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No I am Not a Cougar..but I do have "Tina Turner Legs"

Updated on April 30, 2011

No Younger men

I do not choose to be a cougar

I recently gave up on the dating sites after 4 years of being chased by men under forty. I am 55 years old and simply not interested in a relationship with someone even a few years younger than me. For the most part, men younger than me are only interested in a "hit and run". I find that most I meet I am not interested in even shaking their hand, how could I ever just take a roll in the sack?

I will admit I am a passionate person that enjoys the fact I am a woman, especially when I am with the right man. I do have a Gentleman that "loans me some" and "I pay him back". There are other terms for this, but I love to say it like that!

I admit Its a part of being a couple I really miss. To me the physical side of a relationship is the most private, intimate, personal thing that can be shared between 2 people. I love Romance and a good tumble in the sheets I find that sex is great when you have a bond a closeness so that you may enjoy yourselves with no inhibitions..

I haven't for some reason in 6 years found a partner my age or older that I thought I could have a relationship with. I really want someone my age I truly am not interested in going to the bedroom with someone half my age though it is a compliment of sorts. I am certain it would make me very aware of just how old I am. It is human nature to critique someone I choose not to be compared to someone half my age. Then there is the fact that you can only spend so much time in the bedroom you have to have enough in common to have a conversation. What will you do to fill up the time you spend together outside of the bedroom if you have nothing of interest between you but sex.

Its truly not that I think I don't look good or that I am not comfortable with my body. I am of the belief that I will not be kicked from an interested parties bed unless they choose to have our fun on the floor.

I always say lights on I look 55, and lights off I will feel 35 ,to them and me!

I think because I will wear a short dress the younger men think I wear such to attract them, I just am not ready to retire my legs behind ankle length clothing.

Whats a gal to do?

I do get the older women thing..LOL


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