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We Can Stand

Updated on September 25, 2015
T Garcia Martinez profile image

"Dear Aunty" is the alter ego of author Kartanya Martinez. 'Aunty' is a little bit sassy, naughty & swears a little bit.

How many more hurdles are we going to have to endure? How many more dark alleys are we going to be pulled into for “questioning?” How many more times are we going to be forced to rummage through our personal papers to find the receipt for our laptop or f**king toaster? How many more times are we going to be followed by a cop right up on our arse with lights on high beam that has no intention of pulling you over, but who's sole joy is to intimidate you, try and force you to f**k up so they can have a “reason”? How many more mothers will be fined for breastfeeding their infant on a train? How many more times will food be taken from our children’s lunch boxes because a system deems it unhealthy to eat? How many more times will we allow our children to be suspended or expelled from school for the act of hugging another student? How many more times will we allow our hard earned money be collected as revenue for unlawful laws that are outside the realms of our constitution and plunge us into a lower standard of living? How many more times will we drive past an Australian truck driver we witness having his bedding, clothing, and mattress thrown out of his cab onto the road in the rain by overzealous law enforcers? How much longer will we ignore the child being tazered, chased or unlawfully questioned?

When will we say to our governments that you cannot take my house and sell it for non-payment of a fine or under the suspicion of unexplained wealth? When will we shake the shackles that have been snapped onto our minds and no longer ignore a brother being cuffed, searched, and detained on the side of the road as mere visuals to endorse the tyranny the government reins him in on? How long will it take us to yell loud and clear that the government is getting it wrong we want paedophiles harshly dealt with, perpetrators of the elderly equally punished hard? How many more of our children, our men must we hold after we have cut them from the branch they have hung themselves to, has taken them from us because they see no way out of the world that is oppressing them? How much longer will we watch our borders and over our shoulders for invaders that we have been disarmed from protecting ourselves against? When will we make a stand against the elite corporate fat cats and gluttonous governments that grow fatter on what they take from us to stock their caviar, cigar and wine boxes? How many more deaths from cold or heat will we witness because Australian Battler Families are too afraid of the cost of electricity to keep their elderly or young warm or cool? How well do we sleep at night knowing that the growing numbers of homeless people are due to carbon tax, impossible rent and fuel prices, food prices and their hip pockets being double hit by the robotic morons who enforce the laws of a corrupt system?

I grow tired listing all these things we know the answer to... We know we are in trouble, mere fodder for the vultures that have us blockaded in their corral. We know this is wrong, we know this is corrupt, we know it is not going to go away. We know that the last 20+ years fighting them on their terms, on their territory will not succeed... We are nothing more to them than feral rabbits that they have spent a lot of time, money and herding us into the fence feeding us all a bad virus through their laws and media with the end hope of control and extermination of freedom, non-conformity and their end goal of enforced nonexistence to anybody that is not them.

We can stand!! There is nothing to fear!! There is no greater power than us my Brothers and Sisters, they are afraid of us why do you think they go so hard? Brothers & Sisters, revolution, rebel & reclaim before it is too late!

Which Crimes Do You Think The Government Should Concentrate More On In Australia & Introduce Harsher Laws For?

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© 2015 Kartanya Martinez


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