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World War 3 starts on 13 May and it is going to be a cyber war

Updated on March 31, 2018

World War 1 and Rapid industrialization

Among the multitude of reasons, it was the rapid industrialization complemented with an insatiable avarice to demonstrate mechanical strength that triggered the catastrophic World War 1. Arms race was one of the major causes. The absence of cosmopolitan peace-building institutional measures further exacerbated the scenario. The result 18 million deaths, 45 million homeless people and trillions of losses to the international economy. On a brighter side, Woodrow Wilson-ignited League of Nations emerged; although such initiative proved to be fruitless.

Life in a Trench | World War I | History


World War 2 triggered by vengeance and arms race

WW2 atomic and nonconventional weapons race

Countries’ quest to flex their military muscles continued and the alleged deeds of iniquity ignited another gunpowder-intensive martial mega-war i.e. World War 2. Here again, the desire to take the weaponry from experimental to practical levels complemented with vengeful motives of the past-loser was the primary reason, as quoted by historians.

In short, one resorts to war when the devilish desire to demonstrate posture surpasses the legal counter-war barriers. At the moment there are legal checks to control weaponry in four domains of wars: land, sea, air and outer space.

Weighing the threat of cyber war | CNN

Threat of cyber warfare

Now, due to rapid penetration of technology into our lives another frontier of war has emerged. That is cyber-war. Here, the player does not need to be a governmental entity or a large-scale non-governmental faction. The only infrastructural requirement is to be internet-connected, which, at the moment, is easily fulfilled by 60% of the world’s populace. International regulations for preventing an electron-tripped cyber-catastrophe are almost nonexistent.


World War 3: Most probably a cyber war

Counting heads in cyber militia, from any of the army or terrorist pools, has already been adjudged as an impossible task. The threat might be heightening in an unprecedented acceleration with new entrants. It can cause havoc.

The clairvoyant Horacio Villegas, who came into limelight after successful prediction of Trump’s victory, has predicted 13 May 2018 to be the start date of World War 3. Most probably, like its predecessors, third world war is going to be triggered by an uncontrolled monster. This time it is the internet that is going to spark a worldwide military ignition. Another factor supporting such viewpoint is that the behemoth of cyber-terrorism is, to a larger extent, unbridled.

In one way or the other, most of our everyday actions and gadgets are linked to internet, which is itself a volatile entity. The entire internet-directory is hosted by 13 computers. In January 2001, 10 of the 13 servers went offline after bombarded with massive information harangues. Similarly, the entire country of Estonia faced an internet-blackout in 2007 after barraged with Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, purportedly backed by Russia.

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The history repeats itself

Immediately after World War 2, the rein of international political power went into the hands of victorious countries eventually slipping into the control of USA and the Soviet Union. Later, after conclusion of the cold-war, the bipolarity shifted into unipolarity with USA left as the sole custodian. It continued for a few decades. Now, a multi-polar version of the world is in the offing. The emerging players are Brazil, Russia, India, China, Germany and South Africa etc. Each enjoys a competitive international edge. Brazil is rich in resources. China is on way toward the largest economy. India is steering to host maximum populace within few decades. Germany, as a leader of European Union, is maneuvering to dominate the Science, Technology and Education spheres.

History is repeating itself. A century ago new powers wanted to flex their military muscles. A war followed. Later, vengeful attitude turned violent and the world fell into another disastrous war. Now, powers emerging with some holding vindictive aspirations - a déjà vu.


On a Positive Side: Emergence of a Cyber League of United Earthly Nations

On a positive note, League of Nations (LoN) came into being after World War 1. The word ‘united’ replaced ‘league’ following the catastrophic World War 2. Correspondingly, World War 3 might help evolve a ‘Cyber League of United Earthly Nations’.

'World War 3 will be a cyber-war far more than a conventional war'. Do you agree with such statement?

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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 weeks ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting take and prediction. Maybe you should have dealt with EMP's. A fascinating tool should cyber war take place. I understand they even have developed "bunker buster" EMP. If I were to worry about this I would go old school on back up stuff. Hell even a telegraph notion.

      It is my understanding that in partnership with ICANN the UN is doing a lot in this area.

      Just fascinating. I would bend toward NATO doing more but I suppose we just do not know how far they have already gone. I understand that there are never less than 1,000 attacks a day just on our military networks.

      You did good job here.