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water baloon terrorism

Updated on June 20, 2010

Oh the Terror

When Beheadings Fail

The Taliban are changing tactics as Americans become desensitised to thier YouTube videos of beheading infidels
The Taliban are changing tactics as Americans become desensitised to thier YouTube videos of beheading infidels

Response to the AquaTerror

Follow this link to read the backstory

Wow, well all I can say is, “Only in America.” Ok, so let’s take a minute to see why the overreaction. We’ll also have to take a moment to look at more contemporary issues and local current events.

This incident comes in the wake of “…four Meadowcreek High School students were arrested and charged with throwing a bleach-filled balloon at a 14-year-old middle school student on May 26, the last day of school.” (Habersham 2010). So as can be expected, there’s a bit of a crack down on similar incidents. It seems like all the pieces came together and Jerrod did the wrong thing at the wrong time and is being hemmed up by a legal system trying to do the “right” thing.

But is it really the “right” thing?

Under Georgia law, anyone who "shoots or throws an object at a conveyance which is being operated or which is occupied by passengers" commits a terroristic act. (Habersham 2010)

That’s such a random thing to put in the books, you have to ask what they were thinking. Well, apparently Georgia Code - Crimes and Offenses - Title 16, Section 16-11-37 is the law that governs terrorism and it surprising predates 9/11. The objective of this was to target gangs that often used terror tactics to keep the civilian population under their control and prevent the reporting of crimes or citizens providing information to police. This law was meant to prevent obstruction of justice (LexisNexis 1998).

By federal regulations, Terrorism is actually a political action that is geared towards influencing government action. It is defined by U.S. Code Title 22, Ch.38, Para. 2656f(d)(2) as:

“premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents” (Zalman 2010)

Based on these definitions, lacking any political agenda, this Tom Foolery, while immature and a violation of lesser laws against rabble rousing and miscellaneous chicanery, was by far, no act of terrorism. And if this guy really was a terrorist, he needs to join Al Qaeda or the Taliban and train them so we can end this war with Super Soakers and bring out troops home faster. There are too many real threats to our great nation to waste our time on nonsense like this.

The next question will be whether or not some jack in the box will act without thinking and blindly apply the letter of the law, or will the spirit of the law be maintained while true justice is upheld.

In other news, the terror plot by the KKK to dress up as ghosts for Halloween and run around saying “Boo!” at Trick-or-Treaters was averted thanks to a tip of by Tooth Fairy.


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Al Qaeda's Secret Weapon


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    • Lance Crowe profile image

      Lance Crowe 7 years ago

      Hey hotaru80,

      I can’t really speak on the kids that threw the bleach balloons at the middle schooler, there was obviously some back-story leading up to that event. The culprits claim that they “didn’t realize how harmful the bleach could be.” They further stated that their intention was to ruin the clothes of the victim. This seems like a case of more free time than common sense, and the kicker is that there was an adult involved.

      As for Jerrod, well, the fact that he ran away suggests that he’s still not mature enough to take responsibility for his actions and the fact that his $16,800 bail was paid the next day suggests that he’s probably used to getting bailed out of trouble not just jail. Reque’s father commented that “kids have been throwing water balloons for years.” He’s right, but the fact that he would say such a thing suggests that his son may have been in an environment that may have inclined Jerrod to succumb to peer-pressure. The fact that he was with three females makes it more than likely the was trying to show off and the fact that they sold him out so quickly leads me to believe that they weren’t necessarily close with him. So it looks like he’s immature, doesn’t recognize the impact of his actions or the consequences of his decisions and has been sheltered in such a way that he hasn’t needed to be responsible for much thus far allowing him to chase popularity and social validation or other approval from his peers.

    • profile image

      hotaru80 7 years ago

      Okay, while I can see and agree that compared to other events happening in the news this is not even a bleep on the radar screen.But, being a mother I wonder what the hell was going on in the kid's head that made him want to fill a balloon with bleach and throw it at someone or throw water filled balloons at cars. Is this just "Tom Foolery" as you say or is this kid just a month or two away from torturing stray neighborhood animals and becoming the newest serial killer?