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Donald Trump - Racism, Political BS, and White Men

Updated on November 10, 2016

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory and for many months leading up to that fateful day, I keep hearing people say that it is a representation of hidden (or not so hidden) racism and even misogyny in the population. That somehow Trump tapped into this underlying hatred and desire for scapegoating and superiority, be it relative to race, nationality, religion or gender. In my opinion, it is this exact tendency to dismiss events, facts, and opinions, in combination with a general distrust towards the career politician, that played an important role in his election.

Rich, White Slave Drivers

What Trump did was to appeal to a group of voters who felt let down, isolated, scared, trivialized, and/or fed up with the usual political BS. Many of these voters were "white men", a term today that is used synonymously with "entitled, oppressive sub-human". In a world where we are trying to get rid of racial boundaries and not think in terms of white, black, etc. try to keep an eye out on how often "white man" is used as a descriptive derogatory term in the media. All you have to say is “the decision was made by a panel consisting largely of white men” and instantly everyone conjures up images of old, fat, cigar-smoking men with top hats and monocles arguing about how to get the most out of their slaves.

He reached a group of people - not all white and not all men - who were tired of not being able to speak up on key issues without being trivialized or demonized. Who had no voice for their concerns. After all, these days if you are against "illegal immigration" people will say you are against "immigration" and judge you accordingly. If you suggest that illegal immigrants may bring crime and violence, you are racist (even as smoke rises in the distance from places like France, Germany, and Sweden). If you dare to criticize Islam for its connection to terrorism, you are also racist - this despite the fact that Islam is not even a race. Similarly, if you criticize anything that falls under the feminist umbrella you must be a misogynist.

So you see, people who have opposing views to certain mainstream subjects are not just ignored and trivialized, they are branded something that is considered evil and heinous. Something that does not deserve to be taken seriously, no matter what the arguments.

In the world we live in, the picture of a drowned boy on a beach can be shared by millions, but the statistics of rape, violence and murder caused by the ensuing wave of illegal immigration into Europe can be ignored or actively hidden.

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So Why Trump?

Our leaders are dominated by corrupt politicians, who paste a fake smile on their plastic faces and promise you anything you want to hear with carefully crafted speeches. They think we are so blinded by the packaging that we cannot see the product and who pulls the strings. Hillary is a great example – a candidate who had taken money from Lucifer himself, who had changed her views whenever it suited her political agenda, and who had thrown women under the bus when her husband was the accused offender. But she was branded as honest, independent and the defender of all that is estrogen.

Now please understand, I am not saying racism did not play a role for some voters. I am sure it did, as well as other kinds of hatred and discrimination. But I do not believe that this was the main reason behind his election. Trump represents a break from the career politician and from the censorship, and he was able to reach those people who felt let down by the previous administration (whether this concern was reasonable or not) and who were otherwise forgotten or ignored.

So, was Trump a good choice? Oh hell no! For all her faults, the entire world would have slept better at night with Hillary at the helm. But what he represents is important, as is so often the case whenever people turn to extreme measures. He represents a giant FUCK YOU to the establishment, to the blatant political dishonesty, to political correctness, to holding important subjects taboo, and to everyone out there guilty of doing the things I mentioned above. To change things in the future, it is important to understand this. Now let’s just hope he doesn’t blow up the world in the meantime.


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