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Woman fined for feeding birds by littering with bread

Updated on September 12, 2014
Bread for the birds- not in Leicester where people seem to have been excessive
Bread for the birds- not in Leicester where people seem to have been excessive

Don't feed the birds in Leicester!

We all know that song from Mary Poppins, "Feed the Birds, tuppence a bag", well it cost one woman in Leicester, UK the sum of £80 when she was fined by Litter wardens.

Fined By The City For Feeding The Birds!

The woman was spotted by wardens throwing bread near her home in a block of modern local authority accommodation. She was given an on the spot Littering fine of £80 even though she said that it was the first time she had done it and wouldn't do it again!

There has been an increased focus on identifying litter louts in the St. Peters area of Leicester with members of the Neighbourhood monitoring group actually filming and posting on You tube videos of members of the public dropping litter. The public are then invited to write in an identify these people so that they can be fined.

A group member Albert Berer is reported as saying " This person may have been throwing out bread with the best of intentions but there's now no excuse. There have been plenty of warnings to residents that throwing food out into the street will attract rats, mice and cockroaches "

Signs have been posted and leaflets have been delivered to homes in the area explaining the problems caused by leaving food out.

One local resident says " Sometimes I'm walking along the pavement to work and there are bits of bacon fat, chunks of pitta bread or bits of chapatti scattered all along the path... it causes a real smell and mess on the pavement."

So, if you want to feed the birds, make sure you do it in your own garden or balcony and check that no one is secretly filming you whilst you are doing it.


After the fuss and publicity raised concerning this issue Leicester City Council issued a statement.

" Some of the Neighbourhood Management Group and Residents were doing a patch walk to report problems to two city wardens when the woman dumped chapatis on the pavement. It has been an ongoing problems in the area, with reports of food such as curry and rice being thrown on the street. We explained this to the woman , and that throwing large quantities of food on the pavement is classed as littering under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act. We have been doing a great deal of work in the area to let people know the problems this can cause and have advised people who wan t to feed birds how to put out suitable food".

RSPB Advice

Andy Waters, East Midlands Spokesman for the RSPB said responsible bird feeding should be encouraged...the problems of pests can be elimated by feeding birds little and often".

Perhaps the last word should go to an anonymous neighbour " I've seen bread outside her house a few times before but never piles of it. It would seem heavy handed but I didn't see how much she put out that day"


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    • CASE1WORKER profile image

      CASE1WORKER 7 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      I think that putting out one piece of bread or a little chapatti is ok but people have been putting all their left over food on the pavements. We have so much rain that the pavements are very slippery

    • suny51 profile image

      suny51 7 years ago

      This is good to be kind, but you have to follow the laws of the land,is that so!Yes I think its good to be strict on rules otherwise there is no use having them,I like it that way.Thank you for sharing.