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Why Always Someone Elses Kids

Updated on January 27, 2010

Haiti: What A Crock

I saw James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr., "the wonderful humanitarian", another Nobel Prize Winner, allow over 100,000 Haitians into America in the 70's and do absolutely nothing for their country or for Miami where there has been one gang after another led by Haitians, and millions of dollars placed into the process of dealing with these low life criminals bleeding the system and contributing to the drug filled populous crime filled Miami. By no means did I say all Haitians are criminals but when you come from poverty crime is the top contender for job placement. Look at the terrorist organizations. They target who for suicide bombers? The poor and uneducated as a rule of thumb. The country is still as poor as it was in the 70's and we have poured billions into whatever government they don't have. Then as now I don't see any government in place, no building codes, no organization. I have heard nothing out of the government since they said the "Palace was damaged, we need help"! Palace? Palace for what? The poorest country in the world? The government that does absolutely nothing for their people, yet we keep placing money in their hands. WHY!

Right now we are creating a monster in Haiti. Another huge drain on our system. Do you think this will end next week, next month, next year, ten years from now? Guess again. These people will keep asking for more. This is exactly what Obama wants the USA to do. Keep asking the government for their help because we can't take care of ourselves.Give me a break.

Why hasn't Job Core and all these so-called concerned organizations been all over the Haiti for years teaching these people how to take care of themselves instead of waiting for a situation as we have now and they can't take care of themselves. They are in the Caribbean for God sakes! The tourist love it down there, yet no one takes advantage of teaching the people what they can do with their country. Why!!!

We have plenty of homeless children in the USA being exploited into prostitution, drug addiction, abuse, poverty, and whatever else the society has to offer underprivileged kids that are easily directed. Even terrorism. Why can't we take care of our own and then think about some other country. Instead of pissing away trillions on big business why didn't Obama spend it on our own? If he wants to make a change he needs to start at home.Where has Hollywood and all the Rock Stars been up to now. Did they think our kids in the states were all taken care of. What a bunch of phonies. Celebrities, sports figures, Politicians, and huge corporate CEO's make me sick. All they are after is a spot in the paper or the headlines on some 24 hour News network like CNN that is still showing Haiti all night long. This really came at a good time so Obama can behind the scenes try to work on his secret Health Care Draft. Whoops, they elected a Republican in Mass. Oh well. I only hope this is a sign of change. Oh yea, Obama has been busy "taking care of stuff" for a year. Sorry I did not mean to get off on a tangent.

Anyway, now they plan on bringing 1000's of Haitian kids into America when we have plenty of our own underprivileged children to work with and still no one does anything about it. You ought to be ashamed guys! Haiti is a nightmare about to explode into a huge cash cow with no end in sight. Think about your own for once! If you can raise 57 million for a foreign entity in just a few days Mr. Travolta, Mr. Clooney, Jenna Lopez, Tea Leoni and the list goes on and on and on! If you can raise it for another country you can raise it for your own. Just because these parents are sorry, the kids don't have to suffer, but hey lets show our humanitarian side by sending help kids and families in foreign countries.

We can put a government in place in every other country but when we stand to get nothing in return or no worldly acclaim, it means nothing. does it it guys? I think our kids are a huge investment. Come on? Get off of your soap boxes and do something for America for a change. Not to mention our economy and the shape it is in Mr. Obama. You  not elected to the Global Community. You were elected as the President of these United States of america! Start acting like it. That's another story.


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