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Want to Move to Mars?

Updated on October 16, 2016

The Planet Mars

Life on Mars, RIP David Bowie

The Mars Movement

There is only one catch...YOU CAN NEVER COME BACK TO EARTH! True story! There is more than one company competing to be the first to colonize on the planet of Mars, also known as, “The Red Planet”. One of them is called, “Mars One”. The CEO is Bas Lansdorp and the company is Dutch-based located in The Netherlands. This is a non-profit foundation and their goal is to establish permanent living on the planet Mars.

MarsOne is looking to gather approved applicants and rocket them off to the red planet to live out the duration of their lives! This is literally a one-way ticket. There is no technology for a return trip back to Earth. We just don’t know yet how this type of action could be carried out. We would probably have to live there awhile to figure out how to fly out of Mars. I’m no rocket scientist that’s just my opinion. These people must be truly committed to living the rest of their days in on another planet. Exciting yet really scary. To relocate to unknown territory with little knowledge regarding the planet and basically creating a dwelling place out of nothing. There are some requirements to submit your video application online and included are; that you must be at least 18 years of age, be physically fit and your mental health has to be in excellent condition, as the people who move there will endure a large amount of stress and be dealing with a lot of pressure. The processing fees vary as they are based on your country’s economics. If you live in the United States the fee is $38.00 and if you live in Mexico it only costs $15.00. The money Mars One collects for its application processing will go directly toward the funding for the mission. Just the initial trip to get the first crews to the planet costs a whopping $ 6 Billion!

Mars One is preparing to launch an unmanned mission in the year 2022. After the unmanned launch, the goal is to send their first crew of approved applicants in the year 2026. The means of transportation is a capsule. It will be a seven-month long and cramped journey to the red planet and they will have to live with a limited supply of food and water for quite some time. The astronauts will have no means to take a bath or shower daily for seven months while traveling together either. After the first landing of humans on Mars, there will be scheduled one-way drop offs every 26 months and people will about every two years will be relocating to the red planet.

Mars is a lifeless planet and it appears to be a reddish desert type landscape. It is farther away from the sun than Earth is and it is smaller as well. There are no existing oceans and very little water on the surface. Mars does have all the same four seasons that we do, however, they are not the same in length. In doing some research NASA’s website says there has been no discovery of any bacteria, life form or fossils on Mars. They have been trying to see if billions of years ago some type of life did live on the red planet. The planet has 38% that of the Earth’s gravity and they have sent two American Space Probes, Viking 1 and 2 to Mars. They have been investigating the planet since the early 1960’s. NASA does say that Mars is more similar to Earth than any other planet in the solar system and the possibilities of life do exist they just do not have the proof or evidence to show yet. NASA has a plan as well to relocate people from Earth to Mars, but they are saying their trip is not in the works until around 2030’s. Mars One does have the knowledge that on Mars the soil contains water that can be extracted, the temperatures and weather are similar to the Earth’s, not too hot or too cold that we could not adapt. There is enough sunlight to use the solar panels that they are delivering there and the days and nights on Mars are extremely close to that of Earth’s 24 hour day.

There is a wealth of information available if anyone is interested in applying or researching it. All you have to do is visit and there you can find resources, news, blog posts, contacts, and the application procedure. There is also some amazing and incredible reading at On NASA’s website it shows the government has proof now that billions of years ago, Mars was capable of storing large amounts of water and has had some very ancient lakes and rivers that were in existence.

The idea behind this mission is to colonize the planet. For the next several years Mars One will be dropping off supplies for construction, vegetation and other necessities to start life on the planet. They are also doing several test drops before actually sending human beings there to live. The chosen astronauts will be getting educated for the next eight years on medicine, medical treatments, vegetation, solar panels, construction and much, much more. They will have to handle a variety of situations and issues that they do not deal with here on Earth. There will be illnesses, injuries, and death that they will have to handle properly. Bas Lansdorp Co. CEO, says that the people who are relocating to the planet will make their decisions on how to handle the dead. There will possibly be some type of crematory service that will be decided on by the new Martians.

Upon arrival, the crews will have to survive on canned and dried foods. Their water supply will be from a few different sources and one of them is recycling their own urine. Another way they can get water and oxygen will be to manufacture it themselves. They will learn how to take Martian Soil, evaporate it and condense it back to liquid form. It won’t be as easy to grow crops and vegetation on Mars as it is on Earth. They are probably going to have to have some type of designer plantation.

There is also very serious discussion taking place in regards to a possible t.v. reality show being broadcast once life on Mars begins. We do have the capabilities of creating a show like this and the stars of the show would have opportunities to turn the cameras off at certain times as well. CEO Bas Lansdorp and his company believe that this could be the beginning of a hit television show that would be highly popular for decades to come. It sure would be a hit! Who wouldn’t want to watch some of our own Earthlings relocating and starting from absolutely nothing on a completely different planet? That would be a true attention grabber.

The Mars One Company says the astronauts that are going to be relocating to the planet will be able to use the Internet, watch movies and t.v. and will have the same types of entertainment available to them on Mars as we do here on Earth. During working hours they will be doing construction, maintenance, and research. Nobody will have to worry about sporting the latest styles and fashions either as they will be wearing their oxygen supplying spacesuit to work each day. If you visit the website they have information and photos of NASA’s glowing spacesuit prototypes available to see. While an astronaut is indoors or inside their spacecraft they will not have to wear one of these suits, however, if they go out they will need protection from radiation, dust particles, and injuries so they will have to adjust to putting these suits on and off. The spacesuits are also designed to carry water to drink while on your space-walk and oxygen we need to live throughout your day.

There won’t be any cars or grocery stores in the beginning of life on Mars, but it certainly seems that if everything goes as planned it won’t be very long and there will be cities and plenty of life living bacteria on the red planet!

Mars Movement

Mars Movement

Would YOU Move to Mars and leave this world behind?

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Hi All! I am truly happy that you stopped and checked my article out. Thank you. I do appreciate it. If you would be so kind, please leave comments and follow.

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    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Reno 

      3 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Great article! One of my daughters wants to colonize Mars. When I told her that we'd never see each other again, she said emphatically, "We'd have Skype mom. You'd see me all the time."

      Exciting times ahead.



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