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What Has Happened To Us As a Society?

Updated on June 4, 2013

Today I am Mad, Upset and Disappointed

Today, outside my home, a woman was killed when she was hit by not one, but by two cars. The saddest part of it all – neither stopped and just drove away! I have been sitting here all day trying to figure out what kind of society we have become. What kind of person would do that? I guess in some ways, I can understand shock, not knowing what to do or to feel like you are in a dream. Me personally, I would have pulled over a couple blocks away and got out of my car and stood on the side of the road for a few minutes, pulling myself together, and then calling 911 from where I was standing. But, these two people just kept driving!

This woman was 50, has children, parents, brothers and sisters, but neither one of these two drivers even considered that. What is the most disgusting thing about this whole situation, people continued to drive around her and not even stop. One of the persons whom lived on the street ran out from her house and just held her hand until she was gone! The only person to care had to come running out of her house to show some compassion.

Is this what we have become? Is this what us as human beings have decided we want to be? Are we so busy that we cannot even stop to help someone in distress? Are we really that busy? Do we have to get to work that quickly? I was already at work for the day, but if I were there, I know for sure that I would have been out of my car in an instant helping her as much as I could.

What really gets me about this whole situation, what if one of those drivers that just drove by, lost their cell phone? I can tell you right now, they would turn back home, dig apart the house, car and even our backpacks or purses. They would be willing to waste 2 hours out of their day to find that cell phone and when they got to work explain this to their Boss, and for some reason, their Boss would completely understand! So what make us think that the same Boss that forgave us about the cellphone incident, would not understand about the woman being hit by the car and you had to remain as a witness or to try to assist? Or could it be that they had to wait for a red light to respond to that text and really was not paying attention to the road?

I truly believe that technology is taking over our lives. I remember a day when we would all leave a few minutes early for work, so we could get a cup of coffee before starting our day. Now, we have our insulated coffee cups ready to go, sitting right beside our coffee pot(which is set to a time right before we leave in the morning), just so we don’t have to walk across the kitchen to get our coffee mugs(because that will take us an extra 30 seconds). But, one things for sure, we checked our Facebook, Twitter, and email before getting that coffee cup off the counter. Then on the way to work, we are hoping for a red light so we can quickly respond to the person on the other side of the text because we can’t wait the 10 minutes it will take us to get to work. WE LIVED WITHOUT ALL THIS TECHNOLOGY BEFORE!!! We can do it again!

My only two questions to each of the persons whom just drove around this poor woman “1)what did you think she was doing there? Sleeping? Passed Out? Would it matter even the reason? 2)What if this was one of your family members, how would you feel right now?” I am sure all of the persons that drove away are rethinking their decision, but it is just TOO DAMM LATE!!! There is absolutely no excuse, PERIOD!!!

I have so many things going on in my mind right now, but one thing is for sure, this poor woman and her family are in my heart and prayers and I can only hope that us as a community can only see this as a huge mistake on our part. To help this family in any way we can and make sure that they at least know that their community is there for them, NOW. But, is it too late?!


Today, February 22, 2013, one driver has turned himself in!! 23 years old and now his life has changed forever. Before, he may have had some charges like vehicular manslaughter, or maybe just a suspended license. Now, he is being charged with murder and fleeing the scene!

Yes, there is shock, but at the same time - there is compassion for the life lost. It should not have taken him a whole day to turn himself in!

Now, awaiting for the other driver to turn themselves in! I will keep you posted!


Second driver is still nowhere to be found. The police have found the car though!! I just wish this person would turn themselves in and make face! The family deserves that much!

How Would You Feel if This Happened in Your Community?

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    • hurdlesgreetings profile image

      hurdlesgreetings 4 years ago

      This is so true always exploring. We just need to take 10 deep breaths throughout our day just so we can have some down time to think about all the things that matter to us!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      How very sad. When are we ever going to realize that life moves so fast. We need to slow down and show some humanity toward our neighbors. I wonder if we ever will, i hope so. Thank you...

    • hurdlesgreetings profile image

      hurdlesgreetings 4 years ago

      Thank you for your comments TheFIttestDad! Unfortunately, a person had to lose their life for us to understand how bad it is becoming. I have never been more disappointed in my community and I am completely ashamed. We need to be a community again and not just a bunch of neighbors that don't even know each other's names!

    • TheFittestDad profile image

      Ken 4 years ago from Jersey Shore

      It is really sad what we have let our society become! We now cater to the lazy and accept people not taking responsibility for there actions. We are in trouble. Good hub!