good luck! :)

    • profile image

      Lost Customer 

      8 years ago

      I wish I read this before I signed up for FiOS.

      The service has been great, but once I changed my credit card number (someone stole it) verizon has been the single worst part of it.

      Won't let me transfer auto-bill pay.

      Won't let me pay by phone (have been lied to multiple times)

      Their website is unusable (took me months with their tech support for them to even give me account information)

      Multiple times I have been reassured by phone and their website that "everything is all set."

      This is Verizon Code for "I haven't don't anything."

      They are ruining my credit and have charged me multiple late fees.

      Last time I managed to pay their bill online once their site stop throwing errors that tech support "was aware of."

      Now that auto-bill pay has failed again, I try to pay online and it fails, leaving me with the generic verizon phone number to call...

      I've wasted more time in that call system then I care to admit.

      I need you to write a letter to them for me!

    • obsexed profile image

      Katie Butler 

      8 years ago from Sensual, USA

      I'm glad it's all sorted out. Your letter had me laughing...big business is so disorganized, it's a wonder they can find their own offices.

    • susanlang profile image


      8 years ago

      I now have a headache just reading what you went through! Going to get the tylenol.. I see this stuff happening everyday with just about everything. You almost have to be the Pope himself in order to show such restraint when dealing with them! Good luck on your other problem and please keep me posted.

    • ladyjane1 profile image


      8 years ago from Texas

      Hello Misha I am sorry that you had trouble with Verizon I had similar problems with T-mobile awhile back. I sent back a phone that they claimed they never got and charged my credit card like 400 dollars for full retail on a phone. It took awhile but I got it resolved. I find it ironic though that my husband works for a calling center and their client is Verizon. He started as a rep and being that he is from Russia he has a heavy accent and would get abused everyday with ugly comments about him not being an American and they were always abusing him. Now he is a supervisor and doesn't have to be on the phone all the time unless he has to take an escalated call but I can see the two sides to your story. I mean sometimes these reps just always get abused by customers and not every situation is their fault. I believe people should fight their battles but I think that most reps get a bad rap.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from DC Area

      LOL Thank you Rope, this has been sorted out a while ago, but I appreciate your advice and will keep it for future :)

    • The Rope profile image

      The Rope 

      8 years ago from SE US

      Misha, Misha, Misha my friend, I am so sorry you had this trouble, the system is driven by profits and you were no longer profitable for them so you became a non-entity. Verizon is one of the companies that automatically defers low balances to an agency without working it themselves - it's too expensive. The collection agency is bound by contract to contact Verizon for you and get a copy of your bill. The collector will be happy to do your foot work because he gets paid a commission for what he collects. Verizon is also bound by the contract to no longer work with you - unless you are just calling to pay the bill. All conversation has to go through the collection agency. Let them hassle Verizon and don't pay any attention to the agency's scare tactics. If all else fails and it does go on your credit history, you will be able to fight it through the credit bureaus - it's a bit of a hassle though. Absolutely contact BBB, companies hate to receive those letters from BBB where they have to respond or get a black mark on the whole company. Usually the BBB letters go to the top brass's sect'y who filters it down and follows up amazingly well. You'll be amazed how suddenly things start getting straightened out. Good luck and let me know if I can help. (Check my profile, friend. I promise I'm giving you professional advice)

    • Gemynii profile image


      8 years ago from Texas

      Outstanding! Good for you! It's not every day that you can take a stand for yourself and find that so many people can relate to your plight. So often, people get caught up in these unnecessary battles with collection agencies, big corporations and their politics. It can be quite maddening.Great Hub! So glad I found it.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from DC Area

      Either that, or they are trying to make some extra buck at the expense of lazy customers who would rather pay then contest. :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I am having the exact same problem with Verizon. They are either incompetent or doing it on purpose. Maybe trying to cove thier incompetence.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from DC Area

      Thanks QueenBe, I think I sorted my out already. Best of luck to you, too. :)

    • queenbe profile image


      8 years ago from NY

      Verizon is an animal all its own. I have had problems with them for years. When I closed all accounts they too sent me to collection and there are charges on my bill that should not be there. I have tried to call but as I am not a customer anymore I cannot get thru. AGGGHHHHH!

      Best of Luck to you.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from DC Area

      This may be not that bad of an arrangement, what do you think? :)

    • JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

      Jyoti Kothari 

      8 years ago from Jaipur


      it is entirely different in India. We get our bills regularly followed by an e mail and several phone calls. Most of the times they send their agents home to collect bills.

      If they fail to do so, most of the times people do not pay.

      Jyoti Kothari

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from DC Area

      Hi JJ, glad you stopped by. :)

      Yeah, many of big companies do that kind of crap. In my case they finally sent me the papers, and it appeared to be valid, so I paid it. :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      T- mobile is the same....It feels like I am always fighting with companies about crap like this. I fought T-mobile on their crap- I won and got my bill erased to zero balance. I fought Dell computers for some crap they pulled- And I won and got a full refund. Sadly its the squeaky wheel that gets the oil....sounds like you are on the right track at least writing them.....sorry about your troubles. hope it all works out....Businesses nowadays just want to screw everyone over!

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Thanks for stopping by, Sandi. :)

    • profile image

      Sandi 3m 

      9 years ago

      Not much to say here that hasn't been said. I have been there as well, bes tof luck to all!

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Hi gals, thanks for stopping by. :)

      Lmmartin, yeah, after this letter they finally sent me the bill, and it appeared it was a valid one, so I just paid it. :)

      Ebower, I wish it never will. :)

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 

      9 years ago from Georgia

      Very interesting...and annoying. I love Verizon wireless, but obviously something like this has not happened to me yet!

    • lmmartin profile image


      9 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      Sound like a typical nightmare in our automated world of today. I could tell you about my nightmare with Comcast, but it would be as long as you blog -- so I'll hold my tongue. Did you ever get it resolved?

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Hi Dee, thanks for stopping by. :)

      Yeah, it was a pretty frustrating situation, that's exactly why I wrote this hub. It has been resolved though, finally. Good luck to you if you ever decide to break up with them. :)

    • deestew profile image


      9 years ago from Kentucky

      Wow, extremely frustrating situation. I have not been unhappy with verizon, but I haven't stopped being their customer either so who knows what could take place if that happened. Good for you for taking a stand.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Hi Reviyve, you might want to re-read the hub - providing your questions are for real :)

    • reviyve profile image


      9 years ago from New York

      nice hub, humorous but hummm isnt' it easier to just pay bills online? that way you don't have to wait for them to send it (just in case you don't get the email), you can just log on and check.

      I don't have any issues with Verizon. I actually love their customer service because they have been very helpful to me in the past. Sprint on the other hand....Don't get me started.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      LOL Thanks for stopping by Lasha. Yeah, they do that stuff too :)

    • lashaemrey58 profile image


      9 years ago

      HAAA AHAAA LOL Always in a hurry to collect your money but never ever on time sending you the bill!!! Like many times before they have sent me a bill on the day that it is due Having to pay a late fee!!!! LOL Great Hub! Welcome to Western cicilization Now hurry up and wait! LOL

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      LOL I wish they made that sort of mistake with me! Getting on the payroll! LOL You really cracked me up, thank you! :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You have no idea how intimately I can relate to your Verizon nightmare. I called every corporate person known to mankind when I attempted to close my account with Verizon. Soon, after making so many phone calls, I somehow got on Verizon's All the corporate "heads" at Verizon were spinning and so out of communication with one another and their antiquated databases that they got even more confused and starting sending me large checks each month. They just could not figure out how to close my account and zero out the balance. They pissed me off so much, given all the phone calls I made to them, that I cashed all their checks. Time is money, and all Verizon did was waste tons of hours of my valuable time. Verizon paid me, and rightfully so. Finally, after months, Verizon finally was able to zero out my account.

      It never ceases to amaze me that companies in the technology industry, such as Verizon, promote their services without having first diligently refined their own antiquated technology.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Hi ABT, thanks for coming. :) I too have Cingular (or rather again AT&T LOL), but this hub was not about cell phones, it was about land line :)

    • alittlebitcrazy profile image


      9 years ago

      Wow - Verizon really shines as a cell phone provider. After lots of headache from them, I finally switched to Cingular. Much happier. Thanks for sharing your frustrations!

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Hi K@ri,

      Thanks for stopping by, and glad i could make you laughing! Although judging by your new avatar it's not THAT hard. ;)

      And much thanks for father's day wishes :)

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 

      9 years ago from Ohio

      Your letter made me laugh! I'm glad to hear it's been resolved. Seems they didn't waste any time cashing the check.

      Hope you're having a Happy Father's Day!

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Hi Connie,

      I would say you got really lucky! I guess this happens time to time, but I wouldn't rely on it as rule :)

    • Connie Smith profile image

      Connie Smith 

      9 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida

      I felt your pain on this, Misha. Cell phone customer service has the lowest rate of customer satisfaction for reasons just like this. One time I called AT&T. After getting nowhere with the rep, I asked to speak to a supervisor. He said he had no supervisor! I said (sorry for the yelling), "ARE YOU TELLING ME YOU OWN AT&T?" He hung up on me lol.

      Still, believe this or not! Due to a problem I was working out for my daughter, I went 783 minutes over my alloted time. At the time, I had 1500 minutes with T-Mobile for $59.95 a month. I called the day before billing came out and asked if they could do something about it, thinking I would threaten to cancel if they didn't. Instead of the argument I was geared up for, I could not believe when the rep said that because I was such a good customer, they were backdating my bill (thus removing the overage), offering me UNLIMITED minutes and all that for only $49.95 a month. Now that is customer service! :)

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Yeah, I do. That's why I noticed you ;)

    • blondepoet profile image


      9 years ago from australia

      Oh I noticed Misha they are beautiful LMAO. You have a good eye for beauty. That one at the top reminds me of myself haha.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      LOL After this letter they sent it to me, it was legit and I paid it.

      And I just love pretty girls, didn't you notice? ;)

    • blondepoet profile image


      9 years ago from australia

      Hey Misha has it been sorted out yet, boy what a mess it all is hey? Damn. At least they have good looking people that work there, nice pics LMAO

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      TLG, thanks for stopping by :) I am glad that they actually helped you to sort out the situation, at least some people get more or less lucky with them. Yet this were them who created this situation in the first place...

    • Three-Legged Dog profile image

      Three-Legged Dog 

      9 years ago from USA

      UGH! My friend/neighbor and I had a very similar problem, just a month apart! When I told a coworker about it, she said SHE had the same thing happen to her. All of us failed to get a Verizon bill in the mail (I use them for phone, TV, and internet) so oops - I neglected to pay them one month. It dawned on me when I looked at my online bill pay that I hadn't paid Verizon since July - and it was now the end of September. I flipped out and went through all of my bills thinking I must have misplaced the statement, but it wasn't with my "TO BE PAID" stash. I thought maybe I had filed it as "PAID" by mistake, but it wasn't anywhere to be found. When I went on the Verizon website, sure enough, I was double-billed for August and September. I emailed them and explained that I never got a bill... they let me split my payment up into two portions, thank goodness. I just couldn't believe that the same thing happened to several people. Yuck. I've got Fios and the TV service is great - I've had other satellite companies and have had major issues with programming and service (DirecTV would go out if the wind blew... forget it if it rained!) but I can't believe their "bundles." I decided to look into it to see what I could do to lower my bill - I "bundled" my TV, internet, and phone... Ended up ADDING some extra hi-def channels and am now paying $100 a month LESS for everything. Makes NO SENSE to me. Whoops, got carried away with the long comment. Sorry! But you're definitely not the only one that's had issues with Verizon!

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Umm Justin, not sure Microsoft provides a kind of service I am talking about here.

      Hi LDT, yes, I love monopolies too :D In fact I thought I wouldn't see them again since the collapse of the USSR, yet coming to USA swiftly disillusioned me...

    • ledefensetech profile image


      9 years ago from Cape Girardeau, MO

      Ah, the wonders of government sponsored monopolies, you think they'd have gone out of style after the end of the British East India Company.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      this is why i will stick to microsoft. their customer service is outstanding!! they dont suck like verizon and (earthlink) those two are aweful

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Thank you Eons, I appreciate the compliment :)

    • eonsaway profile image


      9 years ago from New Mexico, USA

      Besides the well writen letter you seem to be a very honest sharing person.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Hi Rochelle, I would say if you decided to get rid of them for other reasons that pure price, just go for it. And watch your bills :)

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 

      9 years ago from California Gold Country

      I am now in the process of trying to terminate my Verizon account, and running into some complications. I use it seldom. I live in an area that has limited coverage. I keep it only for emergency and rare basic convenience.

      I finally found out that they have lower rates that are not advertised at all. They tell you ONLY if they think they might lose you all together. ... about loyalty rates, senior rates, special use rates... I'm almost ready to say "no thanks" to all of it.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Thank you for coming my dear ladies :)

      Lena yeah, those systems are evil :)

      Raven King, those companies are evil too :) No seriously, watching the bills like a hawk is the only way to make sure they don't steal any money from you...

    • Raven King profile image

      Raven King 

      9 years ago from Cabin Fever

      I had a similar experience with People PC. What part of terminte my service they don't understand? Now it's kind of spooky since I 'm a Verizon customer. I watch that bill carefully every month. Companies that pad bills with text messages that they send you and imaginary taxes don't want to be paid in cash or check because they want you debit card!!!!!

    • Lena M. profile image

      Lena M. 

      9 years ago from Toronto

      I hate with utmost passion automated voice systems. They never understand me.

      I always argue my way out of late fees when they're for dumb reasons. Rogers called me once at 6am - yes, that's right, thank god I was awake - telling me to pay my cell phone bill, when I pay by credit card... And it works fine.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Thanks for stopping by guys :)

      Fyxer, yeah, pretty much my experience too

      Andromeda, you lost me...

    • Andromeda10 profile image


      9 years ago from Chicago

      It seems that all the people who KEPT their jobs a effen idiots. I'm not bitter, just saying. =)

    • fyxer profile image


      9 years ago from mt vernon

      you have to keep a eye on the bills sometimes they put $5.95 or $3.99 for tax that nobody knows existed, they make up something like it's going to be a hot summer study survey tax it's crazy keep your eyes open.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Thanks a lot guys, and those stories seem endless... Big businesses is a definite liability on the whole society, looks like that.

      Anyway, I did not hear neither from Verizon nor from collection agency since I sent the the check. And yes, they cashed it already. :)

    • Jesus_saves_us_7 profile image


      9 years ago from Seeking Salvation

      :) it's crazy how persistant bill collecters are.

    • crashcromwell profile image


      9 years ago from Florida

      I haven't had any trouble with a cell company in part because it's been years since I bothered to have one. When I'm out of the house, I like to be unavailable!

      I did have a recent situation involving a hospital and a collections agency I had to resolve, though. Every year I pull my free credit reports and review them. To my dismay, I found a collections account for Maine Medical Center, and they said I owed them 306 dollars for treatment dating back to 2007. First I called the collections agency and rattled their cage. They did not have the original bill, and they did not know the nature of the treatment I was alleged to have gotten. Then I called the billing department at Maine Medical Center, and when I got some flunky answering the phone, I knew I would get nowhere. So I asked to speak with a supervisor, and got the manager on the phone. I repeated my request for details about this alleged treatment I had received. They said that since it had been reported to collections, the account was closed and they would not be able to give me details. I explained to them that I had never been treated at their hospital, as Maine Medical Center is in Portland, and I lived much closer to Southern Maine Medical Center in Biddeford. So without proof that I had actually been treated, I would dispute the bill. And besides, I argued, I had insurance then, and still do.

      A day later I received a call back from this manager who said she was able to reopen the file, and found it was for a variety of services provided by a partner of the hospital, not the hospital itself. They said I had been billed for it because my insurance company denied the claim because I did not have insurance coverage on the date of service.

      I then got on the phone with the insurance company, got verification that I did, in fact, have coverage in force for the entire year of 2007, so I definitely did have coverage at the time of the service. They suggested the real problem may have been that the hospital entered an incorrect code that did not correspond with the services provided.

      So then I called back my manager friend, with whom I was now on a first name basis. I told her that I had proof that I did, in fact, have coverage on the date of service, and advised her that if they resubmitted the bill within the next three weeks, it would be paid. My insurance company told me they would pay a bill up to 2 years after the service. This manager at the hospital, however, said they would only pay for 1 year after the service, and agreed on the spot to close out the debt, and notify the collections firm to have the item removed from my credit reports.

      My next call was to the collections agent again, to check to be certain that my manager friend had, in fact, pulled back the debt. They said she had, and then I asked for written confirmation that the matter had been resolved. At first they hmmed and hawed about not being able to do so. I then asked them a hypothetical question. I said to her, "If this was a valid debt, would your firm send me threatening letters and demands for payment?" She said she would not characterize them that way, but she did ultimately admit they would send a letter to me requesting payment.

      Two days later I received the letter I needed, and I copied it three times and mailed it off to our friends at TransUnion, Equifax and Experian, requesting that the item be taken off my report. I would not trust the collections firm to do this, and even if they did, they said it would take the credit bureaus up to 90 days to remove it from my report. By sending the information in myself, and challenging the debt, they had 30 days to take action.

      I just received confirmation from TransUnion that it has been removed, and I expect Equifax and Experian to be following suit shortly. It took TransUnion less than a week.

      The moral to both of our stories is that no one should ever be intimidated by a collections rep, and there are lots of online resources suggesting specific questions to ask them to verify that a debt is accurate. Once they figure out that they are dealing with someone who is prepared and will not back down, they become much easier to deal with.

      Jim Henry, aka crashcromwell

      P.S. It's nice to see you in double digits for number of hubs. Will you be writing number 14 when the matter is resolved, or will you be posting the outcome as a comment to this hub?

    • mandybeau profile image


      9 years ago

      Mmmm and I had the same type of scenario with, an Internet Network, whose answering agency did not want, or was not allowed to say in which part of the World, their answering service was situated. I noticed that they all had American accents, so somewhat stupidly I assumed America.

      It turned out Phillipines, and the Staff were working completely from an Operations manual, which set out exactly what to say to frustrated customers. Briefly if you became to much of a pain they gave you a code number, and asked you to call back

      I ended up with about eleven of these codes until finally, I got someone with an I.Q. higher than a Gnat, and he said tell me again whats happened. I waffled on, same as I am doing now telling whole saga.

      He fixed it within 2 minutes. Its amazing how bad it has got.

    • bgpappa profile image


      9 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Sorry about your troubles, there are a lot of stories like this. Courts are too expensive to deal with these types of issues. The best thing to do is what you did, tell people about it. Let us consumers hear these stories so we can make an educated decision about where and how we spend our money. Thanks for sharing.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Wow! Thanks a lot guys for visiting and your great advice! I will definitely keep it for the next case, which no doubt will come eventually :)

      Sunforged, I already sent the check, so we will see how this unfolds :)

    • sunforged profile image


      9 years ago from

      Its seems like Chrissy covered what was going to be my suggestion in a very thorough and correct manner.

      When I was a Verizon Customer, I called every month and complained and badgered about my bill..I usually didnt bother with the automated service at the time and still on most services you can just press"0" over and over again until it says now contacting you to live helps if you have speakerphone.

      But my roomate and I shared a plan, and we used to make a contest over how much we could get taken off the bill each month...they even eventually gave me a custom price on a plan!

      I was going to suggest going to an actual Verizon location and staying until the problem was resolved....although since you are now in collections Im not sure you will still be considered a valued customer- haggling collections down to %50 of teh bill is prob your fastest easiest solution, although it hurst to pay an unwarranted bill, It also stinks to spend hours fighting over what could prob be dropped down to a 35-40 bill...opportunity costs and credit rating considered

      good luck

      I wrote all this and then saw that you had received the bill 3 days ago-you should shred it and haggle with collections instead, its not that uncommon to pay a bill to the original creditor, only to find out that collections never finds this out and continues to harass you for years to come (do some work with a bankruptcy firm)

    • Chrissy Says... profile image

      Chrissy Says... 

      9 years ago from Wenatchee, WA

      Ahhh, cell phone companies. As a matter of fact, I worked for Verizon (and Sprint and T-Mobile) as an independent dealer at Costco in Washington State. Here are some words of advice from someone who almost DAILY spent hours on hold and on the line with customer service for my customers. Probably a little too late for advice, but here goes:

      I don't know exactly where you live, BUT the key to dealing with these problems is in-person contact. (If you know what Costco is and are a member, I HIGHLY suggest speaking with them if they have a wireless kiosk in their store. All of the kiosks I worked in or visited took this matter VERY seriously.) Verizon does have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings, (next to T-Mobile, who I personally recommend) but I would never choose phone contact over in-person service no matter who I'm dealing with. If Costco isn't nearby, find your nearest Verizon CORPORATE store, this is very important! Aside from Costco, I would never recommend going to a 3rd party seller because they literally have very limited access to billing, notes and the account in general. So the store needs to be strictly Verizon and you HAVE to speak directly to a manager. And finally, do NOT leave until they have solved this issue. I do NOT care what they tell you or that it's out of their hands, make a big enough deal and they will make it their problem. It may only be $73, but it's money that was never supposed to have been charged in the first place. Things to make VERY clear to them: You called and cancelled BEFORE the connection was a problem. As long as you were out of your 2-year contract, all should be peachy no matter what your cause for cancelling was. (This should all be in the notes on your account. They can look when you called and if there's nothing in the notes, someone was not doing their job.) Also, tell them your address was always up to date. Don't let them try to make it someone else's fault. And if they still say that because the bill was already sent to collections they can't touch it and you need to contact the collection agency directly, call BS. They created the problem and sent it, they need to make it right by you. Obviously if they can send it to collections, then they know enough about the company to take it back - Tell THEM to call the collection agency and/or customer service, seriously...I bet if you refuse to leave until they amend it, it will be done on the spot. Trust me, I was a third party rep. and I still managed to do all this for a customer in the SAME predicament...Even over the phone. Took me literally about 5 hours, but they left the store with the problem solved.

      It's situations like this that irritate the living crap outta me...(IE. This looong comment.) But remember, stay strong, bring every single piece of paperwork you can that relates with you (and I mean EVERY one.) be patient, and most of all stay calm - No yelling, or being rude just be firm. (Odds are the person dealing with this issue isn't the one who created this problem, but it is their duty to fix it.) This will take some time, but if you know who to talk to, it should be done within 48 hours. Good luck!! -Chrissy

    • pricelessway profile image

      Lola Stoney 

      9 years ago from United Kingdom


      Very interesting letter. Anyway you got a reply and I also hope this will come to an end soon and your case resolved – just as you wish!


    • Jennifer Bhala profile image

      Jennifer Bhala 

      9 years ago from Upstate New York

      They have a monopoly where we live. We have no choice but to use Verizon.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      "Hi!" "Misha!" Welcome to the club!"

      "I consider Verizon to be a company that prays on individuals who cannot understand and read their phone bill which is more disturbing then the U.S. Tax Returns....each year."

      "Great hub with a talkie view point!"

      "Two thumbs up!"


      CEO E.S.A.H.S. Association

    • JamHan profile image


      9 years ago from Dixieland

      justmesuzanne Quote: "Perhaps you should send them a bill for your time and business loss"

      I heard about someone in NY who did this with his telephone co. and got paid!!!

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Thanks a bunch everybody for stopping by and supporting me!


      I finally received this bill last week. Just half a year later :)

      I checked with my bank, and I am certain I did not pay it, and I did not pay anything to Verizon around that time. So I am sending a check to them today, this is hopefully over - providing they credit it properly :D

      And I think I have one more customer service documentary coming, this time from Commission Junction. Stay tuned :)

    • ClaudiaP profile image


      9 years ago from California

      As annoying as the situation must be in practice, it's good you can make fun of it.

    • SandraBean profile image


      9 years ago from Canada

      Any news? Did you ever receive your bill?

    • Mr Nice profile image

      Mr Nice 

      9 years ago from North America

      Kakdila Misha,

      Do you really mean Verizon shines or all the cute girls photos on your hub. Did you applied your flirting tactics with Verizon customer service ladies. My suggestion just pay the bill online through your Bank or send them a check do not waste your energy because that pin might not come on time again. Save some energy for hubpages too.........hahaha

    • elitesystem profile image


      9 years ago from VA, USA

      heh! this is hilarious!

    • MellasViews profile image


      9 years ago from Earth

      lol. tmobile is like that. Im supposed to get a bill once a month, yet for some sly reason these cats think they can charge me my monthly bill not once, but twice. Im getting very very suspicious that Im getting ripped off?!?!... lol.

    • Lifebydesign profile image


      9 years ago from Australia

      Misha, I can totally relate. btw someone twittered his customer service dealings with a big US company and they took note quick smart.

    • anjalichugh profile image


      9 years ago from New York

      I'm sure there would be hundreds of thousands of such instances where these collection agencies have popped in for no rhyme or reason. Things have become so mechanical these days that even without checking the records, the default letters are automatically generated from the computer systems of the companies and sent to collection agencies for recovery. Most of us have encountered such unnecessary hassles and wasted precious time in mitigation procedures. Thx for sharing.

    • AppGal330 profile image


      9 years ago


      Wonderful hub! I had a similar situation a few years back with T-mobile. I know exactly what you mean about the automated system! grrrrrr! I absolutely HATE those things!! All these companies speak about how important customer service is, but they outsource the calls to countries where the people don't even speak English and/or stick us with some voice robot! As for me, I solved the problem with T-mobile after 2 weeks, did a little research online and found the address for the "home" office and the name of the president of the company. ;) I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when he got my registered letter with copies of the check that I in fact HAD paid the bill. Good luck with your battle and let us know the outcome.


    • sheenarobins profile image


      9 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      I used to work for Sprint and this does happen. I quit, I thought I was stopping a huge pile of bricks from falling over me. It's not just the call center agents, they do their part but if the system sucks, they can only do so much and still it sucks.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Thanks guys :)

      Foxility, no doubt in that :)

      Ajcor, I will include in the second letter - if needed :D

    • ajcor profile image


      9 years ago from NSW. Australia

      it sure does happen all over the world - I found myself just this morning yelling at an automated telco machine posing as a woman!

      re. your great hub page letter - did you think of including your hubpage link in your letter to them? - after all this information will be out there for all to see on the internet for quite some time - including all those insightful comments backing your experiences up ....something to think about maybe.. cheers

    • foxility profile image


      9 years ago

      Oh! I think a lot of people can relate.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Thanks for stopping by guys! :)

      WM, you are welcome :)

      EG, yeah, it definitely could be a size problem. However, I never heard of them making mistakes to customer benefit, somehow it always to their benefit...

      GV, I do a lot of things online, too. In fact I do all what is possible online. But in this case they disable your online access as soon as you close the account...

    • glassvisage profile image


      9 years ago from Northern California

      I've definitely heard of something like this happening... that's why I do online statements!

    • eaglegordon profile image


      9 years ago

      Had to read this one. I went a couple of rounds with quest on an exact same issue.

      I dropped the long distance, and they never sent me a last bill on it.

      Next thing 6 months later I get a collection notice from a collector.

      Tracked it down, and contacted Qwest directly. Paid the bill over the phone, and a month later get a refund back for the same amount. (my thought - this ain't good).

      6 months later again, another collection notice. I challenged the collector and sent him scrurring.

      3 months later they move against me with tryng to file something on my credit report. Enough - back to qwest I go. Get through the automated phone service, get through a few layers to someone who would really know (I haven't had an account with Qwest for a year now - so that complicates it).

      Finally a decision maker gets involved, I owe and if I call this certain number can make payment. At last we get someone, and it's credited to right part of the bill.

      It's finally paid, and to the right company (no collector)

      Big corporations are too big.

    • Wednesday Morning profile image

      Wednesday Morning 

      9 years ago

      Misha, Great letter. Thanks for the laughs.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Thank you guys - and Happy New Year! :)

      Cflynn, sure, write your own one! :)

      Bruce, thanks :)

      Proud Mom, nope, it does not happen that fast, give it a couple of months :D

      TMG, thanks for the counter-strike idea. I'll pass on it for now, but will keep it in mind if they keep harassing me :)

      CW, thank you, and may this year be as wonderful to you as you yourself are :)

      Sg, not sure what your point is, but thanks anyway :)

    • sgjerome profile image


      9 years ago from Singapore

      We are talking to machine every day. But when come to money matter machine cannot handle the emotion human have

    • countrywomen profile image


      9 years ago from Washington, USA

      Happy New Year Misha. Hope you have a early resolution to this issue and this year turn to be a really Happy New Year for you.

    • TheMoneyGuy profile image


      9 years ago from Pyote, TX

      I think you should have attached a bill for your time. If they don't pay file a small claims suit they won't waste the money to show and will just pay you. Learning how to file lawsuits was one of the most valuable skills I have picked up. It is only fair, I am sure you value your time as much as I do.


    • Proud Mom profile image

      Proud Mom 

      9 years ago from USA

      pgrundy, write away! I'll be right over to read it!

      Any word yet, Misha? I keep checking back hoping to hear you nailed them to the wall!

    • Bruce Elkin profile image

      Bruce Elkin 

      9 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada

      Loved it, Misha. So universal. We've all had these problems with companies. Thanks!

    • cflynn profile image


      9 years ago from Ireland

      Great hub Misha

      i have just showed it to a friend who has been trying to cancell a gym membership for over a year!! I may just end up hubbing about that also!! so thanks for the encouragement i am keen to see how you get on.

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Wow Trish, quite an experience you had in this area! Thanks for your advice and support. :)

      Darlene, thanks, in my personal experience the bigger company is the less it cares. They probably have other business that pays better than customer service...

    • DarleneMarie profile image


      9 years ago from USA

      I think the more we advance technologically, the less personal service oriented we become.

      You would think such a large company would be on their toes and would've sent you a bill long ago. I wonder how they stay in business with those types of practices.

    • trish1048 profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi Misha,

      Excellent letter.  I certainly am looking forward to hearing more of this continuing saga.

      First, I have to admit, I am a Verizon customer, and am thankful, after reading this, that so far, I've had absolutely no trouble with them.  That said, I've had similar experiences with smaller companies.

      One I reference in my hub 'The Customer is Always Right', where I tell of being offered an opportunity to purchase an electric typewriter for $15.  That amount changed, and I was told my choice was to return it or pay the higher price that Home Office was dictating.  I kept it.  You can see the results in my hub.

      Another time, I hired a local contractor to install a furnace in my home.  I paid him 2/3 of the bill up front.  The installation was a failure, and I called several times to ask him to come fix the problem.  No reply.  One day, I'm at a local bar, go into the restroom, and a woman accosts me and says hey, you owe my brother money.  I said like hell I do, when he fixes the problem he can have the remaining money.  Never heard from him again, and had to have someone else come fix it.  I got screwed over the money I paid the jerk, and I don't, to this day, know why in the hell I didn't pursue it.

      Another instance was when my late hubby and I hired a company to put siding on our home.  They came, finished the job, and all seemed well.  A few months later, we experienced problems with the installation.  Pieces were falling off the house and other parts leaked.  When we tried to reach them, we found out they 'went out of business'.  We were still being billed for the work.  So I, like you, wrote a letter and basically said, consider this letter as your final payment.  Your work was unsatisfactory so you breached whatever contract we signed.  Had you bothered to rectify our situation, you would now have the remaining money in your greedy little hands.  Never heard from them again.

      Thanks for sharing!  You might want to consider getting an action news reporter involved if it comes to that (if you have one of those in your area), and your story will be aired on the news.

      Good luck!

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      LOL Pam, your comments benefit any hub they are placed on, I am not bothered a tiny bit, and happy to read whatever else you can post :)

      And yeah, I too think they do this on purpose, it's too much for a regular mistake, and does happen too often to be considered such. Internet is full of complaints.

      I don't think there is a need to invent a new word for this - stealing is stealing, no matter who does it. However, in such cases the proper word would have been robbery I think, because they scare you into handing them your money, not just steal it silently...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Misha, I believe that they SOOOOOO do this on purpose. I know that sounds like some kind of conspiracy theory, but it happens A LOT, too many times for it to be accidental. They are hoping you will give up and just pay them to get out of collections. They know you won't go to the trouble of getting an attorney and so forth, and they don't really care if you owe the money or not--you probably don't owe it, but again, they are counting on you caring so much about your credit worthiness that you just cough it up. AOL was sued and lost over exactly this kind of BS, and continues to do it anyway. Even with their legal costs, it's profitable.

      We used to call it stealing. I don't know what you call it when a big corporation does it. Innovation maybe.

      The same thing happened to Bill when we moved to Michigan and he terminated his cell phone plan with Sprint so we could have a single plan. We save about $40 a month, and his contract had long expired--he'd been with them over ten years and was on month to month--just like you, with a perfect payment history. About a month later he got (in the same day) a letter saying "We miss you, please come back!" and a letter from a collections agency claiming he owed over $300 in "early termination fees." LOL! The same day!

      When I worked in the call center I sat behind a girl who won Verizon's Employee of the Year award (at their call center) before coming to our call center. They gave her a plaque with her name in gold and Employee of the Year on it, then laid her off, permanently, the same day. Moved the whole operation overseas.

      I hate these places. God Misha now I'm so worked up I'm going to have to write my own hub just to stop bothering yours! Thanks! (I think...)

    • Misha profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from DC Area

      Jana, thanks, I'm afraid it's not an easy task :)

      CW, thanks again! And no, it was not drunk driving, it was just speeding. :P Also, I am old enough to not let a single case to change my opinion on something, but I am old enough to know the difference between single case and system :)

      Ashwin, thanks! I still can't recover, but this is not because of Verizon, this is because of global economic downturn that just happened to coincide :)

      HBC, thanks - but I don't think Google will bother with solving my problems for me :)

      Clara - I can't believe you are back just to post on my hub! I feel honored! Thanks for stumbling, it did bring some nice traffic :) Even more thanks for SCC - I did not know about it, and I am definitely putting them on the list with BBB. Looks like now I am well prepared for the next round :) Have to tell you you are missing on a lot of fun down here, come more often, and we will promote you, too :)

      RA, thanks, I will keep you updated:)

      Brian, thanks, I hope so too :)

      Freddie, thanks, I am doing exactly that and even better - I am having a paper trail now, not email one. It is a much better evidence in court. And when was Verizon small? When it was Bell Atlantic? ;)

      Proud Mom, thanks, I'll try to win anyway :)


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