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The Difference Between a Friend, a True Friend And a Best Friend?

Updated on November 14, 2014

What is The Meaning of Friend And Friendship?

A Friend is someone you know well enough to talk with should you meet up somewhere unexpected or offer you a ride as long as it isn't out of there way. Share a meal with, let you borrow there tools, drive you to the airport if you asked, as long as it's a reasonable hour. They will judge you.

A best friend is one you can call and talk to about most topics, they will offer to drive you most places, they would think to invite you over for a meal just because, they would offer to help you repair what ever you needed to borrow the tools for, they would offer to pick you up at the airport because they want to make sure you were not put out trying to find a ride home and they would answer your call for help so long as it isn't 4 a.m. on a Sunday/Monday morning. They will judge you also.

A true friend is unique, if you have one count yourself lucky- after 20 years of having kids, growing your family, a divorce, a drug habit, or one of life's problems you call them up and ask for a huge favor and they drop what ever they are doing no matter the hour to help. Both of you pick up where you left off as if only a single day has past. They are the people that at your funeral cry because you are gone, at your birthday parties they are the ones that stay after everyone else is gone to clean up because it's your birthday and you shouldn't have to clean up, they are the ones that know when you are having a tough go of things to just stop by with a meal or a drink or just a smile to see that you are okay. It would never occur to them to judge anything you do.

So in my opinion you have your order of friends a little off, because I count a true friend as among the one thing in life we should treasure more than anything other than GOD.

How To Identify a True Friend?

A friend is someone who I like, possibly admire, but not trust them with many secrets. I'll tell them things that I don't hold dear, and I'd do things for them if required. They wouldn't be my first priority if I was working on other things, but I'd be sure to help them when needed.

A true friend is someone who trusts me with their life, their most intimate secrets and would do just about anything to get me out of a jam. And as a true friend of theirs, I respect their wishes and accept any favours they might have for me in return for helping me out.

A best friend however is someone who has stuck with me through thick and thin. Where my true friends are about loyalty and protectiveness, my best friends entertain me the most, and have my years of living worth every second. I have two best friends, one from childhood, and the other who I love so deeply I do everything in my power to stay on his good side. A best friend is a friend for life; perhaps not a guardian angel like a true friend, but an angel nontheless.

What is The Meaning Of The Word "Friend"?

The word "friend" can have several meanings. To some, a friend can have reference to a person you are seeing on a regular basis, like a boyfriend or girlfriend. Friend can also mean an aquaintance, or someone you work with or spend time with. A friend can be a neighbor or even a relative.

A true friend, might be someone you can depend on for help or emergencies, someone you can really trust. It can also be a person that you feel close to.

A best friend may be a person that you tell your deepest secrets and thoughts to. You may not see them for years, but time doesn't change the relationship, the love you have for one another. You value your best friends opinion. A best friend is like part of your family and sometimes even closer than your family. They are a part of you.

The stages of friendship are different for everyone. You must be a true friend first to have a true friend.

A best friend, or true friend is someone who knows your faults and loves you anyway.

Difference Between Friend And Best Friend

A "Friend," can be someone you know and like. They are people we will stop to chat with and exchange simple conversation with, now and then. We may refer to people we work with or go to school with, as our "friends."

A "Best friend" is a special individual we have cultivated a close relationship with, over a period of time and experiences. We place a best friend levels above our group of "friends in general."

We feel closer to a best friend and believe they can be trusted and relied upon in times of both happiness or sadness. We know much more about our best friends, their families and lifestyle....and we become "like family" to one another.

A True friend, IMHO, is that person who has all the qualities and attributes of a BEST friend, through thick and thin and rarely if ever will not help or rescue us if needed. A true friend is trustworthy, honest, helpful and confidential.. They would never betray us, lie to us nor allow others to hurt us. A True friend is most always the one we will choose as our BEST friend. The friendship with a true/best friend is one that has the potential to last throughout a lifetime.....all real aspects of friendship shared equally.

Real Definition of Friend

A good friend will help you in every situation but a best friend will be there with you in the same situation as this is a funny but best example a good friend will help you out to bailing of jail, but a best friend will be there sitting next to you saying " we friend up".

It is so sad that we have to qualify the word "friend" in America. Elsewhere, a friend is a true friend: not a friendly colleague that you occasionally see outside the office, or a neighbor that you like and invite to a BBQ.


The difference between a friend,, a true friend and a best friend is very clear from the following viewpoints:

Friend - He/She would accompany you till the road is manageable for him.. He may be with you when you have money to spend.

Best Friend- Who would discuss everything with you and share it oftenly, but I don't think a best friend can sacrifice and devote his time for you when you are in dire need of a friend.

True Friend

He or She will always care for you and help you every time you need.. He will rescue you when in emergency without letting you feel about the obligation. he has done for you.


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    • SatendraSaini profile image

      Satendra Saini 3 years ago from India

      thanks vkwok for going through this hub and leaving a gentle comment!

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 3 years ago from Hawaii

      Interesting perspective on friendship, Satendrasaini