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An Overview of Women's Rights Today

Updated on April 16, 2014

Women can finally go to school and choose careers

Picture of young ladies graduating from university
Picture of young ladies graduating from university

The successes of women's rights today

The world is quickly evolving especially in regard to women and there are monumental changes that are still occurring.In the past women were not able to vote and had no political rights,they were forced into marriage,they could not own money but women’s rights today have drastically changed.It would be hard to place ourselves in the shoes of those women of the past.It is further difficult to even imagine what they went through with men being considered superior to women,a thought which in turn provoked the Feminism movement.

Today the levels of equality have increased.For example Countries such as France and Iceland have improved the levels of women’s equality with both sexes having equal levels of income. Income disparities have reduced and the wage gaps between men and women has been reduced.In addition,various laws against sex discrimination and for the equal treatment of women have been passed over the years.

Women have also achieved great levels of equality in education.Equality of men and women within the family has also been witnessed. More women are now working outside the home and therefore resulting to equality between husbands and wives within the family and home. Wives today are more likely to have a larger voice in family decisions.

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Why women’s right are still an unfinished business

Even though there are various successes women have achieved there are still many challenges that women face.There are countries where women still oppressed and women’s rights have not yet been embrassed.

For example developing countries do not have the same gender equality as developed countries because their social growth is instead going at a slower pace.An example is Afghanistan where a woman’s average life expectancy is forty-five years because of the high percentages of HIV/AIDS positive people and also the high levels of women dying during child birth.Its further saddening that in developing countries a woman dies every thirty seconds during childbirth.

In countries like Saudi Arabia its still illegal for any woman to drive.In other countries such as Mali ,it is so common that women are sold off for money if they fail to get married at a young age .There are no laws that prevent this degrading acts and this countries are therefore considered weak when compared to developed countries such as America where a lot has changed for women in the past decades.For example women in the U.S can now vote whereas this was a harsh reality for them in the early 1900.The success of women’s rights in the U.S has been accredited to the feminism movement.


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