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You were liberated: The cost of liberty

Updated on April 12, 2013

In my research on human right abuses and its history, I realized that it is obvious that we often forget how we got to this stage in human history. We often forget that we were liberated. Yes, we were liberated at a cost and that is the cost of liberty. The freedom people enjoy today in many places were fought and won by men.

There was a time in human history when the stronger nations/tribes captured the weaker nations/tribes and controlled them and their resources. There was a time in human history when humans were slaves, not to God, but to their fellow men. There was a time in human history when the West colonized Africa and exploited them because Africans were ignorant and the West was not only stronger but also wise. Unfortunately, the same ignorance still persisted in most places in Africa even after they have been said to be liberated from colonialism. It is because of ignorance that corruption, abuse of power, and the spirit to sit-tight in leader is a tradition in most nations in Africa and some other developing nations.

There was a time in human history when men were divided by the color of their skin consequently justice and equity was denied to some people because of their color. There was a time in human history when women had little or no right in virtually most places even in religious setting. There was because gender inequality. There was a time in human history when citizens did not have the right to vote or choose their leaders because a class of people was already set aside to rule the people. There was a time in human history when men were persecuted and/ or killed in many places for religious reasons but today must people can freely practice their religion and some people can, now, boldly say “there is no God”. There was a time in human history when nations had to fight for their freedom and independence even a great nation like United States of America passed through such struggle and they fought for their liberation. We can go on and on and count but the problem is that most of those that enjoy the liberty of today have failed to look back and remember how we got to this point and what is left to be done because the work is not over yet. It is only when those of this generation are, once again, reminded how we got to this point that they will strive to maintain the peace, unity, and freedom already achieved and even fight to do more. That is what gave birth to the book, “Most perfect exchange (the cost of liberty)” . Those that read it said it is one of those books that will live for generations but I say that if my ink had failed me while writing the book then I will use my blood and tears to complete the work. My blood I was willing to give. My tears I could stop even till today.

We can only know where we are going if we know where we are coming from. That is why it is important for you to always remember that you were liberated. Yes, the freedom you enjoy today was fought and won by men. Therefore you are involved and you can do more because some people are still held in captive and maybe you can help to liberate them and give them the opportunity to enjoy the same freedom, peace, unity, and equity you now enjoy because of your liberators. You can only do this if you know the cost of liberty and if you can afford to pay the price.


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