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Arab's Women were Tricked by Traditions

Updated on November 28, 2011

Insecurities triggered by Threats

Human nature are trained to contain and resist threats, starting by containing the basics, like nature and predators or even the unknown things like future.

"what ever make us feel insecure we consider it a threat"

Insecurities played a major roll in our behaviour through time, and when same species feel insecure toward each other, give the feeling of a threat that must be contained.

Which will go perfectly with this old concept of the struggle between men and women which have been batted around for centuries. the instinct of containing the threat appears in the form of domination.

"Only one must be in control"

Already men were the hunters because they are stronger and naturally women will be the house keepers, and that's because they believed of not having enough skills to hunt, how ever with that concept of men are stronger, faster and having more surviving skills.

Placed women in the weaker position so they let men to control things just to survive ,and that was the seed which had been planted thousands of years ago.

"The men domination over women"

Abraham Lincoln said it all

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

The first thing pumped to my head when I first read this quote, he is so right that's truly describe the human nature.

"Power is the true test "

Once you had the power, it exams you either you control it or you let it control you but I think that not all men pass that test and it's really hard for them to let the power slip of there hands.

Come on why to judge now... it was our fault women, we let it happen. We let them taste this dominating power.

Accordingly after they experienced the domination power, they started to add more techniques to be more in control.

a simple thing called rules will do the trick, farther more by years those rules became customs turns to be those traditions that aimed only for assuring men to be in control. 

We do have a problem

Normally those traditions various from society to another, according to this variation, some societies developed because of the massive changes which is happening daily.

People had resolves most of there major threats and build more comfortable life style were being stronger isn’t the thing any more.

In some communities men realized that women are not the threat, while they are the implementation of the community,

how ever that really helped women to have the chance of recognizing there rights of being equal to men and make there own choices in life. in addition of being able to speak, act and think freely without being judged or controlled by any of the old traditions.

Although unfortunately not all societies had been developed to this equal state, still there are communities were men still want to oppress women, not regarding to the fact that time had changed.

Which manly happening in Arab communities, they want to control the way they feel, think more over they want to control there life by the name of this old trick called traditions.

Being a woman in an Arab community as I had been all of my life, doesn’t mean being free to do what ever you want.

but mostly feeling the disappointment of having a dream and deep inside knowing that most of your dreams will never happen.

Traditions are the boundaries had been around me form my childhood, I had to follow those traditions or else I’ll be judged by my parents, family and friends.

I just want to say one thing for all the conservative men in my country..

It's not WORKING

You have tried to make us not see the difference by not exposing us to other communities. While on the other hand, there is more advance and easy methods were by we can see the difference between us and other women.

Actually exposures to other communities make us not only see the difference but also have the possibility of change, also to be fair here. Things had been changed lately but not as much as most of us hoping for,

I don’t want my life to be previously planned, I want to draw each and every detail of it, I don’t want be judged any more, I want to dream and be able to achieve my dreams.

Big thanks for all the women who are trying to do the change but we are still under the oppression,

my final words will be” Half of the solution is by admitting that there is a problem". And that was the main aim of my hub; I'm just trying to tell my people.

WAKE UP we do have a problem.

"Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex" Karl Marx


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    • sam-eg profile image

      sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

      Hi happychsppyjb, thx for passing by and sharing your a good point of view, as well most wen really do nothing about it , as we had learn to adapt the situation but there are some

      extradinary women who is doing there best to help in that cause, surely will not be an over night change but at least it's in progress

    • happychappyjb profile image

      happychappyjb 6 years ago from UK

      I think that unless women aren't willing to come out and for example go to work, go to universities, become managers nothing can and will be done. Until women aren't able to stand up for themselves nothing will change.

      Hats off to Shaima Jastaina one of the few women who are publicly going out against the norm and I'm glad King Abdullah intervened to stop the lashing for driving in public.

    • sam-eg profile image

      sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

      thx for your comment and sharing your thoughts

    • profile image

      Jammu 6 years ago

      That's harsh, hope things will be better soon