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Why I Love President Donald Trump

Updated on April 25, 2020
Susan Shienfield profile image

Susan is a intuitive stress therapist with over 35 years in private practise. She helps guide people to help deal with their stress.

But can only vote for him with my heart

Although I live in Florida half the year, own my own home, do not burden the health care system or any other government social service, I cannot vote because I am a Canadian Citizen.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be a Canadian, however, when I hear the song at an event “I’m proud to be an American…….. I get shivers up and down my spine. The energy and pride exuding from everyone in the room is riveting. The first time I experienced it was at a Tunnels for Towers golf tournament, to help fund a house for a wounded veteran.

It was riveting, something I had never experienced at a Canadian fund raiser that affected me so deeply. It wasn’t just the cause, as I’ve been to many Canadian golf fund raisers where the causes can also pull on your heart strings.

It was how the people in the room reacted. Their facial expression, their bellowing out the song as if each and everyone in the room was related to the recipient. And then I had an ahah moment. Americans have such a strong connection to being American that despite their differing opinions they mostly agree on this one thing and are proud of their country and flag. This is something I had never experienced back at my northern home.

Don’t get me wrong. Canadians care just as much but tend to express their differences very politely while being mindful of being politically correct.

All of that collective American pride and patriotic positive energy changed my perspective at the start of the 2016 presidential campaign and continued to escalate to this day.

1. The Day the First Virus came to Be

To me, that was the real first day of the pandemic for the Left. Trump was seen as the deadly virus that was going to kill them and the planet as they understood it. The fight to eradicate Covid Trump-16 had begun.

At first it was the fault of the basket of deplorables who were infected early in the campaign by Covid Trump-16. Only through extensive testing post the election was it discovered that those infected and carriers had in their genes the ingredients that allowed the host to enter. They shopped at Walmart, were racist, xenophobic, hated immigrants, … well you know the drill. These people were well studied and models were set up showing if something wasn’t done to stop them millions would be infected leading to death and the end of the world as this host had the power to infect every other country as well.

Once elected Covid Trump-16 needed to be eradicated. The scientists (politicians) worked around the clock working with other collaborators around the world looking for a vaccination or medication to destroy the virus. In labs around the world experiments were hatched. Russia lab, the Muller lab, the impeachment lab, the Ukraine phone in lab, to no avail despite the millions of dollars invested. The scientists (politicians) were having melt downs. Main stream media were overheard on a hot mike saying “come on man can’t you kill this virus yet, we’re giving you as much press as you like and will tell the public anything you want us to say without verifying sources but you got to give us the cure for Covid Trump-16.”

2. How and Where Did Covid Trump-16 Come To BE?

It started out in New York. Right under our eyes and built steam like a locomotive. First in Trump gobbling up real estate, construction of hotels, golf courses and mesmerizing the public using mind control on The Apprentice.

3. How Did He Reach Those Deplorables?

Trump felt the best way to teach his son was by example and showed him how he communicated with the people who worked for him. Speaking at length to all the trades, he wanted to understand what did they do and how did they do it. What did they need to do their job well and how could he help them reach their goals. Sometime unbeknownst to the worker they would get side tract and end up spilling more then they intended. Stories of their sick relative who just arrived to New York and had no insurance as well as many more stories of people’s tragedies.

When they got back to the office his young son would play while his father would make phone calls instructing his staff to make checks out to the people he spoke to that day who were in need, but always anonymously. Although his father never told him directly what he was doing, his father knew teach by example..

4. How Did They Get The Models So Wrong?

Going back now to the presidential campaign of 2016. Every one was buzzing with excitement about the almost for sure reality of voting in the first female president of the United States. I, like everyone was riveted to the campaign hype and looking forward to the debate. Who was this man daring to run and stand in the way of history about to be made, a female president.

After the first debate with Hillary I realized I saw something very different than all the hype. My dilemma … was I going to keep my thoughts to myself and follow the herd mentality or stand out and stand up for my opinion and observations. I really didn’t know how vicious it was going to get.

I got my first taste when my friend and I were on our routine walk. It started then with “can you believe what a horrible person he is”….or something similar to that. My response was what do you mean by that? The tirade began and I was to hear it a million more times from her and every main stream media outlet.

He is a racist pig who cheats in business, his wife and his girlfriends. He cheats his workers, everyone is suing him, he’s an ego maniac, narcistic, hates fat women, ugly women, has orange hair, orange face, hates the Jews, the Muslims, hates anyone who isn’t furthering his financial empire. Thank god he doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning.

Her words were racing in my mind, do I play nice or say how differently I feel. After all I respect what she has to say and how she feels, shouldn’t I expect the same from her? After all we are dear friends and I know she doesn’t think I’m an idiot.

5. I Thought you were Smart, What Happened?

Well every one is allowed to have an opinion except if you like Trump. From that walk to this day I have been called everything nasty by my friends, my American family; everything but, I don’t agree with you but I respect your right to your opinion. All I kept hearing was I thought you were smarter then that.

No one was ever interested in why I liked him or what insights I had that they didn’t. It soon began clear that their hate was not about a difference in policy but they couldn’t stand his vibe, the way he looked, the way he talked, the energy he exuded and nothing I said logically penetrated. Because I respected their right to their opinion I wasn’t trying to persuade them to change their mind, just don’t vilify mine.

6. The Secret Ingredient Why I Would Vote for Trump?

I’m a intuitive healer who has practiced my gift for over 35 years. I can read what’s behind people’s masks, I can read their energy and can channel messages as to what lies beneath the facade.

I could see, sense on that first debate he was not a perfect person. I could acknowledge that his mask was abrasive even arrogant and narcistic. However as his mask melted away and I could see and read what was behind it, this is what was revealed.

A man who does not need the job nor the tremendous aggravation that is unloaded on him every day to the point of a dump truck of sand trying to muzzle him for good. A flawed human being who I would call perfectly imperfect. A human being who has been called to do his soul’s mission. Something he chose before he even came into this life. A contract that he made with God, the universe, his higher self whomever you believe one deals with when it comes to one’s soul. God (not that he has told me in person) does his work through imperfect people. All the good, the bad and the ugly things we do during our journey called life, are the stepping stones and lessons that were directing us to finally see the light to our mission whether conscious or not.

That’s what I saw at that first debate and continue to see it to this day. All those qualities good and bad that for some only see the bad and for others like myself, evangelists and even business people who chose him as their CEO not their spiritual adviser. The accumulation or the totality of his skills and flaws were the tools he would need to stand up to the real virus Covid-19.

The problem here is not that we have a president unable to deal with the pandemic, but rather a planet that is being destroyed by negative people split on issues around who is leading the country rather than all rowing in the same direction to fight a common enemy. Before you solely look to blame the President for all that is wrong in a world he has inherited and is doing his best to fix, let each of us look at our own perfectly imperfect souls. It’s very easy to sit back and criticize steps he has or hasn’t taken to protect the country, but if any of his critics (press and voters) spent 1 day in his shoes you would see how immense the decisions he makes are and how its not an easy task to make the right decisions and please 300 million shareholders.

As an intuitive, one has to look at intention. Does he mean bad? Does he want the best for the country? What’s really going on behind his mask? I would suggest you have here a flawed human being that has a heart of gold and only wants the best for his country. His delivery and style make not agree with your approach, but we need to look at the results on an overall basis.

Without seeing each of you in person to reveal your own individual mask, I can safely say your survival be it from this pandemic or another catastrophe is, however, releasing the hate, negative thoughts, one day at a time, that is the road to travel to peace.

Even as an intuitive, that’s the job and skills I was born with but my soul has its mission and lessons to learn. I too have negative thoughts and feelings to deal with. For example you might be a doctor, lawyer, teacher accountant and you are a perfectionist at your God given talents. However when you come down from your podium you are perfectly imperfect and are no different then your neighbor or the homeless person in the street. It’s the accumulation of all we’ve learned that has led us to this point…..of do we learn our individual lessons and our responsibility to heal ourself and our part to heal the planet.

I’m an optimist, I believe we can and will. I’m not a physic and can’t see if Donald J. Trump will be re-elected but if he is I hope that all at least respect those who voted for him and instead of hating him pray that God will act through him to help heal our planet.

My hope for each and everyone is to go to your neighbor, friend and family member and say I DON’T AGREE WITH YOU POLITICALLY BUT I RESPECT YOUR RIGHT TO YOUR OPINION AND CHOICE.

Oh? the answer as to why I love President Trump is because it’s the opposite of hate.

.Love & Light,

Susan Shienfield

Intuitive healer


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