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I'm Good-Looking But Don't Have a Girlfriend

Updated on November 23, 2013

While looks do often play a role in who we are attracted to, guys may overestimate the importance of being good-looking when it comes to finding a girlfriend. In reality, girls don't mind as much as guys do how their other half looks. According to research carried out at Singapore Management University and published in the "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology," boys look for beauty when choosing a girlfriend, while females tend to choose a partner based on status.

Girls Are More Picky

Girls tend to be more selective than guys, with stricter boundaries defining who they would and wouldn't date. Research conducted by Brock University, published in "Behavioral Ecology," showed that females are more strongly selective on criteria such as earning potential, social status and education, with higher minimum standards than guys have of their preferred characteristics in girls. So if you're serious about getting a girl to like you, it is important to get a good strategy together to impress her.

Impressing a Girl

According to the Mate Preference Priority Model, developed by psychologists to explain how people pick partners, females are hard-wired to choose guys who present themselves as someone who could potentially earn money to take care of a family. Taking your studies seriously will show girls that you are ambitious and reliable. Getting a part-time job would mean you have some money to take a girl out -- and it could also be a step towards a good career in future.

Many Other Considerations

The Brock University paper pointed out that there are many variables in deciding who males and females partner up with. A whole myriad of factors, including facial symmetry, body odor, age and personality, can come into play in influencing who girls are attracted to and who they choose to date. People's preferences change depending on the perceived longevity of the relationship and whether they are interested in getting serious, so don't be discouraged if you haven't found your match yet.

Be an Ideal Boyfriend

The 'Ideal Standards Model' is a structure formulated by psychologists to show how partner ideals in close relationships function. Aside from perceptions of attractiveness and status, the third distinct category of how people choose and value a partner, according to the model, is warmth and loyalty. Understanding, considerateness and commitment are some of the characteristics most valued by girls when deciding whether someone is good boyfriend material. If you've got the looks, but not the status, showing the opposite sex your valuable qualities as a partner can increase the likelihood of a relationship.


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