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What Is Money?

Updated on July 7, 2012

Defination of money

Money: something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment

Gimme your money
Gimme your money

What Is Money?

What is money? Many people have varying ideas of what money is. It means different things to different people. Some place a great deal of importance on money, others don't.

What is money? Some call it a form of measurement. It can measure wealth, prestige, social order, or your own self worth. Today our money is paper, but go back a few hundred years and wealth was land, cattle, horses, and in the worst era, the number of slaves. Some of that still has worth, but paper dollar bills still rule.

What is money? A few call it power. Money can give you power. However you have to be around those with less money to assert "money power". If you were alone, would that money still provide you with power.

What is money? Some call it the root of all evil. I'm not a historian, but back before the days of money, wasn't evil around? If money is evil, why do the churches ask for it? I don't believe they exorcise the money, driving the evil out of it. No, the root of evil is the love of money. We are addicted to getting more then we need and will resort to evil means to get it. The less money you have the greater the risk of evil.

So, what is money? Money is a system of trust and confidence .You and othersĀ  must believe that that piece of paper has a value. Even though you can't see it, you must have the faith. You must believe that with money you can acquire the things for survival. You have to trust that those around you will have those same beliefs. Once a large enough group decide that rocks have more value the the pictures of Presidents, money will be worthless.

The future may become a moneyless society. As gift cards and debit cards become more popular, the use, and existence, of actual money may disappear. Then our trust will be placed in the computers monitoring the flow of our new currency .

So it doesn't matter what form money is. You have to trust that whatever shape or form it takes, that it has value.Maybe those days of bartering made more sense. At least I'd get something physical in return for giving something physical. No faith or trust involved.


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