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Wealth Protection 101: How to Protect Your Wealth From the Debt Ceiling and the Fiscal Cliff

Updated on November 8, 2013

This article will outline how to protect your wealth from the vagaries of the debt ceiling, the fiscal cliff, and mindless politicians who are bent on destroying our way of life.

With the current decline of the economy of the world, it is imperative that you take steps that will help you protect your wealth. Wealth protection can be said to be the means through which you can preserve your wealth simply by investing your money in things that are not depreciating but are appreciating. A good way of preserving your money is by investing it in solid minerals like gold and silver. These have held their values, in good times and bad, for centuries and are expected to significantly increase in value over the coming years.

Preservation of wealth is becoming the focal point of present-day economics due to the rate of inflation all over the world. Wealth protection helps you maintain your status in the area of your finance.

Silver as a Means of Wealth Protection

Silver is one of the means of protecting your wealth and you can achieve this by investing your money in silver. In China, it has been noted that silver is fast becoming a way of investing in order to preserve the wealth you have attained.

At the New York Stock Exchange, it was visibly noted that the value of silver appreciated a great deal and the rate of the appreciation was about 0.19% as at the close of the market sometime in the year 2012. Gold traditionally leads the way in any market rally and this allows investors to profit if they can spot the trend and profit handsomely from its movement up.

In China which is the world's second largest country, silver also appreciated in the China Stock Exchange in the year 2012. It appreciated at the rate of 15% (fifteen percent). It has also been noted that the value of silver will keep appreciating at the various stock exchange markets because of the present decline in the state of the world economy.

At the various US Stock Exchange Markets, Silver is believed to be the best form of financial investment in this year 2013 as a way of preserving wealth. This is so because investors now believe in silver as an alternative means of preserving wealth to prevent it from declining.

In China, silver is also believed to also be a very good way of preserving wealth through investment in the solid mineral. It is strongly believed that in China, silver will appreciate to about 10% (ten percent) in this year as a result of the interest of investors in this metal.

Gold as a Means of Wealth Protection

Another solid mineral or metal (if you so wish to call it so) is gold. It is no longer news that the world economy is fast on the decline as a result of the rate of inflation that is going on around the world.

Gold is believed to be the second good metal to invest in after silver. In China, gold is believed to also have appreciated this past year as an alternative means of wealth protection as against physical money or cash.

U.S. States Move to Bring Back the Gold Standard

In China, metal is believed to be the country's most demanded means of alternative wealth protection and it falls at about the rate of 33% (Thirty - Three percent) while the rest comes from electrical appliances that are powered through solar panels and then photography.

The use of metal as an alternative means of wealth protection is fast becoming an accepted norm because of the fact that some bankers and banks are no longer to be trusted with physical cash apart from the global economic depression and inflation.

There are people that have stored silver up to 13,000 (Thirteen Thousand) tons in just a single year and it is still reliably believed that the storage of silver will also increase until it gets to about 77,000 (Seventy - Seven Thousand) tons.

Due to the increase in the demand of metals as an alternative means of investment especially silver, a lot of investors are now hoarding it in the forms of unrefined silver and also in the form of ingots.

It is on this final note that we advise you to invest in gold and silver in this coming year as an alternative method of financial investment.


Make Retirement A Choice, Not A Happenstance!

  1. Take a financial picture of your affairs.
  2. Prepare a Net Worth Statement.
  3. Identify options to your portfolio selections.
  4. Understand the long-term power of gold.
  5. Keep vigilant as the years go by.
  6. Be ready to take corrective action as needed.

Do You Believe the Gold Standard Will Make a Return?

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Protect Your Assets


  1. Understand your financial situation.
  2. Recognize that you are in control of your affairs.
  3. Do not rely on government for any assistance.
  4. Choose from available options.
  5. Guard your wealth by making gold bullion a part of your portfolio.


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